Every investor dream of finding the gem. However, it has become quite complex to find crypto-currencies that will experience an exponential rise in their price like Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, it must be recognized that some blockchain projects are managing to pull their weight. By innovating in the ability to accelerate an exchange network, reducing transaction costs, or by allowing blockchains to operate between them. In this video, we present to you the 3 Altcoins that will explode in 2022.
So, watch this video till the end so you don't miss any details.
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Before we get into the first crypto project, please note that you should not consider this video as financial advice. You should always do your research.
Cryptos are very risky. Any project has the potential to fall through the cracks, but let's dive in.
The first crypto we will present to you is HEX.
We have some great news about HEX that has just been released. On April 26, Richard Heart shared on his Twitter account, that Mid May is still the target for the world's largest free airdrop! Moreover, the V3 AMM bot is working, and the sac balances look great. Most sac complaints are user errors.
And if you look at the price of Hex after this announcement, you'll notice that the price just broke the $0.136 resistance, and its new target is in the $0.16 area. And if we go back to July 2021, that's when Pulse's sacrifice phase took place. After that sacrifice was announced, Hex went all the way to its ATH, going from $0.08 to $0.50.
And now, as you can see from the charts, the same scenario is brewing, so Hex will likely return to its ATH, and perhaps even break through it.
Hex crypto has a future. In essence, people will always be paid in HEX as guaranteed by the structure of the project. In the past, the price had risen considerably. Several investors are jumping in to take advantage of the higher APY of HEX and the subsequent price gain. HEX has the initiative to expand the decentralized finance sector in the crypto-currency market.
HEX will explode. With the ongoing developments within the HEX ecosystem, as well as the overall crypto market, we could see HEX reach new heights.
The bullish price forecast for HEX is $0.5. It could even cross its new ATH if investors have decided that HEX is a good investment in 2022.
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Then we have STEPN.
STEPN is the second underrated Altcoin that is about to hit its new all-time high.
You've most likely heard of the crypto STEPN. It is a real sensation on social networks. This innovative concept in the web3 ecosystem allows its players to earn money by walking or running, hence the concept of Move to Earn.
This application has attracted several million athletes around the world in record time. To participate, you will have to buy an NFT running shoe through the STEPN application, equip it, and then run outside. Before that, you will have to be sponsored by a member in order to get a registration code.

STEPN is already making people millionaires. We've talked about it before in other videos on this channel. We also made a video to show you how to earn passive income with this Altcoin.
We encourage you to go and watch it. So why is this crypto on our list of altcoins that will explode in 2022? Well, if you bought this token in March 2022 when it was worth $0.18, well, today you will have already earned almost 25X in a few weeks. And if you bought this chip at the time of the pre-sale, today you will have already earned over 55X.
That's why it's important to buy the crypto before anyone else, and the best way to get it is during the presale. But, if you missed this opportunity, know that we have made a series of videos in which we have shared altcoins that have great potential and are not yet launched.
So, if you want to have another chance to get 50X, 100X, or 1000X, feel free to go watch those videos, the link is in the description. As far as STEPN is concerned, the race is not over yet. Despite a price increase of more than 2,500% in the last 60 days, STEPN continues its momentum and doesn't seem to be slowing down as proven by this chart offered by Google Trends.
Their reward app is getting thousands of new members every day. And that's a big step forward when it comes to their crypto. This explains why the price of this crypto is exploding. And it will continue to do so, so it's still a good time to get in.

Next, PancakeSwap is our latest Altcoin project that will explode.
Among the newer platforms in the crypto industry is PancakeSwap. The Cake Crypto course had an interesting start before going through a bit of a darker period and then bouncing back.
From its creation until today, the decentralized exchange platform has not stopped innovating through its services.
The advantage of this project is that it offers a flexible APY of almost 10% and a locked APY of almost 198%. This means that if you invest and lock your funds on the staking platform to bring liquidity to the network, you will get almost 198% annually.
In case you missed it, PancakeSwap will be launching its new Cake tokenomics design in early May. This will decrease the total supply of tokens and increase the price.
In a short time, this platform has proven to be one of the best BSC-based DEX.
The platform allows transferring BTC, ETH, BUSD, and Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. It also offers the possibility to acquire new tokens. You know, these new tokens have a better chance to make 100X because of their low market cap. We have already talked about this in other videos.
Moreover, PancakSwap users can have multiple wallets.
Most DEX have the same principle of use. PancakeSwap's is even easier to use. Novice traders can easily find their way around.
As in UniSwap, gas charges are included in the transitions. The major attraction of PancakeSwap is that it uses AMM, the gas cost is ultra-low however.
In terms of speed of work, PancakeSwap is by far the best. Its execution speed is estimated at approximately 5 seconds per action.
Several services have been set up by PancakeSwap to allow the user to be a winner. Each innovative service is a way to make tokens.
It does not take into account the KYC system like the CEX. Your private information is not at risk of being known. The platform makes you accountable by allowing you to keep your digital financial assets. Everything is in your wallet.
With all this, PancakeSwap is in our opinion, the best DEX of the moment. So, that's why it's on our list of Altcoins to keep in your wallet for this year.

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