Have you ever played any game and earned very insanely? Well, some of us never know that you can stream a lot of money from just playing crypto games. Cryptocurrency has and is bringing to us many and more ways in which we can become very rich, and one of them is by just playing crypto games and earning over $100.
Today, we are glad to bring you the top 5 crypto games to earn money in 2022, and not just any amount but over $100. Guys, these games are yet to launch and if you are interested in knowing them, just make sure that you stick to this video till the end!
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If you like open-world exploration games and you like the popular pokemon, then Illuvium is just familiar and perfect for you. It is going to be a live battle chase simulation game where you can go ahead to the open world and control your character, catch illusions and then go ahead and battle with them. Even though this game may not be live quite yet there are staking options that you can take part in and earn awesomely as much as 100%. If you that great sum of money to buy this token, our strong opinion is that you should buy it now at the current token value and you can earn as much as $100 every single day easily with this token. Now, the whole goal for this game is to build a perfect team and go ahead and battle with a lot of people, stake with them, and earn insanely.
Our next best crypto game for the year 2022 is the Guild of Guardians. The first appealing fact about this game is that it has everything it needs to be a widely successful game, and the launch of this game is very soon, so stay put. Guild of Guardians is an upcoming multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG  developed by Stepico games and published by Immutable. In Guild of Guardians, the world is full of magic, orcs, elves, and other popular fantasy elements where players take their team of heroes through challenging dungeons to collect resources and earn experience…
The players can use these resources to craft items or summon heroes which can be traded for real money. Players will also be able to build their dream team and will work with their guild to earn leaderboard-based and seasonal rises. The graphics in the game are also stunningly charming and can compete with any current leader in the genre.
If you are ever thinking to become a champion one day, then why should you not try out Champion Ascension? It is going to be launched soon and has an amazing waitlist currently going on. It is our third crypto game that you might consider and it could make you generate $100 per day. So, what is champion ascension? It is simply a blockchain game built by Jam City, which is an award-winning game company led by former MySpace co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe…
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Axie Infinity is a battling game where you go ahead and face other players in the arena battle format, with your axis, very similar to Pokemon. Even though it is on the decline, you can still earn more money from playing it. There are very many ways you can get money from the Axie Infinity game.  And the most common way to earn money with Axie Infinity is to farm and sell an in-game item called Smooth Love Portions. You can farm SLP through different methods, battling monsters in adventure mode, fighting other players in the arena mode, and completing all daily missions and quest
Lastly is the Crypto raiders. Crypto raiders is simply a utility-based NFT RPG Game where you raid weekly dungeons for gear and loot, but always be careful because death is permanent. So, those are some of the NFT games that you might have the first thought of this year if you want to play them.
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