Hey guys, did you know that the sacrifice phase of PulseX has already started since December 31, 2021? This phase is in which, you sacrifice tokens to get points or credits convertible to dollars with quite interesting margins to be earned. This sacrifice is a simple way to make the token more valuable. PLSX is designed to increase in value, it is part of the best asset class in history.

In this video, I will give you the main reasons why participating in this sacrifice phase is a good thing for you! So, sit Comfortably and watch this video to the end. 

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Let's get started!


We've done several videos on this token. So, to avoid repeating what we've already said about PulseX, we invite you to simply watch our previous videos where we presented the project in general, revealing the method of participation in the sacrifice phase: the links to these previous videos on PulseX will be in the description.

Before sacrificing your tokens, it is important to know the problems that PulseX will solve.

PulseChain PulseX allows you to trade PRC20 tokens directly on PulseChain against each other. For example, you can exchange the native PLS token of PulseChain for the PLSX token of PulseX. This works like Uniswap on Ethereum. Bridges also allow people to exchange currencies from other chains on PulseX.


Every time people trade from one coin to another on PulseX, the liquidity providers earn a fee as a reward. Users can link their free ERC20s and pair them with free PRC20s to provide cash and earn fees. This also enhances the value of their free PRC20s.

To enhance the success of PulseX, another token will exist to further incentivise liquidity providers beyond the fees they already receive. When they become cash providers, they will receive LP tokens that they can deposit into a yield farm. This as-yet unnamed token is issued with decreasing inflation over time. A DAO chooses which trading pairs receive this incentive and at what rates. Only addresses with PLSX balances can vote in the DAO.

PulseX is a Uniswap fork with the incentive of the PLSX liquidity provider. Its goal is to provide PulseChain users with the best possible trading experience and return farm by focusing on incentivising ERC20 holders to integrate and support the value of their free PRC20s.


Now, back to why participating in this sacrifice phase can be a great thing for you.

Crypto-currencies have outperformed all other asset classes over the past 10 years. There is a reason for this: they remove counterparty risk and intermediaries, allow for privacy, have better availability than your bank and credit card network. Crypto-currencies offer a better way to connect to things, they can function as cryptographic username and password pairs, regardless of platform.

You can provide the PLS or PRC20 you hold as liquidity to PulseX and earn a return on them. This is less risky than trading and allows you to earn a predictable income on your crypto. Crypto-currencies have the highest returns in the world, far outperforming other asset classes.

Not only can you see on-chain which addresses are trading which assets, but you can also see transparently which addresses have been sold, bought and how much money is left to buy more.

With Bitcoin, you need minutes to hours until a transaction is confirmed and the transaction costs you several USD in fees, the transaction on PulseChain costs less than $0.01 and confirmations happen in about 3 seconds. PulseX uses this network to enable fast and cheap exchanges between PLS and PRC20.


PulseX has lower fees than most competing exchanges. User fees are lower than most competing exchanges. Most tokens inflate at high rates while PLSX never inflates. Supply is only getting scarcer, as 21% of all fees could be used to raise the price and burn the freshly purchased PLSX.

The PulseX Sacrifice creates a set of people who believe that freedom of movement and assembly are protected human rights. Sacrifice to prove you believe. This is the biggest free money drop and anyone can participate.

It might be wise to jump in before 10 January to sacrifice HEX for PulseX. Because on the last day participants in the sacrifice set will receive 10,000 points per dollar. Furthermore, the technical analysis of HEX shows us how its price has fallen from 43.75 cents to 22.44 cents in the space of 9 days. HEX is in recovery mode. Therefore, it can bounce back to the 43-cent area in a similar time frame.

This is NOT financial advice. No one has a crystal ball. Do not bet your mother's house on this idea. This is pure conjecture.

Patience is the key here.


The sacrifice has already lasted several days and by the end of the second day of this phase, a total of nearly $180,000,000 has been sacrificed across all accepted networks, including Bitcoin. And the total USD sacrificed so far is currently $295855085

This is an estimate and only includes sacrifices on the Ethereum chain.

After the release of the main PulseChain network, those who participated in this sacrifice phase will be able to access their free PLSX.



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