The breaking news again is here with us! We are bringing you the 7 tiny crypto coins that you should ultimately try and get exponential gains this year, and not just this year but this April. As we used to say in our earlier videos, the cryptocurrency market keeps on bringing us the best of the best in both the crypto, NFT, and the metaverse world, and now it is your time to pick up your next gem this April by trying out these yummy tiny crypto coins. If you are ready for this, please make sure that you stay still until the end of this video.
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At the top of our list is STEPN. Now, at the time of recording of this video, STEPN was sitting at over a dollar- which was up from 14 cents, and that is extremely fantastic. STEPN has also become the number two trending crypto altcoin gem today just after Apecoin. Its market cap is a little bigger than some of the other micro crypto coins that we will just be sharing in this video well, its market cap is over 500 million dollars which is almost approaching a billion-dollar market cap…
STEPN is a web 3 lifestyle app with social -Fi and Game-Fi elements. Players can make handsome earnings by walking, jogging, or running outdoors. This coin has been featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo News, Yahoo finance, coin telegraph, Benzinga, Nasdaq, and market watch. It has a fully DEX team and they have also had some of the biggest VCs behind this project in Solana Ventures, Corner Ventures, and many more…
If you want to scoop up some of this coin, click on the markets tab and you can find it on Binance,, Pancake Swap, and a few other exchanges, but the fact is that this cryptocurrency seems to be growing and even trending on coingecko- so, guys, there is a whole lot of profits coming with this and we believe it as being one of the best micro gems that will give you a 10X potential this year.
So, the next tiny crypto coin that we believe will give you 10X more potential this April and overall, this year is the Wilder world. Its price is now up over 26% sitting at over $100 million market cap with over 10 million dollars in volume. Then, why is this cryptocurrency so valuable? While the world is today a metaverse project, it has a massive 5D metaverse built on Ethereum using unreal engine 5 and zero. They have a unique collection of procedurally generated 5D NFT vehicles to race in the metaverse, 5D metaverse shoes with dynamic gameplay abilities, futuristic candles with incredible views, the ability to build developments as well as an incredible crypto community, and allies as well as an interactive world creation by digital artists in the digital art and NFT space.
The third micro crypto gem that we believe has greater potential this April is KCCPAD. Very soon, KCCPAD is going to be no more, because it is going to merge into POLYPAD. You can grab these KCCPAD tokens and migrate them over when POLYPAD launches on the 7th of April, and 1KCCPAD will give you 1.25 POLYPAD tokens.
KCCPAD is a deflationary launchpad with 1% selling fees and some people still have the stake yet when they do early unstake they will get 25% selling fees.
Again, this is something many people have not figured out, when we take a look at the chart, it is starting to move upwards. This shows that many people are trying to buy the KCCPAD like crazy just to get the POLYPAD token when it is finally released.
At number four, it is the Tronpad. Tronpad is also projecting up as well. It has a market cap of more than 20 million USD. We also believe that this micro-cap crypto token has the potential to hit 10 cents and above…
At number 5 is the VETTER. We do believe that this project is valuable for several reasons. Not only will its price go up because it is a microcap, but also it will give you a chance to find new cryptocurrency gems to help you multiply your money exponentially as well.
The next one, which forms the sixth micro-cap crypto gem, is a metaverse project, known as the UFO GAMING. Now, the price of this metaverse is starting to move upwards. If you take a look at all the charts of the coins we have just talked about, you will find out that they all have assumed a similar pattern. UFO gaming is still down 80% from 4 months ago and the market cap for this cryptocurrency is over $200 million. UFO gaming is a dark metaverse with play to earn game with a new gaming model that is going to take the world by storm. They are also going to have virtual land and one of the games they would host is Super galactic. They also have a genesis NFT, rating system, breeding and trading characters, and an NFT marketplace. As we all know, the metaverse is going to boom for 2022 and beyond, and you may also include taking some of these small metaverse projects too to increase your profits by far much.
The last micro-cap crypto project on our list is Realm. Realm allows you to play, explore and own your microverse. Now, these Realms are bursting with life, as you can see, they have live NFTs encoded in the genetics of genesis pets on the blockchain and these pets can produce their genes, mutate, and create unique offspring. The fact that you can create your Realm, is a great spin here, allowing you to bridge reality by planting trees in Realm and also being able to plant trees in your life. This does not only reflect alone in the metaverse but also helps to create an impact in the world. This game is also being built by a team of blockchain gaming and web 2 veterans. If you take a look at its price, it is above 24 cents. Its market cap is above 13 million dollars, we believe this could generate a 10X potential this altcoin season.
Hey guys, what are you waiting for? Come on and grab your tiny crypto and start winning today!
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