The breaking news alert is again here with us! We are bringing you the top 3 crypto coins that you shouldn’t miss out on in 2022! We highly appreciate that you are always tuned on to this channel where we bring you a great number of the latest updates about the cryptocurrency market.
Today is just another extraordinary moment for you to grab out a piece of the pie with one of these amazing new visitors that will soon be launched in the cryptocurrency space. Do you want to know them? Just make sure that you stay still in his video till the end! Let’s begin!
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The number one position is one of the latest metaverse projects. Now, the metaverse world is doing extremely perfectly in the crypto space, as we can see that within this short period, they have introduced very many projects and we will be talking about one of their new projects today. It is called the NETVRK.
This project was listed to be around 78 cents, and today it sits at $2.58, a very good profit raise. NETVRK is a virtual reality universe where anyone can use their imagination to create their virtual world. Users can simply create their virtual universe, meet other new people, earn money, and so much more. The first incredible thing about NETVRK is their land and how it is created…
All locations are uniquely generated by preparatory software meaning no mountain, river, forest or any other natural formation is the same making each piece of land 100% naturally unique. Users can also change the Land generation settings and also drag and drop items like buildings and many other sites into their marketplace.
When you go and click at the top of their website, NFTs, it will take you to their NFT collection, and if you click on LAND and OPEN SEA, it will take you to how you can buy sell some of these LAND pieces. And the fore price right now is going for 0.6 ETH which is approximately $1500.
Another cool thing about NETVRK is that they have the NETVRK transport- you can get a varied collection like motorbikes, jets, and many more. These transports offer travel utilities in the metaverse and you’ll be able to hold multiple riders and also enjoy, increasing your staking rewards and NETVRK distribution.
Guys, there is so much more coming with NETVRK between avatars and bonuses. We highly believe that the price predictions of this coin could reach 5X or 10X potentials, and that could put NETVRK right around a $20 or $30 cryptocurrency coin, but again just remember this might not happen overnight.
The next crypto coin that we want you to have and not miss out on, is the incredible Pulse X and bonus cryptocurrency pulse. Pulse X has been one of the coins we have predominantly discussed in our former videos, and today again we are glad to announce it as being among the top 3 crypto coins that you should not miss out on in 2022. The sacrifice phase of this coin as of recent is almost hitting a billion dollars and the sacrifice phase is going to end in the next 10 to 15 days. Pulse X is going to be the pulse chain’s exchange and this is where you are going to exchange tokens which are PRC-20s on the pulse chain for one and another. For example, you could swap the pulse chain’s native token PLS for Pulse X token PLSX. There is even a rumor that when this cryptocurrency launches and that could be towards the end of February, the 1st 2 pairings are going to be between pulse X and pulse tokens. Guys, if you are enjoying this video, please make sure that you hit the like button as we proceed…
Pulse X is also going to be the world’s largest yield farm as well, and this is where you could swap other coins and earn liquidity fees for free by just staking this cryptocurrency asset.
The last coin we will be talking about that we think you should not miss is the Q MALL. QMALL as of now is 25 cents from the presale price of 3 cents. QMALL is an exchange token and its main application is going to pay commission when users exchange crypto. There is not much to be discussed here, and you should also do further research on these coins before investing your money in them because they could be riskier to invest in them if you lack adequate knowledge.
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