Want to turn your $1,000 into $1 million? Well, if that's what you want, you should definitely find crypto that can do it. But not just any crypto!
It's always hard to find crypto that can do 100X. But with some knowledge, and especially from the history of some successful cryptos, we've been able to spot two cryptos that will literally explode. And the great thing about these cryptos is that they're not listed yet. So, you're still incredibly ahead of the curve on these two crypto projects.
So, watch this video all the way through to find out about these two crypto projects that are going to explode.
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Before we get into the first crypto project, please note that you should not consider this video as financial advice. You should always do your research.
Crypto-currencies are very risky. Any project has the potential to fall through the cracks, but let's dive in.
When you look at bitcoin, you notice that it has made some people super-rich. But those who came in late probably lost almost everything. Last year bitcoin made almost nothing, so those who invested in bitcoin long-term made almost nothing. The price of bitcoin ranged from $30,000 to $60,000. For traders, it was a good opportunity. But there wasn't much gain if you were someone who simply bought and held bitcoins. So, the real winners bought bitcoins a little earlier when the price was still low. In our opinion, bitcoin is a safe bet because it has a proven track record. But don't expect the bitcoin price to increase by 100, 10, or even 2 times, because its capitalization is already very large. So, for it to do at least 2X, its market capitalization has to be multiplied by 2.
And that is not going to happen now. So, our eyes are now on projects that have a small market cap. And the projects that we're going to show you meet all the conditions in terms of growth potential. And by the way, as you may have already noticed in the title, with these projects, you can turn your $1,000 into $1 million. Do you want to know which project we are talking about? Well, the first project is none other than PulseX.
#1: PulseX
According to our estimates, PulseX will be launched in one or two months, maybe sooner or later. We don't know all the exact details yet.
As we all know, the sacrifice phase has already passed, and everyone who participated will see their wallets multiply exponentially from the first days of the launch. On top of that, just like HEX, PulseX will make at least 100X in less than a year. We've already talked about it in other videos on this channel, we've told you why it's going to explode, so we recommend you watch the other videos on the channel if you haven't already. 
But in the meantime, we're about to give you an idea of why PulseX is going to explode.
Well, just in the last 24 hours, over 700 million PlsX tokens have been burned. Now, these are just Testnet tokens. So, you have to understand, it's just testnet. It's not real.
But there have also been over 700,000 burned PlsX received, as well as the burn execution, has occurred over 5155 times. And since the beginning of testnet, you can see that more than 24 billion Pulse tokens in total have been burned. And if you go to the testnet, you can see all the different farms and pools. And that's where you can start playing with some of these test tokens and see exactly how this ecosystem is going to work. Now, the PulseX token itself is going to give you access to many different things.
First of all, you can pair it with any other token and you can gain yield by growing. This could be a very lucrative thing. However, in our opinion, pools are much more lucrative.
As we have explained in other videos in this channel, the goal is to pool PlsX tokens to earn PRT tokens.
Now, again, this is all wrong. It's not real. It's just a test. But we believe that there's going to be a PRT token or some sort of reward token. And these PRTs will become these reward tokens. This guarantees the security of PulseX because, the PlsX tokens are locked in and you earn something else in return, without hurting the price of the PlsX.
This way, the price of the token will continue to rise. Another interesting thing to know is that when you lock your chips, you will be able to earn a fairly large RRP. This process guarantees huge returns. It will maximize your winnings.
Basically, users lend or borrow crypto-currencies on a DeFi platform and earn crypto-currencies for their services. This is how it happens.  That's why we're so optimistic about this project.
His target is over 300X. And he may do something similar. But this is only our opinion. And many other people may think otherwise. So, make sure you do your research.
So, with this incredible potential, increase on the fact that you can exchange PlsX tokens for a variety of other crypto-currencies, and you can use it in DeFi, and don't forget the fact that it's community crypto, so the public's opinion counts a lot for the project.
This is why we think the PlsX token is an altcoin with 100X potential.
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Now, let's talk about our second Altcoin project with a potential 100X.
#2: PulseChain.
As most of us already know, the total sacrifice amount for the first phase of sacrifice for the Pulse token is significantly less than the PulseX sacrifice. Well, that's something to pay attention to because there just aren't as many people who committed to this project early. You could say that a lot of people didn't know that. It was only afterward that they realized that it was too late for them because this phase of sacrifice was over. That's why they turned to PulseX to make up for it.
But the advantage of PulseChain is that, first of all, it is a Blockchain on which many other projects will be built, and the Pulse token will be at the center of all these projects because it is the Blockchain token. It's a bit like what's happening with ETH on the Ethereum blockchain. So, one of the main reasons why ETH is so valuable is that it is the main blockchain token. So, just like ETH, Pulse too will be the main token of the blockchain and will somehow intervene in almost every transaction on its blockchain.
The other reason is that the man behind the project is Richard Heart.
Richard Heart created Hex, Hex has gone over 10,000 X. Now, will these other coins make 10,000 X? We don't know. But we are certain of the fact that Richard knows what he is doing. He takes his time with it and is super serious about all the things he builds in cryptocurrency.
So, you need to pay special attention to these two projects that we mentioned above.
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