In our previous videos, pulse chain has been a major talk, and thanks to you all for having been loyal to our daily updates about this token. We’d like to let you know that many of you are very positive about
Today is just another remarkable moment that we introduce another interesting topic about pulse chain. Will pulse chain have its stable coin? If you want to get the answer, just make sure that you stick to the end of this video, READY, let’s begin!

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Will pulse chain have its stable coin? First, before we get into that, do you understand the meaning of the term stable coin? A stable coin is simply a digital currency that is pegged to a stable reserve asset like the U.S. dollar or gold. When we think of stable coins, we think of USDT, USDC, and BUSD DAI, and some of these stable coins have something we call the god mode, some are not even ERC-20s...
In the case of the pulse chain, all the ERC-20s will be copied to PRC-20s, and that means that your USDT, USDC, and DAI will be copied over. BUSD won’t be copied over because it’s not an ERC-20, and why it’s because BUSD is a BEP 2- which is on Binance, and for the moment our focus is not on the Binance but Ethereum…

Now, USDC and USDT have got something we call the god mode and this means that they can turn off your PRC-20s with just a press of a button, these protocols are heavily centralized and that will leave us with DAI.
DAI is an Ethereum based stablecoin whose issuance is managed by the Maker DAO decentralized autonomous organization controlled by DAO. In this case, therefore, DAO does not have the god mode meaning that they are centralized.
Just imagine that after a couple of weeks or months of pulse chain launch, we will get enough market capitalization and if more people decided to migrate over, the USDT and USDT will decide to turn your copy off and they have valid reasons for this. Plus, the fact that they are centralized means you can not do anything about it, then the most logical question will be, do I have my capital in USDC, USDT, or DAI?

So, if you want to have a higher chance to get a stable PRC-20 that may be worth something and has a faster adoption rate and fewer complications, then DAI should be your choice…
Kindly, before we proceed, we would highly appreciate your likes, if you are enjoying watching this video. We won’t speak about LL stable coin here, why? Because this is a project coin that is purely based on PLS market price, therefore, it’s not in the same category.

Back to today’s question, will the pulse chain have its stable coin? And if yes, what stable coin can reach its value faster on the pulse chain and why? First, it is a yes, we believe that the pulse chain will eventually have its stable coins. We think that DAI will be the least complicated, hence more people will accept it, especially if they see more issues with the others more than once.
Therefore, if you want to bet on a stable coin that may be worth something over the pulse chain, DAI is our suggested option at the moment. And please, you should remember that all this is subject to change based on pulse chain adoption and the market…

The cryptocurrency market is welcoming a lot of more coins that will be arriving very soon, and the pulse chain is one of them. Since most of us have got a greater lust for it, we highly expect its boom by the end of this year. A quick reminder to all of you guys, investing in these coins could be highly risky and the earlier the caution the better. We just want to also remind you to do your further research on these coins before investing in them. By you watching our videos could be just your first step into getting the required knowledge on the same.
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