You have probably heard talk about a new blockchain called PulseChain promising lower gas fees than Ethereum with the same network effect. With their upcoming launch, it will be literally the biggest airdrop ever to benefit Ethereum users and it is totally free to participate. Anyone who holds ERC-20 tokens in a non-custodial wallet will receive the same coins cloned on the PulseChain network. This means you will double your cryptocurrency by simply holding coins in your wallet, and not on an online exchange.
It is very exciting news, and you have stumbled on PulseChain at a very opportune moment in its history – i.e. before it has even launched. Congratulations, you're at the ground level of a brand new and exciting crypto project.
In today's video, we will explain what an airdrop is, how to benefit from it, and who is eligible and who is not. We will give you all the tools you need to avoid missing out on the biggest airdrop of all time. The lucky ones who see this opportunity in time will ensure that their wallets are among the 170 million addresses that can potentially benefit. 
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Now, let's get started.
Before we proceed, PLEASE NOTE that PulseChain token is not available to be purchased yet, before the launch. Anyone claiming otherwise is a scammer, so don't buy any PulseChain tokens until you have verified it from official sources of information, such as the verified Twitter page of Richard Heart.
Of course, as soon as the Mainnet is online, we will inform you as soon as possible.
Now, an airdrop harkens back to the idea of “helicopter money” – funds being dropped out of the air to happy investors, for free! In the cryptocurrency world, an airdrop generally means the distribution of free tokens. Usually, participants are required to do something like send a Tweet or give their details away, but not in the case of PulseChain. You do not need to do anything at all to benefit from the PulseChain airdrop, other than hold the keys to your crypto wallets over the fork date. We explain this further in this video. So, keep watching.
In the case of PulseChain, every holder of ERC-20 tokens or an NFT on Ethereum will receive one-for-one replicas of these assets on PulseChain. An ERC-20 token is a token that uses the Ethereum blockchain as its home. For example, Shiba Inu is built on top of Ethereum and is an ERC-20 token. Other examples include HEX, Link, SAND, UNI, and Enjin. But the list isn't limited to these. About 10,000 different token projects will benefit from the airdrop.
The NFTs you hold on Ethereum will also be copied over! That’s right, you can have more than one token that relates to the art asset. This is part of what makes the PulseChain airdrop so unique; it challenges the very idea of non-fungibility.
Technically speaking, PulseChain is not an "airdrop" but a hard fork of Ethereum. That begs the question, what exactly is a hard fork? Imagine that the Ethereum blockchain is a Microsoft Word document containing the past seven years' worth of transactions, NFTs, and token projects. The PulseChain developer team will click "Save As" and name the new document PulseChain. There will now be two documents, containing the same information. From that point onwards – the fork date – the two blockchains will be separate. They will co-exist but go on their own paths. The result is that there will be two independent blockchains operating side by side, but not directly affecting each other. 
PulseChain is going to create its own Ethereum ecosystem, but it will use Proof of Stake instead of Proof of Work; it will be greener, leaner, and faster than Ethereum. The most amazing thing about PulseChain is that it replicates or "clones" the network effect that Ethereum has already built up. This contrasts starkly with the majority of blockchains that launch without any projects built on top of them. In PulseChain, every single project you can name on Ethereum will be present!
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As mentioned earlier, if you hold Ethereum-based assets, then you will receive tokens on a one-to-one basis on the PulseChain. All you need to do is ensure that you hold those tokens/NFTs in a non-custodial wallet. In other words, DO NOT hold your coins on an exchange, otherwise, your address won't be credited.
You can hold your assets in a popular wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Exodus, or Ledger and Trezor. We recommend always using a hardware wallet and never typing your secret recovery seed phrases into any device in case you have a key logger on it. Secure your recovery phrases safely offline, with no electronic copies.
You need to ensure that you keep your assets in your own wallet before the fork date.
It is important to note that only the assets you have on the Ethereum blockchain will be copied over. So, tokens you hold on Polygon or BSC will not be copied over to PulseChain.
The network will launch disconnected from the markets to allow people to get airdrops and forked assets at no market value. After at least 48 h required for regulatory purposes, it will connect to the markets, first by using bridges, then eventually direct fiat on-ramps, centralized exchanges, and cross-chain exchanges.
Immediately after launch, a so-called "fixer bot" will go through all AMM pools containing PLS at a ratio distorted due to the airdrop, and adjust the ratio by buying up PRC-20 tokens with PLS. This excess of tokens will then be deposited as AMM liquidity against PLS into a new DEX on Pulsechain called PulseX.
PulseX will incentivize users to provide liquidity for pairs of bridged ERC-20 tokens and their forked versions (PRC-20). A liquidity mining program rewarding token pairs selected by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will make the liquidity providing more profitable for these pairs causing a strong liquidity coupling effect. This will cause their price movement correlation, because of the so-called Heart’s law. Since the current ERC-20 token owners get their PRC-20 fork for free, the opportunity is rather unique and may result in the largest “yield farming” ever seen in crypto.
As we know from legacy finance, correlation can create value by itself and offers plenty of arbitrage opportunities.
On top of all, holders of the deflationary PLSX tokens will be able to participate in the PulseX value creation, because a part of the swapping fees will be used for PLSX buybacks and token burns. This way, the increasing value of PLSX can correlate with the PulseX trading volume. It is worth noting that this scarcity-inducing mechanism will be significant since launch, as it does not depend on block fullness as is the case with the PLS token burning mechanism.
It will be interesting to see the reaction from the dapp developer community once PulseChain officially goes live. Perhaps more interesting will be any marketing efforts from the team to attract developers to port over. Or if they will execute any at all. It is yet to be seen if PulseChain is merely a vessel for HEX token holders to conduct business or an attempt at a fully-fledged blockchain solution aiming to attract a vibrant ecosystem of dapps.
Either way, the project presents some very interesting staking opportunities for those looking at long-term investments and arguably for those that took the leap of faith by investing in the HEX project.
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