PulseX Update -  Richard Heart's speech and sacrifice


Is PulseX the next 1000x token? 

You missed the PulseChain.com sacrifice? That's okay because the PulseX.com sacrifice has just started and it will allow you to multiply your wallet exponentially.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, PulseX is a newborn token that solves some common problems. It's another Richard Heart creation with the same growth potential as previous ones that have allowed some people to do 100x or 1000x.

In this video, we will explain in detail everything you need to know about this new token, such as information about its sacrifice phase which started on the night of December 30 and we will tell you how to get these tokens right now and make the maximum profit.

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Let's get started!

The crypto-currency, which was first released as PulseSwap, has updated its name and updated its new name to PulseX (PLSX).

So PulseSwap will now be called PulseX and the ticket will be PLSX.

There will be lower fees, no inflation and fees that will increase the price of PulseX and lower the offer.

There is so much more to come with this coin and this is just a starting point.

There is a lot of promise in PLSX and what has been done so far is just the beginning. That's why the PulseX token is one of the crypto-currencies that can help you increase your money exponentially in 2022; and the sacrifice phase where you sacrifice tokens to get points inflating your Wallet and helping you multiply your money has just started on this date of December 30, 2021, so you can still participate in it as it will be open for more than 20 days and the first 10 days of this phase will have the best rate.

According to Richard Heart, this PulseX sacrifice phase is similar to PulseChain sacrifice in terms of mechanics. The sacrifice points allocated are a ratio of 10,000:1 USD that the PulseChain sacrifices on days 1-5 received. This means that the amount of money people have sacrificed to $ PLSX, they will receive a set of "sacrifice points", which can then be used to calculate the number of coins that could then be dropped at the address from which the sacrifice was made. In simple terms, if you sacrifice $1,000.00 on Day 1 of the PulseX sacrifice, you will receive 10,000,000 sacrifice points or credits that are 10,000 points for every $1.00 at that time, and when the main network launches, you can see a corresponding show of 10,000,000 PLS coins in the wallet that made the sacrifice.

This is great news for people who missed out on the PulseChain sacrifice, as they have a chance to be the day 1 holders of another coin that should go 10,000 times.

PulseX is going to be deflationary, and all tokens will be minted at launch and distributed to those who sacrificed during the sacrifice phase. PulseX holders will receive rewards every time a transaction is made on this DEX. You can find more information on Richard Heart's Twitter account, where he posted the tokenomics a few days ago.

Be careful not to get ripped off by fake websites and fake Twitter accounts, as a project of this size always attracts bad people looking to take advantage of the situation. There are a LOT of scammers trying to take advantage of the excitement around PulseChain. Fraudulent coins are being developed with the word "Pulse" in them. The scammers are already claiming that they will sell you $PLS. There is already a PULSE token on BSC that has nothing to do with PulseChain. The ONLY way to get accurate information about PulseChain or PulseX is to follow Richard Heart on Twitter or Telegram.

So how do you get PulseX?

The easiest way is to install Metamask and transfer your Ethereum ERC-20 tokens to it. Metamask supports PulseChain's current test network and will support PulseChain's main network at launch. You will be able to locate your ERC-20 coins by simply switching the networks at the top of Metamask from Ethereum Mainnet to PulseChain Mainnet.

Remember: NEVER, under any circumstances, give out your passphrase. Whoever controls your passphrase controls your crypto. You should not even type it into a Word document or similar, as you may well have malware or keylogger software on your system that could then steal your boot phrase and all your crypto. Write it down on paper or stamp it on metal and put it in your safe. 

You will then need to check PulseX.com for a list of coins and tokens that will be accepted during the sacrifice phase.

The sacrifice phase is already open, so just send the amount you want to sacrifice to the address that will be designated on PulseX.com and start participating.

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