Metavpad enables you to participate in the projects that will form the Infrastructure and early pioneers of the Metaverse.

You can unlock many coins with many perks in these coins. This coin will provide you with direct token launches and staking rewards, and also it can access potential metaverse crypto coins.

In this video I will be answering these questions: when and where should I buy, and how much can I buy these coins?

Are you ready to get started with Metavpad and make it your new most favorite crypto coin?

Let’s see!

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     Do you know how metavpad came to be the way it is today? Thanks to the founder Erick Gu, who has been having this idea for more than 13 years and now has already unleashed the project at the nick of time when the world is slowly turning its focus to Metaverse.

      Metavpad crypto focuses on giving the platform to early investors of the metaverse world; this is so important as the metaverse technology has become the new hub for tech enthusiast in the world today…

         It’s will be so incredible for this new platform; as almost everyone is drawing a lot of attention towards it. But the question is how do we get started? And if we get started, when shall we begin investing in it? And how much really, do we need to start investing in this platform?  Before that, let’s get to understand something that is also part of this…

        What do you know about Initial DEX Offering or IDO, as it is called? IDO, is a new and exciting type of decentralized and permissions crowdfunding platform, which is opening up a new way of fundraising in the crypto space. For example, if a project is launching an IDO, it means the project is launching a coin or token via a decentralized liquidity exchange.

         IDO is fast approaching, and believe me this coming month, December 10th 2021; it will be available, but right now it’s a blue chip in the making, the real deal before the year ends!

         As one of the earliest explorers of the Metavpad, you will help fuel its expansion and share in the benefits for its growth….

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        Now let’s proceed investing at…Metavpad. First, there are some basic facts with regards to Metavpad that we as cryptopreneurs need to have in mind. Since it’s a new platform and hasn’t gained much popularity like many other coins, I will advice you to basically have the following regarding to this platform: First, the Metavpad, is a breakout token that gives users the ability to become pioneer holders and decision-makers in Metaverse technology. Secondly, through staking of this coin, the investors can make maximum gains in the future when this token becomes a mainstream in the metaverse world. Lastly, with this platform, early investors and these crypto users tend to get metaverse stake drop, which is a new way of getting more in the crypto world and getting first person access to token launches of the virtual world. Now, those are some of the factors that we should all put into consideration, before we start investing in this platform.  Actually, it answers the question, when shall I buy this token?

If you are looking for a place to buy the Metavpad coin, then PancakeSwap (vp); is currently the most active exchange. The question that I should be asking myself after this is, how much do I need to purchase this Metavpad coin? Currently, the coin’s price is up 0% in the last 24 hours, meaning we don’t know how much we need to purchase it, but don’t worry; we will find the answer by looking at its tokenomics.

      Let’s try to see and figure out how much we can invest on it. First, let’s focus on its tokenomics and market cap; since its release. It has a total supply in circulation of 1000000 tokens. Of which, 15% of the whole supply of the tokens is left for the team of developers of the Metavpad project or token, and another 7%is kept for advisors. 12% for liquidity and another 12% for the ecosystem of the Metavpad project. 14%for staking and another 5%kept for the reserve of the Metavpad project. Another 20%is left for the private sale of the project, and 14% for the public sale of the Metavpad token project. And lastly, there is a 1% used for airdrop and free give away to early investors of the Metavpad project…

        The least token amount one can buy is 4 Metavpad tokens, with a value of $38.75 according to the trading history. The highest token amount according to the trading history is 568 Metavpad tokens, with a trading value of $229.03.

          Now, with all these; are you planning to invest in the new crypto coin?

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