The breaking news is again here with us! We bring you the top 3 massive crypto metaverse projects that are under $2 and they are about to explode. Are you that broke and you have been wishing for this long to start your journey in crypto? Don’t worry! You can start investing from as low as $1 in several crypto projects, and if you have been waiting for a perfect time to begin, it is right now. We just want you to stay still and stick to this video to the end, and get these 3 massive crypto metaverse projects that we think you should give a second thought!
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Well, our first crypto metaverse project for you is the Bithotel. This is one of the best, new, social-first play-to-earn NFT gaming metaverse built on the Binance smart chain. This NFT gaming metaverse has got a whole lot more with it. You can connect your wallet, play with your friends and socialize all while making some money.  Bithotel also has a marketplace where you can battle with friends, you can trade characters or rooms in the marketplace. They are even going to introduce Land sales very soon…
Bithotel users will be able to use the native tokens to participate in governance or acquire native NFTs, which have in-game usability, and consist of characters, hotel rooms, and accessories that have their parks and can also be traded on the open market.
If you are looking forward to acquiring Bithotel, you can find it in just a couple of exchanges, and pancake swap is one of our preferred favorites. Please make sure to use the correct contract address when you’re using a decentralized exchange. The Bithotel saw an all-time high of 26 cents back at the end of December 2021 and an all-time low during last week on Thursday of 3.5 cents.
According to the coin market cap on Thursday afternoon, the market cap was $826,000. There are currently 22.5 million tokens in circulation, and if you are looking for more information on Bithotel, check their website
Now, we are moving to our next crypto metaverse project known as the Klaytn, and remember we always bring you the best of the best, so, give us a thumbs up if this video is becoming that interesting. Klaytn is a project that aims to be the blockchain of choice for gaming in the metaverse and the creator economy. It is also Asia’s number one public blockchain project and they are gearing up infrastructure to be a top metaverse player in 2022. One of the cool things they have coming is the partnership with a company called Animal Concerts. Animal concerts aim to host A-list entertainers in huge metaverse Arenas, bringing top musicians into the metaverse and meshing NFT assets with a line concert experience.
They have helped to simplify for the metaverse by offering an end-to-end metaverse package that includes customized layer 2 solutions, SDKs and smart contract libraries, IPFS solutions, wallets, chain explorers, orders, and bridges as well as an ecosystem of supporting services such as stable coin integration, NFT marketplaces, TradeFi interfaces and many more. Guys, it is going to be a whole lot more, grab it! And if so…
You can find the Klaytn token on many exchanges with Binance, Bybit,, and Kucoin being our top ones!
Klaytn registered an all-time- high in the last seven days of $1.29, and an all-time low of $1.13 also in the last seven days. The current price of the Klaytn token is $1.227158 per Klay. Klaytn has a market cap of $3.28 and to find more of its information, you can simply visit their website, Klaytn. foundation.
This takes us to our third and last metaverse crypto project, which we think you should consider, and hopefully, you don’t fear its name. It is the FEAR of course. They are going to be the whole industry’s leading blockchain entertainment platform. Now, this native token is available on Ethereum and Binance as well as Polygon Blockchain with several up on-coming play games plans. You can find fear on several exchanges like Kucoin,, Uniswap, and Pancake swap.  It’s had an all-time high of $4 back in November 2021, an all-time low of 30 cents back in July of 2021. This could be your specter metaverse project when the market finally comes back, and we urge you to check their market from time to time.
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