The crypto space continues to get more and more crowded every day. At the very beginning, there were barely a dozen projects to choose from. Today, you can barely throw a stone without running into another cryptocurrency that wants your money. But that begs the question: can you still make money with all these crypto-currencies fighting for your attention? The answer is YES! Some projects will make you 100X despite the abundance of cryptocurrencies in the market today, and POWERCITY is one of those projects.
 So, as usual, watch this video until the end because we will give you a presentation of the POWERCITY project. We will see what it has to offer and why it should be 100x higher than its current value.
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Let's get started!
POWERCITY is an ecosystem of projects designed to improve PulseChain, both for the community and developers. All are connected by its central CORE.
The kind of ecosystem you've been waiting for, all on one channel, and interconnected.
POWERCITY was born shortly after the sacrifice of PulseChain. The team was formed from the HEX and PulseChain communities, as motivated, like-minded people who wanted to see PulseChain succeed. We didn't want to sit back and hope that ETH projects would come in and provide the essential services to make adoption as seamless as possible.
POWERCITY exists to bring important services and value to PulseChain. The ecosystem is designed to deliver benefits in three main ways. Helping to create an important infrastructure that supports users and developers on the network with TRANSFORMER Bridge and NRG Nodes. The aim is to provide essential DeFi services that will improve liquidity and performance for the users of the chain as a whole and the individuals involved in the projects. Finally, another reason is to contribute to the creation of a community and its adoption through the PixelPark NFT marketplace and Meta.
There is only one token for the treasure called WATT. WATTs can be wagered to earn more WATTs. When you wager your WATTs, you receive a replacement token called WATTs, which is short for wagered WATT. We understand that the word CORE may sound like a ticker at first glance, but it is simply the name of the treasury. The CORE is what empowers the whole ecosystem, hence the name. Some of the other individual projects in the ecosystem will also have their tokens, but not all.
All the projects are primarily linked to the CORE. The CORE is what launches each of these projects, and each project will return a certain amount of money to the treasury. The amount of the fee will be unique for each project. Some fees will also be used to redeem and burn the WATT token. In addition, many projects will contribute to supporting other projects within the ecosystem. For example, ownership of an NRG node will be proven by an NFT that can be bought and sold on PixelPark or you may be able to exchange tokens from some of our projects for WATT tokens.
More clearly, POWERCITY CORE is where you can bet tokens to share the revenue of all DApps that will be launched in the ecosystem. The return earned from the cash flow will be used to buy back and burn tokens.
POWERCITY Transformer will be a cross-chain exchange linking PulseChain, Avalanche, Fantom and more, while avoiding Ethereum's exorbitant fees, thus reducing friction for fiat entry and exit. The goal is to be able to trade tokens on multiple blockchains in a single transaction.
The hybrid POWERCITY Nodes-as-a-Service and DeFi-as-a-Service protocol will sell access to nodes to developers who need access to blockchain data to build their new DApps. Node providers earn a base return while developers only purchase the node capacity their project needs.
The POWERCITY accelerator will increase DeFi's yield by automatically claiming and redeploying earned tokens for higher rewards. A custom front-end to the LIQUID LOANS protocol will automate various strategies to compound staking performance and accumulate more PLS.
POWERCITY META will provide VR access to the entire ecosystem. Shared digital meeting spaces where you can hang out with friends, attend live concerts, experience education in a whole new way, and even conduct business in the real world. Store custom avatars and NFTs in POWERCITY's meta-asset portfolio.
POWERCITY aims to create a new paradigm on PulseChain, a dynamic urban landscape built on a revolutionary new blockchain.
A central core for POWERCITY will help socialise, develop, market and launch new DApps, services and protocols to extend the POWERCITY ecosystem.
These new components will exist on PulseChain and expand to other channels to attract
New users on PulseChain. Each new POWERCITY component that launches will share revenue and token drops with the Core. Each protocol will be designed to add value to the PulseChain ecosystem in different ways. The Core will secure and build the resources needed to continue building the infrastructure and value for the blockchain.
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