Crypto's not done - it's evolving! Real World Assets (RWA) are merging the digital and real, offering a chance to invest in things like real estate and companies with crypto and could be a chance for me and you to make a lot of money and this might be the DISCOUNT you've been waiting for.
But hold on, some RWA projects have more potential than others. That's why you NEED to watch this video until the very end. We'll reveal the TOP 7 RWA projects poised to take off in 2024. These RWA projects are poised for take-off, potentially turning your investment into a fortune.
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Landshare (LAND) opens the doors to real estate investment with a user-friendly platform built on the BSC chain. This platform lets investors quickly forget about hefty down payments and complex management – with the Landshare ecosystem offering a plethora of opportunities for traders to gain real estate exposure in RWA assets.
Through Landshare, investors can stake stablecoins to earn a share of rental income and property  value appreciation and participate in crowd-funded property flips.
$LAND token skyrocketed over  170% in the past week. At present, the token is trading at $4.88. Following an impressive price movement seen recently, the $LAND token value increased more than 3X in the yearly time frame: from $1.28 a year ago to current price. The price surge before Bitcoin halving and anticipated bull run shows the $LAND token has a huge potential to witness record breaking price levels.
Despite its accomplishments and a market capitalization of $6 million, Landshare remains an undervalued player in the tokenized real estate market. It offers a unique investment opportunity by dismantling traditional market entry barriers and leveraging blockchain technology to improve transparency and efficiency.
The 2nd Rwa project today is Centrifuge. Centrifuge is a decentralized protocol which focuses on providing financing for RWAs. It is done in defi in order to reduce the cost of capital for small and medium enterprises while offering investors a steady income source. Centrifuge aims to create profits by transferring real monetary value from traditional currencies to digital currencies. The price surge in Centrifuge was as high as 195% in the last year.
Announced on March 29, an unnamed entity from the Celo ecosystem invested $100,000 into tokenized treasuries via Anemoy, a Centrifuge-native asset manager , and allocated an additional $1 million for later deployment.
Celo ecosystem members completed the first Centrifuge RWA transaction on Celo, allocating up to $1M into Anemoy's Liquid Treasury Fund,” Centrifuge said. “We're looking forward to bringing more high-quality assets and liquidity to the Celo ecosystem.
Centrifuge now operates across five networks, following deployments on Arbitrum, Base, Ethereum, and its Centrifuge Chain Polkadot parachain. Celo is a Layer 1 network boasting a total value locked of $210 million, according to DeFi Llama.
The current price of CFG token is $1.00 USD and it has a market cap of $489.31 million USD. We expect CFG altcoin to give returns on your 2024 cryptocurrency investment.
Up next is pendle. Pendle is a tokenizing-specific platform designed for trading future yield. It has introduced a unique Automated Market Maker (AMM) that accommodates assets with time decay. The current sentiment  for Pendle’s price prediction is bullish! PENDLE is priced currently at $5.22 USD and has 81 score on the fear and greed index.
Ultimately, investors should keep an eye on the trends of the token as it would likely make repeated appearances on the top gainers list for the coming week. Otherwise, taking precautions when considering the PENDLE token is essential, as it has a track record of high volatility.
You think we missed this one, no we didn't, fourth on this list is Ondo finance, and this is one of the most popular RWA projects in 2024 already. Ondo Finance's mission is to make institutional-level financial products and services accessible to everyone. Ondo is building the next generation of financial infrastructure to enhance market efficiency, transparency, and accessibility.
Ondo is currently sitting at $0.91, which is slightly above the 10-day Simple Moving Average of $0.86, signaling potential for a steady uptrend. This could attract more buyers, pushing the price towards the nearest resistance at $0.55. Investors might look at the positive difference between the current price and the 10-day average to build confidence in a growing market for purchases.
Also on their latest news, Ondo Finance is moving $95 million of assets to BlackRock's brand-new tokenized fund BUIDL to allow instant settlements for its own U.S. Treasury-backed token (OUSG), Nathan Allman, CEO of Ondo Finance , said Wednesday in a Telegram interview with CoinDesk.
Ondo's action marks the first example of a crypto protocol leveraging asset management giant BlackRock's tokenized fund offering, which debuted last week. The fund, represented by the Ethereum-based BUIDL token backed by U.S. Treasury bills and repo agreements, is targeted for white-listed, institutional clients  and requires at least $5 million minimum allocation.
Moving on to Mantra. MANTRA is a Security first RWA Layer 1 Blockchain, capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements. It is made for Institutions and Developers, and offers a Permissionless Bl ockchain for Permissioned applications.
OM token is priced at $0.7216 USD and has a current market cap of $572.47 million. The sentiments around OM token are bullish and we have picked it as one of the top 7 contenders of 2024.
MANTRA recently launched its Hongbai Testnet, aiming to fuse DeFi with traditional finance innovatively. By adopting the Cosmos SDK and IBC protocol, MANTRA ensures compatibility across different blockchains. This strategic step targets the vast $16 trillion RWA market, promising to redefine asset interaction within the financial sector.
Also, MANTRA Chain has the ambition of becoming the top RWA project on Cosmos. It successfully raised $11 million.  The project plans to deploy these funds towards building a robust RWA network. This is an impressive news on this project. The RWA sector will be a multi-billion-dollar industry by the end of the decade.
Let's look at Goldfinch(GFI) It is a defi lending platform that serves you with crypto loan options without any collateral. Its main objective is to streamline the usage of blockchain technology and get the perks of decentralized credit protocol in varied businesses. So why have we picked it as one of the top contenders? Goldfinch offers 10-14% APY on average lending and staking operations.
Bitget, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 company, has announced the listing of Goldfinch tokens GFI in its DeFi and real-world asset (RWA) zones for spot trading. The listing enables Bitget users to  trade GFI and participate in its RWA ecosystem, bringing more diverse investment options from the traditional financial world to the emerging digital asset market.
The inclusion of GFI in Bitget’s RWA zone helps users engage in the initial launch phases of the upcoming  crypto sector of real-world assets.
Finally we have Maple. Maple is a decentralized bank for companies where it helps businesses straightforwardly get money using blockchain technology.
Investors who put their money into Maple can earn a steady income by lending it to different groups of renowned crypto organizations. Currently, Maple token (MPL) is currently priced at $25.77 USD with a market cap of USD 114.0 million. We suggest Maple for your 2024 RWA altcoin investment.
To sum it up, Maple Finance is revolutionizing DeFi and institutional lending, and I'm here for it! With strategic partnerships enhancing its allure and a keen eye on navigating regulatory waters, Maple is positioned to bridge traditional finance and blockchain. It's an exciting time to watch Maple cater to the needs of big investors and institutions, promising a seamless blend of RWA and DeFi.
The excitement surrounding Real World Asset (RWA) tokens such as ONDO, OM, and POLYX stems from their potential for significant returns. As large investors accumulate these tokens, the anticipation for their market performance in 2024 intensifies, highlighting the cryptocurrency market’s ever-changing nature.
That's where we would stop for today and I hope you all found a project that took your interest. Do you have a favorite project from today's list? Let us know in the comments below! We'd love to hear your thoughts.
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