Liquid Loans, the new project of the future?
We recently made a video to explain how it works and how you can earn money with this project. The sacrifice phase ended on March 21st, and we decided to make this video to share with you some news about Liquid Loans, especially how this project is directly linked to PulseChain.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end so you don't miss anything.
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Small reminder for those who missed the two previous videos we did on Liquid Loans.
Liquid Loans is a system that allows you to use your Pulse (PLS), which will be the parent currency of PulseChain as collateral to mint a new stablecoin which will also be native to this chain and known as USDL.
The process will involve you taking your PLS coin to a front-end DAPP where you will engage with a smart contract on the PulseChain; this smart contract allows you to use the dollar value of your PLS as collateral to mint you a stable coin that you take off the table once the smart contract is executed.
Your PLS is then locked into a smart contract that is waiting for you to pay back what you received in USDL at any time in the future with no interest to pay, no time limit on repayment, and most importantly, no third party involved, just you and your smart contract.
Saying it like that is a bit vague.
It means you don't have to put your PLS on the market to sell it and, in doing so, lower the price and ultimately lose your PLS. By taking advantage of liquid loans, you keep the market price up, receive your dollar value in stable USDL coins, and your PLS can be released in the future once you pay back what you received.
If you do not wish to redeem your PLS that you borrowed against and your smart contract collateral has increased in value since you opened it, you can continue to extract value from your smart contract portfolio known as the 'Vault' in the form of more USDL.
How do buybacks work under the Liquid Loans protocol?
Imagine this hypothetical scenario. You buy a guitar at a music store for $1,000, then head to the store next door and sell it for $1,100. "That's an easy way to make a hundred bucks!" and if you do the same thing over and over and over again for the rest of the day, by the end of it, you would have made a big pile of money, and you could go tell all your friends that you had a successful day as an arbitrageur. Because, in a nutshell, that's what arbitrage is. Making a series of simultaneous purchases and sales of the same asset in different markets to profit from price differences.
Now let's say you saw a stable coin trading at $0.95, and you knew there was a place where you could sell it for exactly $1.00 worth of crypto. As long as you bought enough to make the trade worthwhile (especially once fees and taxes are factored in), you can make a pretty penny purchasing the stablecoin, then selling the stablecoin for the other crypto, then selling the crypto back in fiat.
This is what the liquid loan repayment feature allows you to do, always being able to buy back 1 USDL for $1 of PLS directly into the protocol. Add to that the system's minimum collateral ratio of 110%, and you have the mechanics of a floor price and ceiling price, respectively.
This protocol is expected to launch shortly after the main PulseChain net launch; however, the Liquid Loans team informs that the exact launch will be decided and monitored, as the opening price of the PLS coin will have volatility and, in this environment, it would have the potential to cause user liquidation events, which the Liquid Loans team does not want to see at launch.
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