Since 2018, when DeFi was a completely new thing and early adopters were looking at its great potential, the usage of decentralized apps has exploded. Other trends have emerged as a result of decentralization's concept, and its full potential has yet to be recognized by the general public. E-List is here, ready to expand and encourage green decentralization while ensuring sustainability. So, what is the project all about? and what does it have to offer?
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ENERGY-LIST is developed on top of the Energy Web Chain, which uses the EWT (Energy Web Token) as its native token and uses the PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus mechanism. The Energy Web Chain offers Low Gas Fees and is less congested. Blockchain Renewable Energy Sources are used to power the facility. It also offers Compatibility with EVM and Smart Contracts. also has a number of additional functions. We understand that switching to a new network might be a pain, therefore with ENERGY-LIST, they've made it simple by simply clicking ADD EWC, where an Energy Web Chain will be added immediately. Go to the ENERGY LIST website. When you click it, you'll be asked if you want to enable the site to add a network. When you click Approve, Energy Web Chain will be set up in your MetaMask and ready to use. To join in E-LIST ILO (Initial Liquidity Offering), you only need to get an EWT (Energy Web Token). Check out the Exchanges like Kraken, Kucoin, Bit2me, and Gateio because the EWT will be available for purchase on these platforms. In E-LIST ILO, make sure you buy EWT and not EWTB because they don't take bridged tokens like EWTB (they will only accept EWT, the native coin that runs on EWC). You just need to transmit your EWT to your MetaMask wallet once you've purchased them.
Energy List intends to make it possible for early-stage ideas to be discovered by DeFi investors. Providing projects with a simple and comprehensive platform to market their IDOs, IFOs, and other initial project offers (IPO). Energy List is a global platform that intends to encourage and incentivize the widespread adoption of DeFi initiatives, taking into account the carbon impact that blockchain technology has on the environment. E-List identifies the most significant obstacles of Decentralized Applications (Dapps), particularly on this new and rapidly growing network, where projects are having difficulty being recognized, not only by platforms but also by investors looking for new projects.
E-List is useful in so many situations. It allows investors and project developers to connect. But it also wants to assist developers to thrive in the ecosystem by making it simple and clear for them to create, launch, and market their applications. E-List projects will be immediately enrolled in the E-Grant Program, where they will be eligible for a grant to help them expand and better enter the blockchain ecosystem. To ensure the quality, consistency, and duration of the projects that will be granted by the E-Grant Program, the E-List team, made up of specialists in marketing, blockchain development, project managers, private advisers, and investors, will conduct a stringent and fair assessment process.
Liquidity mining awards, staking pools, lottery systems, and unique benefits for true ELIST holders are just a few of the features that will be available following the E-List launch. Energy List intends to grow quickly and smoothly; thus, new features will be introduced in accordance with the plan once the previous ones have been well tested and audited. More formal information may be found in the white paper. According to the white paper, Transparency is highly essential to the Energy List team, first and foremost because investors demand credible information when considering investment options. To achieve widespread acceptance, it is necessary to create an ecosystem in which fraud can be readily avoided, as well as a helpful and powerful community. The Energy Web Chain's initial launchpad, Energy List, will design the environment for energy-efficient initiatives, serving as a true value aggregator in terms of adoption and project promotion.
They will be doing an Airdrop in order to begin building a robust and active community, so stay tuned and follow them on Twitter and Telegram to be eligible to get ELIST tokens. The Energy List Team has set aside a total of 150,000,000 E-LIST for the public token sale in order to raise funding for the project's development, scaling, and deployment. E-LIST ILO will begin on March 15th and run till April 4th. They want to demonstrate to the E-LIST Community that they work honestly; thus, they are making the White paper quite clear.
E-LIST ILO is divided into three phases: PHASE One (LIST OF 40,000,000) estimated value is 0.05 $/LIST. Phase 1 will begin at 00:00:00 GMT+0100 on March 15th and ends at 23:59:59 GMT+0100 on March 19th. There will be two month vesting period. PHASE Two (LIST OF 50,000,000) will have an estimated value of 0.10 $/LIST. I will begin at 00:00:00 GMT+0100 on March 21st and ends at 23:59:59 GMT+0100 on March 26th with a Month-long vesting period.PHASE Three (LIST OF 60,000,000) will have an estimated value of 0.20 $/LIST. It will begin at 00:00:00 GMT+0100 on March 28th and will end at 23:59:59 GMT+0100 on April 4th. There will be two week vesting period.
They will promote the project through videos, articles, partnerships, and other marketing strategies that will benefit Energy List and the community in order to operate a successful ILO. Users will be able to generate their own ERC-20 tokens using ELIST, allowing anybody to simply establish a token in the EWC. Through their Smart Contracts, LIST Holders, and Liquidity Providers who have faith in the initiative will receive passive revenue. Those with a particular quantity of LIST will be allowed to participate in Project Private Sales before the projects' Public Offerings begin. These members will get access to a special page with unique information about new projects. They will also be able to vote on projects in order to express their view on them. This initiative, which is intended to reward and promote game-changing ideas, is designed for the most promising concepts featured in the Energy List. So, what do you think about the List project? Do you think it has the potential to take off? Comment below, let’s engage!
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