Let's say $100 each, towards SOL, MATIC, and FTM during the bull run in 2021 and you believed in the potential of these projects, your $100 investment could be worth around $37,000.
That's why today we'll dive into 5 of the most promising early-stage projects that are definitely worth exploring in 2024. Remember, their tokens are not yet listed. Get ready to discover the hidden gems that are poised to explode alongside Bitcoin, potentially multiplying your investment by staggering amounts. 
We'll break down the hottest AI projects revolutionizing various industries and explore the RWA altcoins backed by real-world assets, poised for massive adoption. So, hit that like button, subscribe for more crypto content, and let's find those altcoin rocketships together!
For those interested in artificial intelligence, the video would explore a project that builds a network specifically designed to collect public web data, a crucial component in AI development. So make sure to stay tuned and watch till the end to see others. Do not also forget to subscribe before you start watching.
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The first altcoin on today's list is $PEAQ, Peaq network. Behind the peaq network is the Berlin-based startup EoT Labs, founded in 2017 by Leonard Dorlöchter, Max Thake, and Till Wendler. The peaq blockchain applies decentralization to physical infrastructure and systems, aiming to build an “Economy of Things” network.
According to the company, its ecosystem is home to more than 20 DePIN projects  — “already more than the likes of Solana, Polygon and other prominent layer-1s,” the company claimed in a statement to Cointelegraph.
The platform offers many backend functions for app builders, facilitating access management, AI agents, and device data verification. Its ecosystem also boasts supporting tools like a machine platform and  a decentralized physical infrastructure network accelerator, which are in partnership with Outlier Ventures.
For now, Peaq doesn't have a market price yet since it hasn't launched for trading, peaq has interesting features, but it's the best time to get in early and with all related news, for sure it could reach 100 times its initial price.
Secondly we have $DRINK. Degen distillery. Degen Distillery is the future of the spirits industry, co-created by a community of artists, innovators & disruptors and partnered with Brewdog & Google. Built on a next generation protocol to pioneer "social distribution", Degen Distillery aims to decentralise  it's salesforce, whilst allowing the community to tokenize and own part of the revenue they create, unlocking a new form of RWA on-chain.
The native $DRINK token stands as the cornerstone of their community, intertwining digital prowess with real-world utility. Its versatile use cases are the gateway to a plethora  of benefits, seamlessly blurring the lines between virtual and tangible experiences.
At the heart of Degen Distillery’s success are the founders – a diverse and talented group of individuals who share a passion for both spirits and technology. Drawing from their collective experience in product innovation and tech expertise, they are steering the brand toward uncharted territory. This team brings a wealth of knowledge  and fresh perspectives to an industry ripe for disruption. $DRINK is an altcoin to look out for as it poses great potential and can give up to 50x to 80x returns.
The third altcoin is $GRASS. Grass has built a decentralized web scraping network with a focus on turning public web data into AI datasets.  The network intends to mobilize millions of home internet connections for use in scraping and verifying data from the  web.  This type of web data, collected in bulk, is integral to the development of AI models and the operations of many other industries.
The team behind Grass, has announced the successful completion of a $3.5 million seed round led by Polychain Capital & Tribe Capital.  The seed round brings Wynd’s total funding to $4.5M after a pre-seed round led by No Limit Holdings.
In celebration of the world’s first L2 data rollup, they’re excited to announce the Touch Grass Challenge! Players can win exclusive Grass merchandise for creating  the most interesting, bold, and fun ways to run a Grass node.
If you are looking for a way to earn passive income without any hassle,  GetGrass is the perfect solution for you. With its strong team, solid partnerships, and growing community. Recently we have seen that Grass points are being traded at 0.002$ in the Premarket. If you have a good Internet, you can earn $2 - 50$ easily everyday. Easy money, free money.
The fourth altcoin in today's video will be the world's most rewarding token, $LINGO. Lingo is the first token that leverages Real World Assets, gamification and crypto culture to fuel and disrupt community rewards. Lingo RWA investment portfolio are contracted by Lingo's holding company foundation. Investments are selected in collaboration with Lingo's Community DAO.
Owning $LINGO, Lingo’s native ERC20 token deployed on the Polygon Blockchain makes the holder eligible to stake the asset to receive points redeemable for real-world rewards, which could be anything from a cup of coffee to hotel stays. Lingo has its holding company to fuel its rewards ecosystem, which generates value for itself.
The first version of Lingo’s decentralized application will integrate over 100,000 hotels worldwide that will be available for booking via $LINGO. It will feature a robust RWA system that ensures consistent yield generation and  point distribution regardless of the market condition.
Additionally, through its partnership with the Fizen App, $LINGO holders have the unique opportunity to exchange their tokens for gift cards from 5,000+ brands, including Netflix, Nike, Uber, Spotify, and more. I want you all to imagine how this would work in real life, very amazing.
The last altcoin is $SAI, Sharpe labs. Sharpe is an advanced DeFi execution environment for yield earning strategies and executing on-chain trades with a high level of customization to suit trader's risk appetite and return expectations. It's equipped to handle complex DeFi operations, providing a secure and efficient  environment for users.
Sharpe simplifies access to high-yield DeFi opportunities. Our strategies are built on blue-chip protocols and top-tier mechanics, allowing users to effectively earn the highest yields.
Sharpe AI (SAI) revealed its intentions to conduct a public sale of its native token SAI through an initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) on the AIT Launchpad.  Users can participate in the sale  by staking AIT tokens in the 56-day pool.
The project aims to improve the generative AI stack for cryptocurrency markets, distributing efficient and cost-effective generative AI applications. Recently, Sharpe AI joined Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a strategic program to assist AI-focused startups. Microsoft will provide the platform with support, tools, and guidance to foster innovation and development, which could pose great potential in the near future. Some analysts even expect up to 200x on this.
So that's where we would stop for today guys, this video dives into the world of altcoins, exploring five projects that could be primed for growth during a Bitcoin bull run. Each company offers a unique twist on the cryptocurrency landscape. Each company brings a fresh perspective to the crypto space, offering solutions that range from building a decentralized network of connected devices to revolutionizing the liquor industry with a blockchain-based community model.
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