Today we're diving into the wild world of memecoins - those internet-born cryptocurrencies that exploded in popularity. We'll be talking about the top contenders in 2024.
Before we jump into the specific details of these memecoins, I want to remind everyone to do their own research before investing in anything. The crypto market, especially memecoins, can be volatile.
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The first meme coin is Dogwif. Wif isn't literally just a dog wif hat, it's a symbol of progress, for futuristic transactions, a beacon for those who think ahead . WIF has surpassed its major competitors and is now ranked third among meme coins by market cap. Over the past week, it saw a 90% rise against the dollar and now holds the 31st spot across the entire cryptocurrency market. It currently lies behind Dogecoin (DOGE) and shiba inu (SHIB) but has outdone Pepe (PEPE), Floki (FLOKI), and Bonk (BONK) in valuation. Sounds amazing.
The inspiration for WIF comes from the well-known Dogwifhat meme, which features a Shiba Inu with a unique hat. Moreover, capitalizing on the Solana blockchain’s speed and efficiency, WIF aims to bring fun and community values to the world of cryptocurrency. While Dogecoin laid the foundation, WIF’s appeal lies  in the simplicity and universal appeal of cute pets in amusing situations.
Dogwifhat appears to be gearing up for a significant breakout. After consistently trading above the $4 mark with a bullish posture, it achieved a record high on March 31, 2024, soaring by over 194% within the month. However, WIF has broken below $4 since then, indicating a consolidation phase as it seeks to establish new support levels.  
Second meme coin today is bonk. Bonk is said to be the hottest meme coin of 2024. CoinMarketCap revealed on Mar. 6 the victors of the “CMC Crypto Awards 2024” and gave the “Meme Coin of the Year” to Solana’s BONK. The meme coin registered its all-time high on Mar. 4, after rising 232% in seven days. Since its inception, BONK has risen by almost 36,700%.
The event recognizes the most valuable contributors to the crypto and Web3 spheres. The winners were chosen after a process involving online public voting, expert  analysis, and committee deliberations.
BONK is a Solana-based (SOL) memecoin that was airdropped to the Solana community on Christmas day 2022. The crypto project’s mascot is a Shiba Inu dog, inspired by a popular memecoin called Dogecoin (DOGE).
BONK’s sudden surge has opened the door for increased general interest in the meme coin on social platforms. This surge in social media interest could positively influence BONK’s price for a while longer, as increases in interest generally lead to price hikes.
BONK’s over 10,000% gain in 2023 is incredible, even by crypto standards. No wonder we are seeing increased interest in the Solana-based meme coin. Let us know what you think in the comments guys.
Up next is Book of meme. Book of Meme (BOME) is a Solana-based meme coin that surged in early 2024 as the bulls set the speculative meme coin market alight. One of the newest cryptos to join the $1 billion market cap club, BOME aims to advance and enshrine meme culture on the blockchain.
BOME has experienced significant growth in recent days. Its price has surged by 10.67% in the last 24 hours and by 15% over the past seven  days.
Additionally, BOME generated a lot of attention during its pre-sale, raising 10,131 SOL, which shows widespread investor interest, particularly from regions like China and the United Kingdom. The fear of missing out on another potential memecoin opportunity has led to excessive buying, resulting in a 2000% surge.
BOME’s availability on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, including KuCoin,, BitMart, and Bybit, has further fueled its price surge. These listings not only enhance BOME’s credibility but also increase its liquidity and accessibility, attracting more investors to the token .
The fourth meme coin we would be speaking about today is Wen. $WEN, gaining fast popularity on Solana, stands out by embodying the fun, engagement, and community spirit celebrated in meme coins.
Beoble, a leading platform known for its innovative community tools, has announced a strategic partnership with $WEN, the latest meme coin sensation on Solana. The partnership highlights the crucial role of engaged communities in project success, particularly in the dynamic meme coin market. Combining $WEN’s appeal with  Beoble’s tools, this collaboration aims to model fostering meaningful connections and engagement for meme coins.
Of WEN’s one trillion supply, 70% was airdropped to eligible users who can earn trading fees by providing liquidity. Per the project’s page, the idea is a community-backed salute to Weremeow and the common crypto question of when. Imagine being part of those who got the airdrop.
The fifth meme coin on today's list is Myro. Myro announced that it is now listed on - a popular cryptocurrency exchange. With this development, more traders will gain access to this meme coin.
Myro is the name of the dog owned by Raj Gokal, one of the co-founders of Solana. This project pays homage to him, and his dog, and responds to the popular demand for dog-based narratives in the crypto space. Myro was  created in response to this demand, and to provide value to the ecosystem created by Raj and his partner — the Solana blockchain.
This bullish Myro news may be a catalyst for a price spike. The Myro crypto value has skyrocketed from $0.090 to $0.26 in the past month alone. This meme coin’s market cap surged from $85M to $248M in that period. Sentiment for this meme coin is also bullish, as 15 technical indicators  are green. Thus, analysts forecast Myro to hit $0.38 within Q2 of 2024.
Myro (MYRO) price remains up almost 70% despite meme coins posting double-digit losses.  For MYRO, the optimism comes as investors accumulate the meme coin ahead of a Binance Exchange listing for the USDT-M perpetual contract.  A report by Binance revealed plans to list MYRO against the Tether (USDT) stablecoin for its perpetual contract with 50X leverage.
We are now on the 6th memecoin, if you have been enjoying this list of meme coins, do well to smash those like and subscribe buttons. The sixth meme coin is Popcat. I actually thought they would name it Tom cat. Launched as a playful homage to the iconic Popcat meme, a pixelated cat with a distinctive expression. Popcat tokens have seen exponential growth in just a matter of hours.
With its simple yet captivating concept, Popcat has captured the imagination of internet users and investors, sparking a frenzy of buying and selling activity. Lets leave the cat for the cat lovers.
The last memecoin is Pepe. Pepe (PEPE) is the third-largest meme coin by market cap, as of March 2024. PEPE launched in 2023 as a meme coin. It is named after the popular internet meme character Pepe the Frog, which has been widely used across various online  communities.
PEPE positions itself as one of the "most memeable meme coins in existence," featuring the beloved Pepe the Frog as its mascot. The PEPE token gets its inspiration from Pepe the Frog, a character in Matt Furie’s comic series ‘Boy’s Club.’
Despite its humorous origins, Pepe aimed to carve out its niche in the crypto world, offering a platform for meme enthusiasts to engage with blockchain technology. The token's website emphasizes its entertainment value, stating that it had no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return.
PEPE has a max supply of just over 420 trillion coins.
Alright everyone, that's a wrap on the top Solana memecoins of 2024! We dove into Dogwifhat, Bonk, Book of Meme, Wen, Myro, and Popcat - each with their own unique story and passionate communities.
The meme coin market is wild, fun, and constantly evolving. It's important to remember to do your own research before investing, but it can also be a great way to get involved in the crypto space. If you enjoyed this ride, don't forget to like, share and subscribe to your friends.
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