Aave is among the top-rated defi projects, and it’s popular because of its functionalities. With proper information and knowledge of the product, crazy gains and earnings can be made using this amazing platform. AAVE offers a plethora of avenues to earn passive income and receive hassle free payments.
Over the past three years, Aave has established itself as one of the go-to protocols for decentralized crypto loans and  has proved to be an active platform that is constantly being improved.
 In this video we would reveal all such methods to boost up your portfolio with Aave and assist you in making awesome passive income via liquidity pools and lending!
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Now let’s jump into the distinctive world of Aave and explore this wonderful platform!
Aave is an open source liquidity protocol non-custodial in nature that facilitates users to borrow digital assets through over-collateralized loans and receive interest on their cryptocurrency investments.
The AAVE  protocol offers services such as borrowing and lending to users. In addition, it supports diverse crypto assets and eliminates the need for banks or any form of intermediaries.
The working mechanism of Aave involves allocating a platform specific token, called aTokens to a user’s crypto investment.
This is what lenders get when they deposit their assets into the pool.
For instance, a user who deposits Ethereum in Aave will hold aETH on Aave.
aToken is based on a particular crypto asset and the interest rate each aToken earns is specific to the token deposited, depending on the supply and demand for the original coin.
The users depositing assets in Aave's liquidity pools have two options for availing the loan, loan on standard rates or loan on variable rates.
A stable rate loan is similar to a loan in traditional finance involving a stable interest rate on Aave, whereas on the other hand, variable rate loans work in compliance with the demand supply mechanism and therefore tend to fluctuate.
The platform just announced the launch of its V3, which features a better interface, reduced gas fees, and other fascinating features. However, just as with Compound and other DeFi lending protocols, it is important to know that  users can be exposed to smart contract, market, and liquidity risks.
The current price of Aave is $57.73 per (AAVE / USD). Aave is 91.34% below the all-time high of $666.86.Aave has a market cap of $3.2 billion and investors trade $1 billion of the coin each day.
You can earn AAVE by staking it within the protocol; also, you can trade the token on crypto exchanges just like you can trade Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.
The protocol rewards 550 new AAVE tokens per day to be split between the stakers in the proportion of their contribution to the platform. Staking of AAVE can be done by heading over to the Aave app’s staking section and connecting to the respective wallet.
Now comes the important question! Is investing in Aave profitable?
There are many benefits gained when you utilize this decentralized financial protocol.
 Well, a comprehensive answer for the comprehensive question.
Following the unique services it renders, Aave is currently ranked 11th in the overall crypto market cap.
Including this token in your portfolio depends on your investment plan and risk tolerance.
You should evaluate your investment portfolio plan as well as the risk level before considering investing. Furthermore, you should do your research which involves technical and fundamental analysis of AAVE.
However, organic demand for Aave’s governance and security token $AAVE appears to be limited, with a 22% staking rate. Based on various estimates of Aave’s treasury cash flow forecasts, the intrinsic value of the $AAVE token was estimated to be $484, with a high end of $856 and a low end of $135.
Aave’s token price and platform usage surged as DeFi adoption grew, but a sustained bear market has throttled trading prices.
In accordance with the reports and technical analysis, AAVE coin price prediction forecasts steady growth for the distinctive lending token. In the near future, various websites predict an average price of $86.20 in July 2022 which is up by fifty percent from current trading prices.
Estimates suggest that the token will grow to an average of $85.72 in 2023 and $97.84 in 2024.
Aave is predicted to touch the level of $114.4 and $267.93  as various AAVE price predictions are made for 2025 and 2030.
 Here are a couple of reasons which prove that Aave is a good investment worthy of being a part of your portfolio-
Firstly, Aave offers users universal access. As a creditor or lender, participants may join from anywhere and the network is open to both retail and institutional investors.
Secondly, the Aave network uses a non-custodial architecture, which means you have complete ownership of your assets and are free to trade as you like. The system’s creators made it simple to use. The network protects users from the volatile nature of various cryptocurrencies.
 Moreover, Aave uses a decentralized network of off-chain sensors, often known as oracles. Users may take out short-term loans and pay them back before the next Ethereum block gets mined. High liquidity ratio, restricted supply, large market capitalization, and accessible pricing for novices are essential qualities and benefits. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency is available on major exchanges like BuyUcoin, is compatible with crypto wallets, and has dedicated developers.
Another significant aspect to be taken in order to invest in Aave is the presence of Aave on the Polygon network.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is so because Ethereum 1.0 grows slowly due to its dependence on the proof-of-work algorithm, it gets phased out for Ethereum 2.0. Proof-of-stake would get used because the algorithm hasn’t fully functioning.
 One of the most distinctive characteristics of aave is that it enables borrowers to obtain exposure to several cryptocurrencies without owning them. You may earn rewards with Aave without having to transfer your digital assets. This method also lowers the risk of losing money.
Hence, it can serve the purpose of being one of the low risk high return passive income strategies for many investors.
Aave is definitely worth looking into to boost the proposal.
We all know that the market is going through bearish sentiment, the prices might still readjust in the short term, but if the crypto market goes back on track, there is no stopping for Aave.
We at cryptoprnr are waiting to see what happens in the near future with the crypto market, and specifically to Aave.
It is looking to be another exciting year for Aave, as it has plans to make its protocol more flexible and release a mobile wallet app. These upcoming advancements would have apositive impact on the protocol. This, combined with the growing DeFi adoption, has led FX Leaders to make a bullish AAVE price prediction.
However,an important point to be kept in mind is that its volatility could act against investors, so you should always do your own research. Remember only to invest what you can afford to lose, and bear in mind that prices can go down as well as up.
Aave is surely a great investment but this knowledge should not be considered financial advice.
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