Guys, we have some great news from PulseX. According to Richard Heart's latest Tweet captures, it will now be possible to bet PulseX and be rewarded with xPulseX. Then, bet the reward to increase your earnings.
You might be wondering what xPulseX is and how the process will work, well, watch this video to the end to find out everything you need to know about it.
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Let's get started!
Richard Heart has now tweeted some screenshots with some information about PulseX.
It is now possible to bet PulseX and win xPulseX.
We assume that xPulseX is just a tentative name since information about this new cryptocurrency has not been given yet.
We're not sure yet what this new inflationary token that Richard mentioned is called. So, for those of you who don't know, typically speaking, to incentivize cash to come to PulseX in many exchanges and PulseX being the primary decentralized exchange, well, you have to provide incentives to do that. But what is the impact on swaps?
With Uniswap and PancakeSwap, for example, liquidity providers and liquidity seekers are paid in PancakeSwap or Uniswap tokens and provide liquidity. But that's not the situation here with PulseX, at least not as it appears at the moment. You will be able to earn rewards in this new third inflationary token that is not PulseX and is called xPulseX.
Maybe it's a substitute. We're not sure, but what we do know is that by holding xPulseX, you're participating in PulseX redemptions, which use 0.07 of the transaction fee to redeem PulseX and send it to this pool. This increases the PulseX ratio, which means you'll be able to claim more and more PulseX for each xPulseX token you hold. So a lot of different algae. Essentially, this is a staking feature for the PulseX folks, so we don't know the APY at this point. They are very likely to be fluid and change. The more people staking, the lower the APY is likely to be in both PulseX and the new third inflation token.
But that's good to see, folks. Also, the sacrifice phase of PulseX has come to an end. The we have testnet V3 for PulseChain. And then launching PulseChain should be relatively soon after.
You can now declare your PulseX, and earn that xPulseX token. And what's specifically interesting guys, and the reason why we're excited about PulseX is that this recent news states that you can bet on PulseX and earn interest. And the most interesting thing is, you can take that interest and put it into Staking and earn a substantial income with very high rates.
Again, these high annual rates are usually only because you see in the beginning when there is little cash, the more people that provide cash, the less everyone earns in total. Now, one thing to understand when talking potentially about cash providers is that one of the biggest risks when it comes to providing cash is the risk of impermanent loss. And while this can be quite complicated to understand. To put it very simply, the impermanent loss is that when you provide liquidity, you provide both sides of a pair. Whichever side moves more when you go to withdraw, you get less of that coin back. Let's say you provide $1000 with PulseChain and $1000 with PulseX. And that PulseChain just outperforms for example, when you go to withdraw your cash, maybe since PulseChain outperformed, you get less back from PulseChain than you put in in the first place, which is why you're rewarded with such a high rate because you're taking the risk of an impermanent loss, which means that whichever side of the pair moves the most when you go to withdraw, you get less of that coin back. So there will be this path to earning interest that won't necessarily stay, but to earning interest on your PulseX.
There will probably be a pair with Hex as well. PulseX/Hex, PulseChain/Hex, USDT/HEX, PulseChain/USDT, PulseX/USDT. We're probably going to have dozens and dozens of these different pairs that you can provide liquidity to. When you provide liquidity, there's a risk of impermanent loss. So you want to take the safer route, you can just bet on PulseX stock. Or failing that, you can just bet PulseChain for a validator and earn the interest the network accrues through fees, and that's a less risky way to earn interest through coins.
PulseX's ultimate goal is to be a united exchange fork and encourage everyone to come and add cash.
Its goal is also to provide Pulse channel users with the best possible trading experience and return agriculture by focusing on incentivizing ERC 20 holders to fill and save the value of their free ERC 20s.
The main reason we think PulseX has 100X potential is because of its rarity. And as we've said in previous videos, the supply will diminish with each transaction and on an ongoing basis. In addition, 21% of all fees could be used to buy back the price and burn freshly purchased PulseX.
Now, we don't know if this will make 100X from the start as there is already about a billion dollars worth of harvested value in the sacrifice phase. But one thing is for sure, in the long run, this token could thrive.
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