If you are here watching this video, you must have realized the huge potential that lies in store for the cryptocurrency market in 2022. With the number of cryptocurrencies available, it is normal to wonder what is the best coin to invest in. After all, we all want a bang for our buck, right?
You might have missed your chance with Bitcoin when it was trading at just US$50 back then, but trust us, you need not feel low over a lost opportunity because there are some amazing Altcoins out there and today, we are going to show you Undervalued coins to be multiplied by 100 to be purchased in May.
So, as usual, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let’s get started.
#1: Velas
The first undervalued altcoin we're going to talk about today is Velas.
We have talked a lot about Velas in many videos on this channel. And it was without a doubt, one of our favorite Altcoins. That hasn't changed. The market is down now, but this project still has huge long-term potential.  That's the key here.
Velas is the fastest EVM chain to compete with Ethereum 2.0. It's also a fork of Salona with EVM integration. If you don't know exactly what that means, it means it's very fast and very cheap. These are two really cool things when it comes to crypto. And that makes it easy for new developers to build.
One thing you won't believe is its transaction fees which are 0.00001 compared to Bitcoin which is $2 or Ethereum which is about $14 per transaction. So yes, transactions on Velas are practically free.
And the fact that the market cap is only $300 million, makes this altcoin, a sleeping gem that a lot of people haven't woken up to yet.
This project has a lot of potentials. All it needs is for its market cap to rise to 1 billion, and for the price to go approximately 3X. And that's an optimistic goal, but again, it's going to take time and with the recent problems Solana has had, that's why we've seen a drop in Velas. But this piece is still on track to do very well in the long run. And that's why it's your number one undervalued token from now.
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#2: Cardano
The second undervalued altcoin we're going to talk about is Cardano.
Cardano, right now, at the time of this recording, is sitting around $0.74 and could be the lowest level of the year.
But if you're wondering why Cardano has been falling so much lately. Well, the reason is that the Ada Whales have been dumping their stocks over the past few months, which has caused the price to go down. Nevertheless, the latest data and statistics present some optimism for ADA Holders. Data from several crypto-currency analysis platforms like Santiment, highlighted that ADA whale addresses holding 1-10 million ADAs have been accumulating their bags over the past five weeks, totaling over 196 million ADAs. And that's after seven months of dumping. And now Cardano, which is the 9th largest asset in terms of market capitalization, has recently reached prices as low as of February 2021.
Now, many also believe that Ada remains undervalued in price. Here's why the Cardano network has hit some major milestones in recent months.
Cardano's IOHK shared statistics about the network's growth.
There are now many projects that rely on Cardano such as incubators and launch pads, NFT marketplaces, data explorers and trackers, the Metaverse community and social DeFi, as well as DEXs make up the largest percentage.
So, for all these reasons, we think Cardano is your second undervalued Altcoin here in May 2022.
#3: Bscpad
Your third undervalued token that will be multiplied by 100 is BSCPAD.
Overall, the incubators and launchpads were crushed, but BSCPad did incubate several tokens that went 100X. And if you browse the BSCPAD platform, you can see all the different projects they've incubated and also new projects coming very soon. Weway is one of the projects they ended up incubating. Weway was a hot token on Coingecko and it has reached new heights. Qmall has gone up over 30x for its pre-sale investors. Outer Ring was fantastic, AdaLend and AdaDao definitely underperformed, to say the least.
And some of these other altcoins will not do well in the long run. But that's where if you buy Bscpad tokens and get into a lot of these projects early, your risk is very low. And the fact that MetaVpad, which is one of the projects incubated several months ago, has gone up over 1000 times, Cryptopolis over 750 times, Bitorbit over 100 times, Pulsepad over 400 times, as well as the fact that this cryptocurrency has fallen to $0.41, gives a huge potential gain.
What we're trying to explain here is that every time a project is incubated on BSCPad, the price of the token increases. That's pretty much what's happening right now and you want to know why? Well, it's because it looks like they're going to incubate MoveZ, which is also a token with a 100X potential. It looks like they've picked a date of May 24, which is three weeks from today. So this could potentially drive up the price of the BSCPAD token as more and more people want access to MoveZ. That's why this is your third undervalued altcoin.
#4: Star Atlas
Finally, your last jewel will be Star Atlas.
Star Atlas plans to supplant its competitors by outperforming them in several areas. So far, no blockchain game combines as many different gameplay options as Star Atlas. While some games offer the ability to earn money through staking, compete with other players for virtual assets, or explore the virtual world and form alliances, no game does all of this simultaneously.
As you can see, its price has dropped by more than 93% in the last eight months and may well continue to drop.
But you should know that in crypto, that's how things are done. You can rest assured that Star Atlas is a safe project. So, buying it now would be a very good opportunity, especially since you can buy it at a cheaper price. That way, when it hits its ATH, you can multiply your money exponentially.
And again, games like this take time to develop. And since Solana has been in trouble, it's a play that's been on Solana. Once Solana gets its act together and starts working better, you'll see Star Atlas go to the moon and beyond.
That's why it's on our list of undervalued altcoins to hold in May.
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