Did you know that you can vote with your PulseX tokens? Well, we have a new PulseX update for you. This could potentially boost the price of the PlsX token if you do it. This is the vote that Richard Heart mentioned in one of his tweets.
So, if you go to his Twitter profile, you'll notice a post he made on April 3rd in which he shared a URL where users could go and vote. But then, what does that mean and why is it important to you? That's what we'll see in today's video.
So, as usual, watch this video to the end, so you don't miss any details. 
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Let's get started!
Thanks to this vote, you will be able to impact the functioning as well as the various improvements to be brought to the PulseX ecosystem, as it is said here on the page. You, the real user, can write any crazy proposal you want. You can share your ideas, and how you want PulseX to be. Especially, if you have noticed something you think needs to be changed on the PulseX ecosystem, you will be able to talk about it. 
And if your idea is good enough, the community can vote on it in a meaningful way. If it passes, the developers will incorporate it into their future code updates and you'll see your proposal live.
But there is something you should know. Since PulseX has a huge community, if everyone comes to vote, in the end, we'll have hundreds of thousands of different proposals. So, you probably suspect that very few of your submissions will probably be accepted. Just the most relevant ones.
In reality, most of us know very little about crypto-currencies and especially PulseX. So, most likely our ideas are not as good as we think, but you will see that there is some differentiation here.
There are core proposals and community proposals. The core refers to the core team or the core developers.
This means that you can either submit proposals or vote on proposals. If you go to the site now, you will see that there is only one "Core" proposal that you can vote on now. However, if you go to "Community", you will see many proposals that have already been made. But we'll talk about that later.
Let's start with the "Core" proposal
If we click on it, we'll see that, to add new pools to the PulseX platform, you can make proposals if you want. For the pool proposal to be considered a core proposal, it must include certain information such as the project description, the project token address, the code must be verified on the Block Explorer.
You also need to be sure how many tokens the project is willing to provide for rewards. And include the address that will transfer the tokens to the PLSX milestone contract for the rewards as well as the duration of the pool. The term you include will determine the issue rate and APR of the pool.
You must also define the MAX bet limit and the duration of that limit.
If all requirements are met, a Base Proposal can be made for this pool. The basic proposal must pass 80% of the votes to be accepted. After that, the address provided in the initial proposal must transfer the chips to the PLSXLab staking contract. When this is done, the pool will be created.
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Now let's talk about the community's proposals.
None of this is real yet, but it's good to get familiar with it because it's one more thing you can do as a PulseX token holder. You can go in, you can make suggestions, but more importantly, you can vote on who's right and who's wrong. So, we've got some jokes in there right now. Let's go through and see.
If we go to this page, we will see many proposals that have received multiple votes.
For example, according to a proposal made on April 9, 2022, a user mentioned the PRT for main network staking pools.
He said that "Since the V2b test network came out, the developers have added this PRT token as a reward for staking your PulseX token. We're not entirely sure if it's a third-party token, but it seems to be working pretty well so far on the current test network. My proposal is that we keep this token for the main network staking pools."
He also added that "I earn about 400 RTPs per 24 hours for 10 million tokens. This seems to work pretty well, my only concern is that people will sell down the price of the staking reward token, so having multiple pools for different reward tokens may be the best strategy to limit massive dumps on each token."
Also, in the community proposals, another guy proposed to make the PulseChain ecosystem the best force for good the world has ever seen.
He said "Help make the PulseChain ecosystem the best force for good the world has ever seen, in the spirit of Richard Heart. I believe this is the best way to bring the world."
If the person who wrote this is looking at us right now, let him excuse us because, although his proposal is good and quite right, we cannot say that it will be useful at the moment, therefore, it will probably be ignored like many other proposals that are not relevant enough. 
You guessed it. Indeed, for now, this is just one investor's proposal. But it could well be implemented if many people vote for this proposal.
So, guys, you can also share your concern and proposal like this guy, or you can simply vote for his proposal to be implemented.
Above all, if you decide to share your opinion, make sure it is relevant, as it may be ignored even if you receive many votes.
But you need voting power. And your voting power comes from your PulseX portfolio, your PulseX liquidity, and the token supply that you have if you're providing liquidity in the form or pools.
So, you can hold those PulseX liquidity provider tokens alone in your portfolio, you can have your PulseX liquidity provider tokens locked into a form of liquidity, or you can hold them in the PulseX pool and bet them in there, or you can just hold them liquid in your portfolio.
So once there are real proposals, you can ultimately vote on those ideas and help improve the ecosystem.
It's a means for us to evolve, rotate, and adapt to new changes that come our way, giving PulseX long-term sustainable strength.
In a way, it allows us to make proposals that make the system more favorable to the coins that we hold.
So, are you guys going to make any proposals to improve the PulseX Token? Tell us in the comments.
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