Will PulseChain reach 1000X?
Today, we're going to talk about what it will take for PulseChain to reach 1000X.
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Now, let's get started.
ulseChain on its way to 1000X? It's still doable even though we are in a bear market. In fact, the market has changed a lot. We now need strong fundamentals more than ever.
One of the most impressive fundamentals is the fact that there are free coins for all ERC 20 token holders. That's crazy, and the massive community is strong.
Actually, the community is the key to surviving this bear market. Altcoins that don't have a strong and massive community will not survive the bear market.
PulseChain already has a fairly strong community: Pulsicans, and Hexicans. However, this is not enough for PulseChain to reach the 1000X or 10,000X target, as this bear market is really more brutal than previous ones.
We have seen the destruction of Terra Luna. We're seeing what's happening with Celsius right now. We're seeing a lot of cryptos that have fallen, and it's going to continue, because if you look at Terra Luna, okay, Terra Luna by protocol anchor was paying 20% interest on stablecoins. That means that a lot of platforms like Celsius, Nexo, and others, were probably using Terra Luna to make money and probably got destroyed. And many of them probably haven't even publicly announced that they lost money yet. This always happens in crypto. It always happens that when a team loses money, or when a team gets hacked, they're not entirely honest, to begin with, right? Sometimes they only tell you when they are forced, when circumstances force them to tell you. So, we may continue to see the winding down of many more projects.
Some may get lucky, but in the current situation, fundamentals are more important than ever. That's why PulseChain needs a lot more work. It needs the support of the entire community.
Richard Heart should start working on scaling solutions because we are going to have an influx of people and we need to start thinking about scaling blockchain. We also need to attract more construction teams. Right now, we already have at least close to 100 build projects, working on building products for PulseChain.
In the crypto space, PulseChain is one of the best blockchains in terms of the teams that are building around it.
We need a lot more of that, and also a roadmap. This roadmap is really important because it gives more confidence to the community. Other strong blockchains in the crypto space are applying the same system. They have a roadmap already established. Let's take for example the Solana blockchain. It has been interrupted more than 7 times since Solana was launched. Sometimes due to hacking, sometimes due to burgers. Yet, it has continued to work. One of the reasons is that there was a roadmap that gave confidence to the community. 
And by the way, right now Solana is the most scalable blockchain on the market despite the number of times it has been down.
That doesn't mean that PulseChain won't succeed.
But overall, we are confident that PulseChain will succeed, and as a community, we have to work for it.
We must not forget that PulseChain is there to solve a major problem.
It is no secret that Ethereum is a marvel of modern finance. A major leap forward from Bitcoin's store of value, Ethereum allows a much more utility approach to blockchain technology. Finance companies have adopted it, other people have built layer 2 chains on top of it, and gaming companies have made use of its better transaction qualities.
However, the sheer scaling of its success has brought upon some very concerning issues. The first one being the behemoth still relies heavily on graphics card power to process transactions, which in turn has led to some sky-high transaction fees. Transferring your friend $20 can cost as much as $300 during busy periods of congestion on the network, making that $20 contribution cost the originator significantly more than intended. This issue has crippled the growth further for a few years now.
The Ethereum developers are working on ways to reduce these issues but delay after delay is becoming something of a meme. Ethereum 2.0 promises to move to proof of stake instead of proof of work, ending the era of GPU mining of ETH. It doesn’t however address the transaction fees, which is a bit of a problem.
So overall, PulseChain remains a very strong competitor to Ethereum.
However, the RoadMap to PulseChain's mass adoption is not only inevitable but coded in its DNA. The World's Largest Airdrop will bring three groups of people to PulseChain from Day 1. Each of these groups will respond differently and by acting in their own self-interest will bring mass exposure, mass adoption, and exponential price appreciation to the project. We also talk about the new price discovery of existing tokens, which is a first in crypto history. This and more in today's deep dive into the exact RoadMap to PulseChain's mass adoption and 1000x.
Pulse chain has become one of the most frequently discussed and anticipated cryptocurrencies, and people have been waiting for it to launch.
So if you are wondering whether pulse chain has potential, then yes it does. But let's find out more about pulseChain.
We can't talk about pulseChain without first talking about Ethereum, the flaws or inadequacies of Ethereum necessitated the creation of pulseChain due to its high and crazy gas fee and low transaction time.
Basically, Ethereum is seen as a platform that can be used to build blockchain apps. The problem which arises is that Ethereum charges, high fees, and users experience very slow transactions.
This is why a lot of projects have developed, other crypto platform blockchains, like Binance smart chain, Cardano, TronX, polygon Solana and many others, but PulseChain is coming with a different approach where is a hard fork for Ethereum blockchain.
This means that it will copy ERC20 tokens that are present in Ethereum blockchain and use them for its network, pulseChain.
The launch of pulseChain is the biggest airdrop in the history of cryptocurrencies and this can be gotten via sacrifice and the copying of the entire Ethereum network, that is, the Ethereum network will be mirrored on PulseChain network.
That means at some point in time, the Ethereum code will branch off one way while the existing code will continue as it was.
The new code will be named PulseChain and will contain an exact copy of ALL the 4,000+ cryptocurrencies based on that Ethereum chain. These tokens are called ERC-20 tokens.
When PulseChain launches, the primary token will not be ETH. It will be PLS instead.
But you probably already know that.
Anyway, PulseChain is on its way to 1000X. And that's very realistic.
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