Liquid Loans, a very interesting project has finally started its sacrifice phase during which, you can sell crypto-currencies and in return, you will receive the Liquid Loans token when PulseChain goes live. And the amount of the token received is proportional to the amount sacrificed. So guys, this is an outstanding project that can do a lot of good to your wallet.
In today's video, we're going to explain what this project is, how it works and what you'll earn by participating in the sacrifice phase. So, as usual, watch this video all the way through as we will tell you everything you need to know about Liquid Loans.
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Let's get started!
Liquid Loans is the first truly decentralised lending protocol built specifically and exclusively for PulseChain. Its operations are immutable, unguarded and ungoverned. It is a finished product, with no administrative keys.
The protocol was developed to allow PulseChain coin owners (PLS) to extract value from their holdings without having to sell them. By locking PLS coins and minting USDL (a stablecoin pegged to USD), a PLS holder can take out a 0% interest-free loan on their holdings, with a timeless repayment schedule. In other words, Liquid Loans is true DeFi liquidity on PulseChain.
The goal of the Liquid Loans protocol is to support the creation, growth, and adoption of a safer, trustless, and decentralized financial infrastructure that is community-owned and brings greater stability and transparency to PulseChain.
Liquid Loans is a decentralised lending protocol that allows you to take out interest-free loans against PLS (PulseChain currency) used as collateral.
Users deposit PLS and mint USDL (stablecoin). These individual collateralised debt positions are called Vaults.
The minted stablecoins are economically oriented towards maintaining a value of 1 USDL = 1 USD of PLS value, due to certain properties.
The system is designed to be always over-collateralised.
The dollar value of the locked PLS exceeds the dollar value of the issued stablecoins.
Stablecoins are fully redeemable.
Users can always exchange USDL for PLS (minus fees), directly in the system.
The system controls the generation of USDLs.
The transactions are carried out algorithmically, through variable issuance fees.
After opening a vault, users mint their stablecoin with a collateral ratio of at least 110%.
The sacrifice phase started on 19 February 2022, and will only last 30 days in total, and during this time you can sacrifice as many times as you like. Any sacrifice sent after the end of the 30th day will be lost and will not earn any sacrifice points.
Sacrificers willing to delay the gratification can earn up to 2.5 times their points. You will earn 6% more points each month you delay the gratification. In month 24 you earn 12% and the maximum bonus of 2.5x.
To participate in this sacrifice phase, you must first register your Wallet, here -  Once you have done this, you can now participate in the sacrifice by going to, the link is in the description.
The Liquid Loans protocol has two native tokens.
USDL is an algorithmic stablecoin that aims to always be worth one US dollar. It is used to pay for loans on the protocol and can be exchanged for PLS (PulseChain coin), the underlying collateral, at face value at any time.
Many stable currencies are now backed by fiat currency. Issuers claim to take real US dollars, place them in a bank account, and then issue tokens that represent those dollars.
But the USDL is different. It does not rely on dollars in a bank account.
Instead, USDLs are minted when users deposit PLS as collateral.
All USDLs within the Liquid Loans ecosystem are backed by excess collateral that has been locked into individual smart contracts called Vaults.
LOAN is the secondary token issued by the protocol. It captures the revenue from the fees generated by the system and encourages early adopters through its distribution model.
The community is therefore essentially the "owner" of this decentralised protocol.
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