It's no secret that cryptocurrencies are booming right now, and even less of a secret that there's tons of money to be made if you know how to buy the right coins at the right time.
There's been a lot of buzz about a new cryptocurrency called QMALL Token, and it looks like it's about to explode now. 
In this video, we'll tell you everything you need to know about QMALL Token, why you should buy it now. So, as usual, watch this video until the end because we will also tell you where and how you can buy it.
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Let's get started!
The QMALL token is a service token of Qmall Exchange, whose main application is to use it to pay a commission when using the exchange's services, including a trading commission, as well as to get additional privileges.
But, one very interesting thing is that, when you use a QMALL token to pay a trading fee, you get a 50% discount on any trading pair!
At the moment, the QMALL token is already integrated into the exchange's infrastructure in the following services:
-Payment of commissions for spot and margin trading with a 50% discount;
-Integration of the token into the Qmall Metaverse, which will be launched by the end of 2022;
-Payment of commissions for lending with a 50% discount;
-The ability to use a token to vote for targeted exchange activities, such as registering new projects, organizing Launchpad and other unique events;
-The ability to purchase goods from a crypto-currency shop using the QMALL token.
In addition, the Qmall exchange will launch its metaverse before the end of this year. This will potentially make the price explode.
The development concept of the QMALL token is based on 3 main ideas:
#1. Limited: Indeed, the QMALL token offer has a limited value of
100,000,000 QMALL. This is the maximum value the token can reach. However, it is not possible to release additional tokens;
 It is not possible to release additional tokens;
#2. Phased: The logic of token availability is based on phasing and vesting, which significantly reduces the load on the market, formed after the token sale and Airdrop distribution, due to the increase in demand and the gradual unfreezing of tokens.
#3. Consumption is the third and balancing factor that not only offsets the pressure on the market but also creates a strong long-term growth prospect.
Currently, the price of Qmall token is $0.4972 according to CoinmarketCap, with a total market capitalization hovering around $50 Million. This is small compared to the usual crypto-currencies. But it remains a huge opportunity not to be overlooked given the growth of its community. Let's not be surprised to see its price multiply by 10 or 20 soon.
Now, how to buy QMALL TOKEN?
Some cryptocurrencies are harder to get than others. QMALL TOKEN is one of them. They are not available on Coinbase Wallet, nor most popular wallets.  But don't worry, we have some tips to help you find a way to buy QMALL TOKEN that suits you:
  1. Check out CoinmarketCap to see where you can buy QMALL TOKEN and with which currencies.
For each cryptocurrency, CoinmarketCap provides a list of buying options (also called market pairs). In addition, it displays a complete list of places where you can buy QMALL TOKEN and the currencies you can use to obtain them.
  1. Choose a platform to make your purchase.
Different platforms offer different levels of security, reliability and liquidity. Do some research before creating an account.
  1. Purchase on the platform of your choice.
Each platform offers a different process. Some platforms are very easy to use, others less so.
In general, buying cryptocurrencies with a reliable currency like the US dollar will be easier than with another cryptocurrency.
If you need to buy QMALL TOKEN with another cryptocurrency, you must first create a cryptocurrency wallet that supports QMALL TOKEN, then buy the first currency and use it to buy QMALL TOKEN on the chosen platform.
If you get stuck, most platforms provide guides. If that doesn't solve your problem, there is a vibrant community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have probably posted guides on YouTube, Twitter and elsewhere. And by the way, if you'd like, we'd be happy to produce a video to show you how to buy that token step by step.
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