The breaking news alert is here again with us! This February will be a fantastic moment for those who would want to invest in the cryptocurrency space! We must ensure that you get the latest updates about the crypto world, and what is this new baby that will be launching soon? It is the VALERO DAO!

If you haven’t heard about it, the rumors just begin here! If you are anxious to know more about the coin, just make sure that you stay with us till the end of this video! And, let’s begin!

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Now, the launch date for this new coin will be on 24th February this year. Valero Dao’s initial market cap is going to be $140,000, and this coin is even going to be a whitelist viral swap that is also going to be incubated by the Bluezilla team.
Valero Dao will be the first Decentralized stable coin based on the Velas Blockchain, and not that alone- it is also going to act as a governance Token.
The economy of Valero Dao is going to be based on two key elements. The first one is USDV, which will be the first stable coin under the Velas Blockchain, and if you are not getting what stable coin means- it is the coin that stays pegged one to one to the USD…

The next element that is also going to be on the Valero Dao economy is this native token known as the VDGT token. Now, this is the token that the presale is going to be happening and this is going to work similarly to another successful project known as Maker Dao. What this is going to be is that the utility token is going to help mint in the balance of the entire system, unlike the USDV which is a stable coin and will not have a fixed rate and will therefore be forced to grow alongside the platform’s value.

Let’s try to make this simple by seeing how the whole of this works. Valero Dao allows you to use your crypto as collateral to generate USDV. All you need to do is to open a CDP and contribute VLX tokens, and there you will get your USDV. So, if the VLX drops in price, the lower you deposit, the CDP gets sold to pay off your debt; and if the VLX goes up, you can generate more USDV from your collateral. To get your VLX back, just repay the withdrawn amount with a small fee, and isn’t that simple? First, let’s get a thumbs up if you are enjoying watching this video! Or you will be liquidated! Now, let’s proceed…

Valero Dao is going to be a forked version of Maker Dao, and Maker Dao has already proven itself to be very successful, this is greatly going to be the main Infrastructural project on Velas. USDV is going to be the 1st collateral-backed stablecoin and you can mint USDV by adding assets from Vela’s assets collateral.

The Maker Dao team has created the world’s first online- buyers currency, and if you are not getting what Maker Dao is- it is simply an innovative open financial system that mints Dai stable coins backed by the crypto collateral…

What are some of the features of Dai? Dai is a stable coin that is decentralized and does not discriminate. Dai is also a price-stable currency that you control and you can generate your Dai on your terms instantly. The Maker Dao governance token, on the other hand, gives you the users the power to make decisions with the protocols and the small contracts that power the ecosystem.
Maker Dao also has a growing ecosystem of over 400 apps and services that have integrated Dai including wallets, D5 platforms, Games, and many more, and even some of these are some serious apps like coinbase, swiss board, oasis, and many more.

Valero Dao tokens could be the next Maker Dao, and this is the time you can get massively early if you get into these presales. As we mentioned earlier in this video, its initial market cap will only be $140000. Even if the market is going down, to us, this shows some massive upside potential, and this is why something like VelasPad and Velas is moving towards the upside even when the market is crashing. Why do we say so? This is because, these coins never care and they continue to innovate, make better partnerships, and even build large ecosystems. Now, if you are serious about getting this token before anyone else, it is going to be exclusive at VelasPad.

As we always say, just remember to also do your research, because investing in some of these crypto platforms could impose a risk if you are not having adequate knowledge or information about them. You have just made your first move by watching this video!

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