How much free pulse will prc20 holders get? This is a question that many people ask. And today, we decided to make a video to share with you, our thoughts.
So, watch this video all the way through so you don't miss anything.
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Now without further ado, let's get straight to the point.
We made a video recently to share with you our price prediction for the Pulse token. In that video, our prediction for the Pulse token was $0.001. That's what we're going to run with today.
So, considering this $0.001 price at launch, and the total supply of Pulse which will be about 150 trillion. Knowing that the total Ethereum supply is 120 million, right?
Now, these two numbers are important for a reason. The fact that Richard Heart says he sees value in the ratios between Ethereum and other ERC 20 tokens, right. So, to get the ratios right, we need to be able to see where Pulse is relative to Ethereum. So, we have 150 trillion total supply for Pulse and 120 million for Ethereum.
So, if we divide those two, we get 1.250 million, right. Now, that means that if one Ethereum represents 1.250 million pulses, and we use that ratio to understand how much the automated market maker robot needs to put on Ethereum to start buying. So, if one Ethereum represents 1.250 million or 1,250,000, that means that on UniSwap for 500,000 Ethereum, we need to multiply those 500,000 Ethereum by 1,250,000. Now, what we get here is 625 billion Pulse. So, we will need 625 billion Pulse to match the Uniswap ratios. Right?
So far, it seems to be a bit hard to understand, especially with this mathematics. But, don't worry, you will be able to understand it.
Now, this is in the case where Richard Heart decides to use the entire 150 trillion. On the other hand, if he decides to use only what is in circulation, what is in the hands of the community, he could reduce that to 62 billion instead of 625 billion. Now, 625 billion with my $0.001 price prediction is about $625,000,000 given to PRC 20 token holders for free. This is really crazy!
And if you use the other metric, that's 62 billion given away for free. Now, giving away free coins is extremely powerful. It's the new strategy used by developers to attract people to their community.
And this is exactly what happened a few weeks ago with the Ape token.
Indeed, the Ape token was given for free to the Ape Yacht Club NFT holders.
They got approximately 10,000 coins each. And it was in the six figures at about 100,000. Maybe depending on the volatility of the coin, it could be around 200,000 more or a little bit below that. And after they gave those coins away, they announced the NFT land sale. And that land sale was oversubscribed. There were plenty of people who wanted it. This allowed them to raise extraordinary funds. They raised over $500 million just by giving people free coins first. A good strategy, right?
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Now, if they had started by selling land, we think they would have gotten that much. So, they got people excited. And other people got excited about the land sale. And they struck out.
And other people got excited about the free parts. And then they sold their land and made big profits. So, if we get the same thing with Pulse, people get millions and millions of dollars in free coins. They'll be excited. Everyone will come to PulseChain, and that could really grow the community.
It could make this the biggest topic in the crypto space for a long, long time. So that's what makes the products viral. It's the best way to attract more people. By giving them the coins for free. It's extraordinarily powerful. Now, there are other things you need to know as well.
One of the things you have to be wary of is impermanent loss. That’s true. Because one of the things that people are excited about Pulse is earning returns, and there will be opportunities to earn returns. However, it is not a risk-free return.
If we tell you, that we believe in Hex, and we take for example the eHex/pHex pair. If this does not happen as you wish, you could suffer a permanent loss. And a permanent loss could mean you could lose, because when you provide cash, what you do is you're both a seller and a buyer.
So, if someone wants to sell something, they will come and sell it to you. When someone wants to buy, they buy from you.
So, if people buy one piece and sell the other, you could end up with a piece of less value and the most valuable piece would disappear. You have to be very careful about impermanent losses, which is something you have to pay special attention to.
But it’s something that few people think about. A lot of people don’t look at it. And even by providing liquidity to Pulse/PulseX, you could suffer from impermanent losses. Another thing is that there are going to be huge opportunities for arbitration.
Because the referee robot will buy coins, a bit like on Uniswap. But Uniswap is not the only place where these coins are located. These parts will be available on other DEXs. There are also decentralized applications that have these parts as well. So, these are also things that could happen.
If you know how to get these free and cheap coins and you can bring them, there will be great, arbitrage opportunities, because there will be a lot of people who will get the free Pulse, and obviously, a lot of people will provide cash. Overall, this is going to be an exciting time.
We need to stay safe and if you don’t understand any of our logic, or where we’re going, don’t do anything for the first two days after PulseChain is launched. Unless, of course, you want to raise your chips.
Because there is going to be crazy volatility, a lot of upward fluctuations, and a lot of downward fluctuations. Another thing to think about is the fact that we’re going to have a massive influx of buying pressure that’s going to drive up the price of the Pulse token.
So, for those who didn't understand our reasoning, you don't have to worry about the calculations we made in this video. All you need to understand is that the PRC 20 token holders could potentially get more than $600 million in coins or more than $60 million. It's either one or the other, but anyway, it's going to be one of those two numbers if of course, our prediction is correct.
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