PulseChain is cheaper, faster and greener than the original Ethereum blockchain. PulseChain was conceived as a statement of dissatisfaction with the high gas charges on Ethereum, which have hurt many projects and its users.
Simply being an active member of the cryptocurrency community will allow you to be one of the one million people who will receive tokens for free by participating in the PulseChain airdrop. This is quite simply the biggest drop in the history of cryptocurrencies. But you still need to make sure you are one of them! And to do that, you need to meet certain requirements.
In today's video, we'll tell you who can participate in this airdrop, everything you need to know before participating. So, as usual, we recommend that you watch this video all the way through because we will also teach you a lot about this. 
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Let's get started!
PulseChain is going to bring big changes to the cryptocurrency world. To send cryptos between users, a gas fee must be paid. On Ethereum's Proof of Work system, this was to pay the people supporting the infrastructure of this decentralized system. In short, it was about paying for the electricity to run all the decentralized nodes. Anyone who has used the Ethereum network knows that gas costs are expensive. Nowadays, PulseChain will solve this problem.
As of October 2019, there were over 200,000 unique ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network. PulseChain will be a fork of the Ethereum network, meaning that all ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network at the time of the hard fork will be copied to PulseChain. This indicates the largest Airdrop of potentially valuable digital assets in history. This is the reason why PulseChain is the largest Airdrop in history.
The term PulseChain freemium Airdrop applies to anyone holding Ether ETH (native Ethereum coin) in their wallet will receive PLS at a 1:1 ratio
The PLS received should be moved to another wallet within 30 days. If you don't, the PLS will be dropped so that the ETH will be burned.
Now let's answer the question of the day. Who qualifies for PulseChain, the largest Airdrop in history? Well, anyone who holds one or more ERC20 tokens on an ETH-compatible wallet address is eligible for the airdrop. Do you see? everyone really can participate. All you have to do is buy some today and go straight to the airdrop. 
And if your coins are on a centralized exchange (CEX) like Coinbase and Binance, and the list goes on, know that you don't own your crypto. They will get all the PRC20s that you hold in your CEX wallet. It is important to move all your coins to a decentralized wallet, preferably a hardware wallet to receive your Airdrop.
All your ERCs will turn into PRCs on PulseChain. If you own your keys and have ERC20s in your Metamask "for example". After switching the network settings on PulseChain, you will have the same balances for all your ERC20 tokens now on PulseChain. All tokens on PulseChain will be redeemed on PulseX.
You will not need to claim PRC20 tokens as the tokens will be automatically copied to the PulseChain at the block time to be determined by the PulseChain developers. You will need to change the RPC credentials in your decentralized wallet whose keys you own. FOR EXAMPLE Metamask.
Which hardware wallets support PulseChain airdrop?
Trezor, Ledger Nano series and any other ERC20 compliant hardware wallet. As long as you hold your erc20s in a non-depository wallet or hardware wallet that you own the keys to, you will get your copies.
And if your NFT was on the Ethereum network at the time of the snapshot, you'll also see them on PulseChain.
PulseChain will have its own PulseX liquidity pool, based on Uniswap V2. It is expected that liquidity protocols similar to PancakeSwap will be on PulseChain.
PulseChain will have its own PulseX liquidity pool, based on Uniswap V2. The initial PulseX liquidity comes from a bot called the "AMM ratio fixer bot". It harvests about 99.9% of the liquidity from many Uniswap, Suishiswap and other popular marketplaces at launch then recreate those pairs on PulseX and add the liquidity it harvested with new PLS to make PulseX the most liquid exchange on PulseChain.
Validators take turns generating blocks. Validators can choose to participate or not by staking their tokens for use by the consensus engine. Honesty is encouraged by economic penalties for deviations, called a slash. The consensus engine will interact directly with the slash, staking and validator contract systems to ensure liveliness and stability, revenue distribution and validator rotation. PulseChain uses PoS to achieve an open and immutable public ledger at lower cost, faster and with less electricity.
If you want to know more about this, please see our PulseChain/PulseX playlist. The link is in the description.
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