The NodeFather is one of the hottest upcoming projects in crypto that you may want to invest in, not because it has an amazing and detailed website, but because of the way it has positioned itself. The plan is just amazing, and this may fetch the project a large community that will drive the Node Father to the skies. So, what is this project all about? And what strategist does it have to ensure that it becomes a success?
The Nodefather is a new crypto project that uses a fair DeFi technology and a Lifetime Affiliation System to allow you to earn continuous multi-passive income. What do we mean by Multi passive income? this is where a holder gets to earn through different channels. For example, just to name a few, you can earn through profit gained, through referrals, and through the rewards systems. To produce a daily passive income, all you have to do is buy $BUCK tokens and set up nodes. But what is the mechanism behind this? Well, each node purchase is subject to a tax, with a portion of the proceeds invested in safe, high-yield investment products. The earnings are utilized to repurchase $BUCK tokens, easing the strain on the market. It's that simple. This project will utilize a new type of DAO known as the Mafia Autonomous Organisation, and with each node creation, a holder will receive a governance token. Sounds complicated? Okay, let's try and break down what DAO is first.
So, what exactly is a DAO? Well, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a non-centralized organization. The community is managed by a set of rules enforced on a blockchain, and decisions are made from the bottom up. In this case, you will earn a governance token for each node you create. This governance token will allow you to vote on safe, high-yield investments that will be used to fund prizes and to purchase back $BUCK tokens as needed.
So, how does one get in on the NodeFather project?  Well, currently there is a presale ongoing and it is about to end. This is the fastest, safest and easiest way to join the NodeFather project. The number of people paticipating on the presale is just crazy! because the project is well positioned for a take off.
This project also has a Solid and Perennial Multi-Reward-Node Protocol, which is a plus. However, all nodes give you a payout in two separate currencies: $BUCK (80%) and BNB (20%). A Multi-Reward-Node can be profitable for anyone as long as you get in early, sign up and participate before it flocks with everyone. To get a 30% discount on your first node, use the link in the description below.  Also - we are giving away five nodes to the community - Follow our Twitter and look for the giveaway tweet!
What plan does the organization have in place to ensure the project's long-term viability? The Multi-Node Protocol allows the organization to create five different types of nodes. Some require more tokens and require more payment, while others require fewer tokens and require less payment. The project will be around for a long time (Everyone makes money). This is why the protocol encourages the establishment of additional nodes indefinitely, ensuring the system's long-term viability. Because the organization promotes holders to establish new nodes rather than sell their profits due to the daily decay, the organization urges holders to create new nodes. With this innovative MRN (Multi-Reward-Node) powered by Lifetime Affiliation rewarded in BNB, you can earn many passive income streams.
The firm wants to form a long-term partnership; therefore, it will develop a decay system that reduces daily ROI over the course of a year. The decay system will permanently remove some tokens from circulation to create scarcity and increase demand. This will alternatively lead to a price increase.  As a result, the protocol encourages the establishment of additional nodes indefinitely, ensuring the system's stability. Holders are encouraged to establish new nodes rather than sell their earnings and earn even more $BUCK because of the daily decay. It's also a very effective anti-whale system: if whales don't play the long game, they lose money; it is like a form of punishment. You know, with new coins, you often get top ten holders holding more than 80% of the project, but the NodeFather has protocols to discourage this sort of behavior.
Let's take a look at the NodeFather project's road map and plans for 2022. The automation of the floating sell tax, DAO governance, Bonds in BUSD, Cake, and other cryptos will be seen in the first quarter of 2022, during the launching phase. We'll also see improvements to the Dapp and community development. We'll start seeing different designs for NFT collections, marketing for NFTs, a whitelist for minting, and NFT stacking in the second quarter of 2022. The Node ROC endpoint, the creation of the first Validator node, the NodeFather becoming a cross-chain Token, and the first event for NFTs holders will all take place in the third quarter.
A floating sales tax scheme is also in place on the NodeFather to support the creation of a healthy and long-term growth line. The Organization Eco-system operates in this manner. The profit earned from the node's creation is divided into four portions. The Marketing Promotion accounts for 7.5 percent, the Investment Buyback for 7.5 percent, the Reward Pool for 70 percent, and the Liquidity Pool for 15%. When the price of $BUCK rises, the sales tax decreases (as down as 10 percent minimum). When the price of $BUCK falls, the sales tax rises (up to 50 percent maximum). All sales taxes will be deposited in a Treasury wallet that will be used for marketing and investment.
Now, to ensure that you are among the very first people on this project, this is how you can get into the PRESALE. The presale can be accessed in three simple steps. To begin, you must first obtain BNB from an exchange such as Binance and deposit it into your wallet. Second, open the Launch App and link your wallet to it. Third, for only $100, trade BNB for a Don Node. It's as simple as that. Once you’ve done that, you get an affiliate link, If you refer individuals to create NODES using your affiliate link, you will receive 30% of their node sales in BNB. You'll also collect 30% in BNB on ALL of your affiliate's claims. If the people you invited become affiliates with others, you will receive a portion of their commissions as well! 30% off all of their Nodes purchases and 30% off all of their Nodes rewards. Anyone you invite gets a 30% discount on their first node purchase, and because you are actively promoting the expansion of The Nodefather protocol through affiliate referrals, you will get instant payment of commission via blockchain technology into your wallet in the same transaction as the node creation. As a result, all of your referrer bonuses are paid directly from the marketing budget! So, what do you think about the NodeFather project? Do you think it has what it takes to make you money?
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