As of November 2021, Solana (SOL) has become the eighth-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, surpassing Dogecoin in market capitalization and rising 28% to a new all-time high of $259. One of the reasons Solana has attracted so much attention is its access to the NFT industry.

When Solana launched the Degenerate Ape Academy collection, it sparked a global frenzy. Nearly 10,000 pieces were sold in the first 10 minutes of the launch, with buyers fueling Solana's price tag because they needed the money to buy the photos.

In today's video, we'll show you our Top 3 best Solana NFTs collections that you can buy for huge gains. Watch this video till the end as we are going to unveil our best Solana NFTs marketplace where you can buy even the least popular NFTs safely and at the cheapest fees possible.

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Let's get started!

#3. Bold Badgers
Bold Badgers is a collection of 10,000 unique images of confident furry NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The badgers have a variety of attributes and over 170 features, including outfits, headgear and other cool accessories. All badgers are bold, but some are rarer than others depending on the nature and number of attributes they carry. That being said, there are a few badgers that are even rarer but they usually hide deep in the burrow. The community of this collection is growing and due to its rarity, it is becoming more and more valuable.
In addition, each badger has been hand-drawn, making it special and valuable enough for digital art collectors. In addition, Solana offers exclusive benefits to people who purchase Bold Badger.

#2. SolPunks
NFT SolPunks are unique avatars of the Solana blockchain, which can be used to distinguish themselves on the Solana blockchain. There are 10,000 SolPunks available and each has attributes that make it unique according to a defined rarity system.

So what makes SolPunks so special?
In the interests of fairness and to give everyone the chance to own one (or more) SolPunks, the purchase is made on a random basis.
The identity of the SolPunks will remain a mystery until your purchase is made.
No first-come, first-served, everyone can have a chance to get a Zombie SolPunks or a SolPunks Ape.

The obtained SolPunks are visible on their platform or interface and will be exchangeable on their marketplaces. All the details about this project as well as the links to their social networks are available on their official website We have left the link in the description.
You can buy as many SolPunks as you want for an average selling price of 12.6 SOL. But once the 10,000 are sold, it will be too late to get one at a discounted price. Because, you know, the more the collection is sold, the more it increases in value.

To be unique and stand out on the Solana blockchain, you can use this avatar everywhere, even as your profile picture on your various social media. Become a SolPunk collector. Buy, sell and trade safely. Participate in Solana's new NFT community.

#1. Frakt
Frakt comes from "fractals" and is the first NFT generative art collection on Solana. The amazing complex patterns have attracted many art collectors who are eager to own these rare images.
Each NFT available on Frakt is uniquely generated and is based on the type of fractal images and 4 colour schemes, each with different rarities. People can enjoy 5 different types of fractal images and a limited amount of 10,000 frakts among infinite possibilities. Each time a frakt is generated, a token hash is used, which makes it unique.

Thanks to the FRAKTION protocol the liquidity of NFTs is unlocked and used in DeFi. Users can fraktion, pool and leverage their illiquid NFTs into liquid tokens to instantly unlock liquidity and get a return on the protocol volume.
Now, as promised, let's move on to the marketplace where you can buy your Solana NFTs. This is simply Magic Eden.
So, Magic Eden is the most used NFT marketplace in Solana, where you can create, buy and sell NFTs effortlessly. They do not charge a registration fee but a 2% transaction fee on each transaction.

Magic Eden Launchpad's goods and services are designed to help creators monetize their collections without the need for technological skills.
So guys, now that you know what NFTs you should buy and where to buy them if you don't know how to go about buying them, let us know in the comments and we'll be happy to make a video about it just for you.

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