Are you ready for another gaining moment? Today, we are bringing to you three massive altcoins that will launch very soon and bring you massive gains. It is another zealous opportunity for you guys, and especially those who missed out on the last time we announced the new altcoins. If you are ready to pick a piece of the pie with these, then make sure that you stay still on this video to the end!
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Allow us to you back to the moment when CEO Dokwon stated that they would be purchasing $10 billion in Bitcoin to Luna reserve, and here we are talking about Terra Luna of course. In recent weeks, Terra has emerged as one of the best-performing digital assets with its price-performance outpacing the majority of its competitors. And this is the reason why we have put it to be our number one altcoin that we think you should consider and give a second thought…
We highly assure you that whatever they are doing to their ecosystem is pretty very innovative, and in fact, in recent weeks Terra has been doing very great during these bearish times and because of that, it has emerged as one of the best performing digital assets. According to Dokwon’s announcement, Terra would be using the purchased Bitcoin as a reserve for its popular algorithmic stable coin UST. With $10billion in Bitcoin reserves, it will open a new monetary era for the Bitcoin standard making P2P electronic cash even easier to spend and more attractive to hold. If you have no idea of what anchor protocol is, it’s simply a decentralized money market built on the Terra blockchain.  There are currently 17 billion dollars locked up in this protocol and if you can simply click on the earn tab, this is where you can earn 19.54%.
Now, the APY will fluctuate from time to time but ultimately it stays right around this 19.5% mark, and if you just deposit UST which is the Terra Lunar stable coin you can earn 20% on your dollars and this is why we have seen such a massive flood of liquidity, which is literally in billions of dollars, come in.
So, this takes us to the second altcoin gem that we think will bring you massive gains. And that is, the PANCAKE SWAP!
As you all can remember, we have talked a lot about the Pancake swap on this channel- and if you haven’t seen the video, please make sure that you go and check on it immediately after watching this video. Well, it is sad to say that this coin has certainly been disappointing when it moved back to 25 dollars and has further crashed back down to five or six dollars losing 84% since its all-time high. And that should not mean you should drop it, because we have all the reasons to believe that it deserves to be on our list as one of the best altcoin gems that could grant you some massive gains. Let’s see why…
We think if we see another meme coin season or another launchpad and incubator season where these cryptocurrency coins go nut, we believe the PANCAKE SWAP token could also be one of these cryptocurrencies where people could double or triple their money back to previous levels of approximately 19 to 25 dollars and if we ever did reach back to our all-time high of 42 this would be a nice clean of 6 to 10X year money on a cryptocurrency coin that still has billions in its market cap sitting at rank number 62 in the top 100. Again, please do understand that there is a lot of sell pressure on the Pancake swap tokens. And guys, if you are enjoying this video, please make sure that you give us those likes, and let’s continue. People can earn a yield on this but if this is one of those that you missed out on and you want to earn some yield, all you have to do is simply go to the earn tab and then click on the pools, you could approximately get 61% annually which is crazy. Remember, a simple $1000 investment would net you a profit if the price was to stay flat the entire year of $600. That is nine dollars a day or 40 bucks a month, and that is not bad for a thousand dollars, and if you were to 10X this is where you can make an extra $400 a month or 6 grand a year, but again the price must stay flat on where you got it or if it goes up in value, this is where this number could go crazy for you because not only will you be earning more Pancake swap token, but also you will be going to be getting the price appreciation of all these coins.
We are finalizing our list today with this last altcoin that we also think could give you massive gains if you gave a second thought about it. The Kadena coin. Now, if we just take a simple market cap of one billion dollars for this cryptocurrency coin, you can see it exploded to twenty-four dollars and this would be a nice clean of 4 to 5X if we were to go back to the all-time high. We think this could be a ten-billion-dollar market cap crypto. So, this one to us could certainly be 10X for you in the future but again we have no idea what will happen. What we know is that it seems to be finding some support right around the 5- or 6-dollar mark.
So, those are some of the three altcoin gems that we had prepared for you and we certainly think, they could bring huge gains this year. If you have already selected your choice of altcoin, please make sure that you also engage yourself in further research and get enough knowledge about it before you could even think of investing in it. Remember, we do not give any financial advice and your choice of investment on any coin should be based on your own decision. also for pulse chain updates with the pulse chain test net and pulse x looking like it is going to be launching very very soon. Now that we just got another test net out just a few days ago, this could be a cryptocurrency coin that could turn around in an instant because if there's a snapshot date released and we know more it could flip and turn bullish on a dime Our work is to make sure that you receive the latest that is trending on the crypto market, just to keep you guys updated.
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