Both cryptocurrencies and gold are valuable investments in the world of finance, although each is valued for different reasons. Gold has been used as a currency for centuries, and its value is based on the fact that it has industrial uses as well as its ability to retain its value over time. It is, therefore, logical to compare crypto-currencies, which represent the finance of the future, and gold as two different assets with different paths. While they are similar in some respects, each also has important differences that separate them. Let's look at what sets them apart in determining the best investment for the long term.
As usual, watch this video to the end as we'll tell you what Richard Heart thinks about these two assets.
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Let's get started!
Where do you see gold in the next 12 months? And Where do you see cryptocurrencies heading in the next 12 months, including bitcoin.?
Well, when you ask this question to many investors, even the most experienced ones, you notice that opinions differ so much. For some, like PETER SCHIFF, gold is still the best investment compared to cryptocurrency. And he recommends investing at least 5 or 10% of a portfolio in gold and investing the rest of the portfolio in income-producing assets, companies that he believes have good fundamentals, are growing their profits and paying good dividends.
According to Peter, gold is seen as a substitute for cash. A lot of people talk about holding cash now, not for the yield, because there is none, but for the optionality. If stocks or real estate goes down, you can use your cash to buy those assets on sale. And it's the same with gold.
He would rather hold gold, waiting for better buying opportunities in stocks or real estate, than invest in cryptocurrency, especially in an inflationary environment where it's the adjustment that could collapse rather than the assets. He also believes that if you hold your cash in gold, then you are protected from inflation. This is why he prefers gold over cryptocurrency.
 Gold is an excellent store of value, its value has held over the years, over the decades, over the centuries, it's been money for thousands of years.
You know, in the long run, gold doesn't produce any income. It's not like real estate where you get rent. It's not liked a stock that has profits and pays you dividends. It's not liked a bond that pays interest, even though today bonds pay very little interest. So, in the long run, you don't want to have all your wealth in gold. You want to own other assets that will perform and produce income, but over short periods.
However, another group of investors think the opposite.
This is the case of Richard Heart, who says that cryptocurrencies are a better investment than gold in the long term. In reality, gold is not a good investment because, if you bought gold 10 years ago, you are down today. You will have lost a lot of money. Gold is open to inflation. This is not the case with some crypto-currencies, as will be the case with PulseX.
According to Richard, gold is a very bad investment.
Gold is used as jewellery for 50% of its market capitalization.
50% of gold sales are for jewellery. It is not a product that investors should be looking at. Perhaps in the past, gold made some money but that has changed. That is no longer the case. So, nowadays, gold is not very common in investments. It is mostly used for fantasy purposes. The asset of the future is cryptocurrency. Take a look at the HEX chart and you will see that it has been on the rise forever. Since its inception, it has been growing and going from peak to peak.
Another example is Bitcoin. When it first came out, it was worth less than gold and yet today it is worth at least 20 times more than gold.
In 2013, for example, Bitcoin went up to $1300, which was approximately the price of gold. Now an ounce of gold is worth 20 times less than a bitcoin.
So, you can see why if you need to invest for the long term, cryptocurrency is the way to go. You shouldn't invest in just any crypto-currency either, but do some research before you invest. A cryptocurrency with a real project behind it will always be much more profitable than gold.
Some people go so far as to say that Bitcoin is a pollutant. This is true, but remember that more than 50 people die every day worldwide mining gold. Yet so far no one has died mining bitcoin.
Those who don't understand how cryptocurrency works will always look for arguments against it while forgetting that even the assets they claim to be safer usually have the same problems only worse.
So, fatties, now that you know everything that is your opinion?
Would you rather invest in gold which will probably lose at least 20% of its value in the next 10 years or would you rather invest in cryptocurrencies? Answer us in the comments section.
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