With crypto taking over the world and people gaining huge profits from it, it’s

evident that crypto is simply not limited to trading anymore. Artists making massive

gains by selling their work as NFTs is one of the many opportunities and

cryptocurrency has now made its way into the world’s biggest entertainment

market, the video game industry, as well. Stick around till the end of the video to find

out how you can get that 100x multiplier by investing in these GAMING ALTCOINS by

just PLAYING games!


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Without further ado, let's dive right in.


$ATLAS is a token that powers a star-wars style Massively Multiplayer Online

(MMO) game whose economy is built where players can earn by doing various

interactive activities in the game. The token is inflationary by design and is

currently available on FTX, Raydium, AEX, and ZT. It’s currently sitting on 0.10$

with a circulating supply of 2.16 billion and with a max supply of 36 billion. Its

one-day trading volume last month was around 145 million, which is insane.

Star Atlas is a AAA game with incredible graphics and immersive gameplay

that can you keep you going for hours. One of the winning qualities of this

game is that it is powered by Solana which is by far the fastest cryptocurrency

ecosystem and the low fees for minting NFTs make it even desirable.

All these benefits and complete control of the game given to the players

maximize the chance of its growth and if you ask me how much? It has the

potential to grow TEN TIMES at the end of the bull run.

2. $CGG

On the second spot, we have $CGG which is a multichain coin that relies on

two blockchain networks; Ethereum and Polygon. It’s currently sitting on 1.44$

with an all-time high 24-hour trading volume of around 3.6 million dollars and

a market cap of 50 million dollars. One of the many reasons why you should

consider this coin is because the Chainguardians team claims that $CCG is the

first ecosystem that combines superheroes and blockchain.

It’s the primary currency of an anime-style game that provides players with

three mini-games. The first one is a turn-based battle game, the second is an

NFT minting game, and the third, which is currently unreleased, is a

street-fighter style player-vs-player game.

The team behind Chain Guardians is constantly partnering up with new

projects to bring more earning opportunities for players, so what are you

waiting for? If you’re an anime fan and are all in for earning $CCG, this might

become one of your favorites.

Speaking of favorites, what’s your favorite coin? These coins might multiply

your investments but do you know what will multiply your swag? The


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3. $CPO

On number three, we have Cryptopolis AKA $CPO. Cryptopolis game relies on

$CPO as it's the primary monetization source. The coin has been following a

decreasing trend since last week but suddenly shot up to 0.42$ with the

circulating supply of 60 million. Its current market cap is around 25 million

dollars and for now, it's only available on Pancakeswap.

Players in Cryptopolis are allowed to create a character according to their

liking, start from a small apartment and do everything that a normal human

being would do in their everyday life but there’s a twist; you earn $CPO for

doing those tasks. The game has a huge potential for growth since it’s in the

early stages and will eventually expand into a full-fledged role-playing game.

Moreover, it’ll also have an NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell items

such as clothes, furniture, and many different accessories that might look

good in your apartment.

With a scope as large as the SIMS, this project might be a big thing soon and if

you manage to be a part of this community right now, chances are you’ll be

making a lot out of it later on.

Gone are the days when you’d buy a game and then play it, now it’s all about

investing your time and making profits out of it by just playing. I’m sure it’s not

something less than a dream.

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