Every day the cryptocurrency network keeps expanding as more and more projects are introduced to the market. The variety of projects that are launched every month is huge and Launchpads helps them get the recognition they deserve and create awareness about them. MetaVPad is one of the launchpads that’ll soon release and has great potential of reaching 100x, so if you wanna more about it, stick with us till the end!
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Also, make sure to watch till the end so you don’t miss anything. Without further ado, let's get started. MetaVPad ($METAV) MetaVPad, just like other launchpads, will be a platform for new cryptocurrency projects but here’s the catch, the projects launched on MetaVPad will form the infrastructure for the Metaverse.
In simple terms, Metaverse means an online world where everyone can interact with each other using their digital avatars. The primary token of MetaVPad is $METAV which hasn’t entered the market yet, so if you’re watching this video, you’re right on time! MetaVPad will allow its stakers to take part in the projects that will form the early pioneers of the Metaverse.
By staking, you’ll be able to unlock a tier that will also include access to token launches on that launchpad and a FREE spot in the most exclusive projects! Metaverse is considered to be the future of the internet and being at the heart of it is an opportunity one can not lose at all costs!
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We’ve discussed Bluezilla in our different videos but if you don’t know about them, they backed BSCPad, ADAPad, ETHPad, and many different launchpads, and pretty much every one of them was successful. MetaVPad is also backed by Bluezilla so we can trust that this project might be another success story in the cryptocurrency market.
As I mentioned the tier system before, let’s talk about what they are. Although there hasn’t been much information released by the team behind this project, the tiers are divided into Explorer, Creator, and Architect. The staking eligibility for all these tiers will be announced 3 hours before the allocation round opens and the allocation will be guaranteed if you make it to one of the tiers!
One of the major reasons why $METAV will go 1000x is because of the hype that Meta has created just recently, every coin related to Metaverse is gaining popularity while their value goes up. Projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox rely on Metaverse’s concept and there are many projects that will boom after the launch of MetaVPad. Now the question is, how do we buy it? That’s where BSCPad, ADAPad, VelasPad, and NFTLaunchPad come into play.
$BSCPAD BSCPad is a launchpad that aims to benefit all holders and allows everyone to invest in projects launched on the Binance Smart Chain network. The token is currently sitting at 2.2$ with a market cap of 160 million dollars. Its 24 hours all-time high trading volume is around 6.4 million dollars. For a guaranteed allocation in MetaVPad through BSCPad, you’ll need a minimum of 10,000 $BSCPAD and that roughly calculates to 22,000 dollars worth of BSCPAD.
$ADAPAD ADAPad is another launchpad backed by Bluezilla which is also known as the first deflationary launchpad on the Cardano network and it incubates all of the projects launched on Cardano. The token’s current value is 0.6$ and its market cap is 78 million dollars. On ADAPad, the guaranteed allocation requires the staking of AT LEAST 25,000 $ADAPAD which calculates to 15,000 dollars. $VLXPAD VelasPad, the first Launchpad on Velas blockchain is another deflationary launchpad backed by Bluezilla.
$VLXPAD, its primary token, currently equals 1.04$ with a market cap of 27 million dollars. It’s available on Gate.io, Uniswap, and Pancakeswap. A guaranteed allocation in MetaVPad through this platform requires AT LEAST 20,000 $VLXPAD and that is equivalent to 22,000 dollars worth of VLXPAD which is pretty much equivalent to BSCPAD. $NFTL At the last, we have NFT Launchpad which is the first deflationary, charitable NFT Launchpad that aims to provide investors and creators to come and work together.
Its current value is 0.3$ and the total market cap of this token is around 43 million dollars. For a guaranteed spot in MetaVPad through NFT Launchpad, 20,000 $NFTL staking is required and if converted to dollars, it is somewhere around 6000 dollars which is by far the cheapest way to get into MetaVPad. With that being said, MetaVPad has a huge potential, considering the hype of Metaverse going around.
The chances of converting your 1000$ into 100,000$ through this token are very high and possible, so don’t miss out!
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