If you are new to the world of crypto-currencies, you are probably wondering how to earn passive income with crypto-currency. Well, you should know that it is possible to even for a beginner to earn $100 a day with crypto-currencies. In today's video, we are going to show you 5 different ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency. So, as usual, we ask you to watch this video to the end to get all the details of each method and get started today.

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Let's get started!

#1. Stack your proof-of-stake (PoS) based cryptocurrencies.
You can keep and stack proof-of-stake (PoS) powered cryptocurrencies to earn passive income in the form of rewards.
Proof-of-stake based cryptocurrencies require validators to "lock-in" a stake in the network's native asset to secure the blockchain. The incentive to contribute to a crypto network in this way is to earn a share of the block reward in the form of newly issued cryptos.

The process of staking differs from network to network, with some requiring advanced software configurations and a continuously running validation node, while others simply require you to hold the assets in the official wallet.
This is the easiest, most direct way to make passive income with crypto-currencies through what is called a paid account, which is probably the fastest way for anyone to get started. Just like you can go to the bank, deposit your money and get a lovely half per cent interest rate, you can deposit your crypto-currency through several exchanges, earn a predefined return based on the amount you hold. And believe it or not, the return is quite good regardless of the amount you hold on the platform.

#2. Run a masternode.
If you want to take your staking to the next level to earn more passive income in cryptocurrency, you can run a masternode.
Masternodes are a special type of node that perform specific functions on a crypto network.

In the Dash (DASH) network, for example, masternodes power the PrivateSend and InstantSend functions of the network and provide voting and governance rights. However, to operate a Dash masternode, operators must invest 10,000 DASH, which is a significant investment to earn a return (in the form of newly issued tokens) on your holdings.
Fortunately, some masternodes require a much lower capital investment and still offer double-digit returns, paid in the form of network-native tokens.

#3. Airdrops.
Airdrops are probably the easiest way to earn cryptos. And you can do it from your couch with no investment and no skill. All you have to do is perform small tasks online and you will be paid in cryptocurrency.
In most cases, the tasks consist of subscribing to a Twitter page, retweeting a post, watching a video and then you answer the questions.
The only investment here is your time.

Of course, Airdrops are not available at will. They are distributed by blockchain companies, so you have to keep up with the opportunities. But on Coinbase, it's displayed in bulk on the site, as soon as an opportunity is available for you. You can also go to CoinmarketCap as there are very often Airdrops available on the platform.

#4. Cryptocurrency arbitrage.
This is also a great way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.
It's like Dropshipping on eBay, but here we'll apply this strategy to cryptocurrencies. That is, you buy a crypto-currency at an average price on one platform, then sell it on another platform at a higher price to benefit from a margin on your initial investment.

You may have already noticed that the price of the same crypto can vary from one exchange to another. Arbitrage will allow you to take advantage of this difference. For example, you buy a crypto token on a cheaper exchange, transfer it to another wallet, then sell it on another exchange at a higher price.
Beware, this is not a strategy for beginners, far from it!
You need to be extremely fast in executing trades to ensure high-profit margins. Several software programs can help you to quickly spot these arbitrage opportunities, for example: (Sigmax and Executium) if you want us to make a video about this to explain how to do it in detail, feel free to let us know in the comments.

#5. Bring funds into liquidity pools & do yield farming.
In addition to lending, DeFi markets also allow individuals to earn passive income by depositing cryptocurrencies into decentralized exchange pools, called liquidity pools.

In return for providing liquidity to a standalone trading pool, depositors are rewarded with trading fees and liquidity provider (LP) tokens. To earn additional returns on the digital assets deposited, users can then place the LP tokens in "yield farms".
Yield farming has become a popular way to earn passive crypto income, but like DeFi loans, it is one of the riskiest ventures in the crypto markets.
Popular liquidity pools include Uniswap (UNI), Sushiswap (SUSHI) and PancakeSwap (CAKE). So guys, why not give it a try?

There you have it, you can choose from these 5 ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies, depending on your skills, capital, and the time you can devote to it.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are riskier than others, while others offer lesser but safer earning potential. It is up to you to assess which ones meet your personal needs.

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