The biggest names in finance are shaking things up with Real-World Asset (RWA) projects backed by Coinbase and BlackRock.
BlackRock just dropped $100 million on a digital tokenized fund. That's a billion dollar institutional bet on the future of RWAs.  Are you in, or are you missing out?  This video will crack the code on the hottest RWA projects with explosive potential, all backed by the financial titans you know and trust.
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Large institutions like BlackRock entering the RWA space validates the concept and brings legitimacy to the market. This can attract new investors who were previously hesitant due to the perceived risk of a nascent technology. Coinbase, a major cryptocurrency exchange, offering RWA products can further increase accessibility and trust for mainstream investors. This is why we want to look at these projects that can do well in the coming months.
The first on today's list is Landx. LandX (LNDX) offers a very unique product within the RWA ecosystem whereby you can invest and trade tokenized farmland and agricultural commodities such as Corn, Soy, Wheat, and R ice.
This idea captures a niche but lucrative area of TradFi, and the project is bolstered by LNDX’s robust staking protocol, which enables users to stake their tokens to earn rewards.
March has seen LNDX with a +250% increase in price and this may be the best R:R ratio on this list as the market cap for LNDX currently sits at $14.5m, and with the project fairly early on in its development, analysts anticipate the price to continue in an upward trajectory as market participants continue to seek out massively undervalued RWA gems.
The second token poised for a 100x potential is Clearpool. Clearpool (CPOOL) is an extremely interesting project that has been around since the end of the last bull market, and even during those volatile testing times, the team has  continued to build.
Their platform is focused on the borrowing and lending of digital assets, essentially tokenizing credit. Ever feel like the bank only lends money to billionaires? Clearpool lets you be the bank… kind of.
They have a TVL (Total Value Locked) of over $64m across their platform and all products (borrowing, lending, staking, etc). This is significant as CPOOL’s market cap sits at around $130m, meaning that just under half of the market cap value is locked up on the platform which is a tell-tale bullish signal.
Also, Clearpool has announced its expansion to Avalanche with the debut of its new real-world asset (RWA)-backed product, Credit Vaults. The launch of Clearpool’s Credit Vaults on Avalanche signifies a paradig m shift in on-chain RWAs, with Clearpool leading the way in introducing institutional borrowers to the DeFi landscape.
March has been a great month for RWA projects and CPOOL saw an increase of over +140% in price, but one overlooked aspect of the CPOOL price action is that the chart still requires an increase of around +700% to touch the previous ATH from the 2021 bull run at $2.3.
As the team continues to build and deliver, and with the bull market starting to heat up, it wouldn’t be surprising to see CPOOL reach this previous ATH and blow past it into price exploration.
Up next is Ondo finance. Ondo Finance recently announced partnerships with Mantle and Solana to expand the USDY stablecoin to their blockchains.
The expansion is particularly noteworthy in light of a recent statement made by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, who predicted "the tokenization of every financial asset." This sentiment was mirrored by JPMorgan  CEO Jamie Dimon, who also supports tokenization of real-world assets.
When BlackRock launched $100 million tokenized asset fund using Ethereum, the market responded positively  to the announcement of the fund, with a notable increase in the value of ONDO, the native token of Ondo Finance, a platform that facilitates the tokenization of real-world assets.
What do you think is next guys? Ondo expects users to invest in its token as a form of cash in decentralized exchanges. It is also expected to be used as collateral for lending and a means for payments and settlements.
Cryptocurrency analysts on X predict upcoming listings on major exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. The interest in Ondo's innovative products like USDY indicates a growing demand for high-quality, regulated crypto assets  that can appeal to a global audience. If you are enjoying this video, drop a like and comment which of these has caught your interest.
The forth project on today's list is polytrade as its said to explode up to 200x in the future. With 115% in the last month, it can do more. The Polytrade platform is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that aims to transform receivables financing. It aims to  connect buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a seamless receivables financing experience.
In the first week of January 2024, Polytrade reached $1.26 when it dropped below $0.77 for the first time since January 2021. According to the investors and market exports, Polytrade is on its way to passing the $6.00 mark by the end of this year. Before $6.00, it may break its mark of $3.07 and reach.
According to the investors, exporters, and market leaders, Polytrade will break its previous all-time high of $3.07 and hold between $5.33 and $6.00 soon. As of now, Polytrade is trading at $2.73, and its 24-hour trading volume  is around 2.07M, and it makes number 507 currency in the whole crypto world.
The fifth project is goldfinch. Goldfinch is a global credit protocol that offers sustainable, high-quality stablecoin yields that are generated by real-world economic activity and sheltered  from DeFi's volatility.
This month, GFI also soared over 50%. As of the end of January, Goldfinch emerged among the top four contenders in the DeFi lending arena, whose cumulative active loans surpassed $326 million. And this is despite the fact that GFI's market capitalization is under $100 million.
With BlackRock launching its first tokenized fund on Ethereum, investors are rapidly gathering around tokens like GFI, anticipating the rise of Real World Assets (RWAs) as the next big narrative in the crypto sphere. The GFI token has shown promising  growth, with a 140% increase in March and significant potential for further gains.
Lastly we have Token fi. TokenFi (TOKEN) is on a mission to streamline the process of crypto and asset tokenization, aspiring to be the leading platform globally. As of today, the value of TokenFi stands at $0.16, marking a significant increase of 95% in just 1 month. It holds the 310th position on CoinMarketCap, with a total market capitalization of $221,064,498.
TokenFi has formed a strategic partnership with the World Table Tennis (WTT) Championships, securing its position as the Official Cryptocurrency Partner for the WTT Champions event in  Incheon, South Korea. Tokenfi identifies its partnership with the WTT Champions Incheon as a calculated move, coinciding with shifts in South Korea’s cryptocurrency landscape, aiming to solidify its influence in the region.
The tokenization industry is projected to be a $16 trillion industry by the year 2030. BlackRock, the world’s biggest institutional investor with $10 trillion of assets under management, strongly  believes in the industry’s potential, which they call “the next evolution in markets”.
We would stop there guys, the entry of major institutions like BlackRock validates the RWA concept and brings legitimacy to the market. This can attract new investors who were previously hesitant due to the perceived risk. Coinbase offering RWA products can further increase accessibility and trust for mainstream investors.
As the RWA sector continues to gain momentum, fueled by the entry of institutional players like BlackRock and coinbase, the projects highlighted by Layergg and other prominent analysts offer a glimpse into the future of this space.
BlackRock tokenized $10Tn in assets on Ethereum, the rise of RWA coins is inevitable, with the tokenization  of assets representing one of the biggest financial transitions of our lifetimes.
Now, before you go all-in on these projects, remember, this is still the Wild West of finance. Do your own research.
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