Do you know that you can easily turn $100 or $1,000 into over a million dollars with crypto? Well, if you bought Hex at its all-time low and sold it at its all-time high, you would have taken $100 and turned it into over a million. That's amazing.

Now, do you want to know what will be the next cryptocurrency that will make 1000X? Well, we have three cryptocurrencies that haven't hit the market and have huge upside potential. So, in this video, we're going to show you these 3 cryptocurrencies that are going to potentially make 1000X or even 10,000X.

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Your first altcoin cryptocurrency, which has a potential 1000X, is going to be MOVEZ.

Now we have some breaking news with MOVEZ. If you go to their Twitter page, you can see that a few days ago, they just updated the website.

The new site is live and they're also going to keep us updated with the staking dashboard, NFT Marketplace purchases, and more. In addition, the project will be incubated by BlueZilla. One of the largest crypto incubators in the world.

All the projects they have incubated have done over 100X.

MoveZ is a new form of project that has just debuted in the crypto space. You improve your fitness, and you get paid for it. Fitness is going to be massive with blockchain. And we've seen other crypto-currencies like Stepn and FitFi do incredible numbers right off the bat. There are literally billions of dollars being traded in these coins. And right now, at the time of this recording, Stepn in GMT is one of the top ten cryptocurrencies. And it's been that way on Coingecko for many weeks. So, could MoveZ be the next cryptocurrency coin that goes completely crazy? Well, it has the potential to do so.

Now, the most important question is: will this game be adopted massively like other crypto coins? That may depend on how well everything goes. If the app does really well if the NFTs do really well. Again, they announced, there's just a beta launch coming up. And that's when you're going to have a main website staking, a double token launch, and more.

And at the end of 2022, there will be AR implementation, geolocation NFTs, MoveZ merchandise, a unique partnership with a gift store, geolocation NFTs, MoveZ merchandise, and a unique partnership with a gift store, and more. After that, in 2023, there will be big events, Multichain upgrades, geolocation competitions focused on community sports, and corporate implementation.

Basically, MoveZ believes that fitness is for everyone and they want to remove the barrier for people to get into crypto-currency and move and make it very simple.

As for the current token metrics for this crypto-currency coin and why we think it has 1000X potential. The team will only receive 12%. 10% will go to liquidity, 6% to advisors, 22% will go back to the ecosystem with 22% for rewards and 2% as a reserve. Now, the public sale will only be 6%, the private sale will be 10%, and the seed sale will be 10%, which means that the majority of the tokens are going to go back to the ecosystem, and the rewards to those who actually participate, which is really motivating.

That way we don't necessarily have a lot of self-pressure. Now, the IDO date will be May 24th, which is going to happen in the next few days, and there are already more than 100,000 people who have registered and are not waiting for that famous day to come. If you want to have the chance to be one of the first to buy this cryptocurrency coin, make sure you fill out the form they have set up.

But to finish the rest with MoveZ, it's really important to know the launch date and also that it's going to be a deflationary system, meaning that these tokens are going to be deflationary. Again, we don't know all the details.

It looks like it's going to be a dual system cryptocurrency project, but the initial market cap is only $55,000. That's right, $55,000. A mere 10X would be a market cap of $550,000, which is absolutely nothing, and 5.5 million crypto-currencies would take it to 100X and if it went to 550,000,000, it would be a 1000X.

Again, a small investment of $100 to $1,000 can potentially make you a millionaire. Now, of course, is this going to happen? This is a much more speculative play because of the initial market capitalization. As time goes on, more and more of these coins will be released and the market capitalization will continue to grow, making these numbers harder to hit.

So, for all these reasons, is MoveZ your next potential 1000X or even 10,000X crypto-currency?



Then we have PulseChain.

Now, PulseChain is supposed to be launched very soon. There have been rumors that PulseChain will launch in mid-May. Again, this is just speculation, but we've been talking about it for a long time and we believe that PulseChain will indeed launch in the next couple of weeks.

This means that the Pulse token business will also start to be active. Now, let us explain why we think this crypto-currency has a 10,000X potential. First of all, the sacrifice phase of this crypto-currency is already over and has been for almost a year now, which is absolutely crazy to say. Now, the Pulse token is different from PulseChain. The Pulse token is the token that will run everything on the PulseChain. For example, Ethereum is the ERC 20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. This is what makes the whole ecosystem work. You actually have to own some Ethereum to transact on the Ethereum blockchain. The same thing is going to happen here with Pulse and the PulseChain blockchain. Pulse Will be able to make that massive number well, not necessarily at first, but in the long run, just like Ethereum. The goal of PulseChain is to increase the value of Ethereum by decreasing and sharing its load. The launch of PulseChain will be the largest free fall in history.

Thousands of Ethereum-based tokens and NFTs will receive their free version on PulseChain. If you've always wanted to be a whale on some ERC 20 or NFT, maybe now you can be. Let us explain a little more about how this will work. If you own an Ethereum-based ERC 20 or NFT token, you'll get a free copy as soon as PulseChain goes live, provided you have them in your wallet at the time of the snapshot.

For now, we don't know when the snapshot will happen. It may have already happened, but there will be an announcement and it will be massive. So how do you get your free copy of your ERC 20 tokens? Well, MetaMask works and it's easy to use if you have your ERC 20s in a MetaMask or wallet that you own. That's where you'll get the copy.

And once PulseChain is live, on your MetaMask, all you'll have to do is switch from the Ethereum blockchain to the PulseChain blockchain to exchange your tokens back and forth. This should be very simple. PulseChain also aims to reduce fees for its users. It will also increase Ethereum's throughput by four times using three-second blocks, while Ethereum's average block time is 13 seconds.

PulseChain will also remove pollution by replacing proof-of-work with proof-of-stake validators, PulseChain does not burn or waste any energy, making it environmentally friendly. Now, here's the really important thing about the Pls. By the way, this is one of the reasons why we think it has a potential of 1000 to 10,000X.

Pls is deflationary. So, it has 0% inflation, validators only earn fees and 25% of the fees are burned to reduce the supply in circulation.

Unlike PulseChain, Ethereum is actually an inflationary crypto-currency and they have made some adjustments with EIP 1559, which burns Ethereum to help make it more deflationary. But the truth is that it is still inflationary. But Pls won't be and Pls can also be staked and delegated to validators that reward delegates with the highest percentage of fees.

So, the Pulse token may well be the next Ethereum and maybe even better.

When Ethereum was first launched, it was selling for about $0.15 to $0.30. That's a lot more than 100,000X your money now. Of course, it's been around a lot longer, more than five years now. But the truth is, you're still incredibly ahead of Pulse and the PulseChain ecosystem. And that's why this is your second X1000 to X10,000 cryptocurrency coin to help you turn $1000 into maybe even $100,000 or even a million.



Your final crypto-currency coin is going to be PulseX.

The reason it's PulseX is because it's going to be the secondary cryptocurrency in the PulseChain ecosystem. PulseX is the Uniswap version of PulseChain. And if you don't know, UNSWAP is one of the largest, if not the largest decentralized exchange in the world.

There are literally millions and billions of dollars traded on Uni swap. And it will only be a matter of time before PulseX sees a very similar volume. It may not happen right away. But things take time to develop, and the two token pairs that are going to be traded the most from this blockchain are pls and PlsX.

The sacrifice phase is already over. So, don't sacrifice for this cryptocurrency coin anymore because you won't receive any value.

With only a billion dollars sacrificed for this coin, you are still insanely ahead of the game.

Now, let us explain why we think this crypto has 1000X potential. Well, a ton of people are going to start using this ecosystem and with the trading fees being very cheap as well as the majority of the liquidity on PulseChain coming to PulseX. What you need to understand is that a lot of people will take their PulseX and Pulse tokens and lock them together. When this happens, it means that they are not sold and they create what is called a liquidity pair.

This is just a test at the time of this recording. So, all these numbers are just tests. All you need to do, once this goes live, is click on the add liquidity button. Then you'll need to select your currencies.

Let's say you have chosen PlsX and Pls. After connecting your wallet, you will need to have an equal amount of PlsX and Pls to create this liquidity pair. Now, once you have created an LP token by matching your two tokens together, just click on the gain and then Farms.

This is where you can see the different farms and how much APY you will earn for providing that liquidity. From there, you will also earn what is called an incentive token.

So, the fact that staking brings so much reward will make people stake rather than sell their tokens.

A lot of whales are sacrificing themselves for these new coins. They don't really have an interest in selling them right away.

So, the more whales that buy these tokens, the scarcer the supply is going to be and the more demand there is going to be. And when something like that happens, prices usually go up.

That's where the PulseX token could go absolutely crazy. And that's why Pls and PlsX tokens are your potential X1000 to X10,000 crypto-currencies.

Now, let us know below in the comments, do you think these cryptocurrencies have 1000 to 10,000X potential? Also, if Hex can do it, why can't other crypto-currencies do it too?


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