Something huge is in town. If you missed the pulseChain and pulseX sacrifice then you can not afford to miss this. Do you know that the pulsePot sacrifice is now live and can earn an extra 20% bonus on your sacrifice by going straight to Welcome back to our channel, in today's video, we will be talking about the World's first Decentralized PVP game on-chain which is none other than pulsePot. Stay tuned to find out more about the Dapp review, overall project review, PLSP token review and the sacrifice page review of pulsePot.
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Like we earlier mentioned, pulsePot is a decentralized PVP game where players can play against each other in a decentralized trustless manner, at a very competitive 3% fee or 0% fee if you hold PLSP. Unlike other centralized services where you are dependent on the service to respect your withdrawal request, pulsePot is different. With Pulsepot, everytime you enter a game, you transfer directly from your wallet, into the decentralized contract, and if you win, you get your profits paid out immediately to your wallet again. This means that you will not have an account with value stored, that can be taken away, or frozen.
You stand a chance to win the PLSP token by participating on the pots on There are several features available and you can try out some of them by sending in tokens and then getting the back on-chain when you win. You will need to provide a test wallet where you can receive funds to play around with.
This is a project that will really be of major benefit to the pulseChain ecosystem. We truly believe that this can become one of the premium adoption projects. This project is built 100% unique from the ground up, and does not exist anywhere in crypto. This is one of the only projects on Pulsechain that is not a fork, not a memecoin, not a safemoon tax coin. It has a working dApp and a public contract
Most times when ETH users get airdropped free PRC20 coins, they will think of them as play money, or fake tokens. Therefore we are giving users a good reason to come and try Pulsechain with low gas fees and fast transaction times, by providing a 100% safe, and decentralized fun gambling game, where you can win a lot of crypto.
Now let's take a look at the PLSP token review. In pulsePot, we have a total supply of 1,000,000 PLSP
a  Sacrifice phase of 800,000 
a Participation phase of 100,000
And a team treasury of  100,000
For our utility and features, pulsePot will always give PLSP a 30$ minimum price. If the price on market is lower then the players will have arbitrage. While if the price on market is higher, pulsePot follows price up. Other utility and features includes:
Endless feedbackloop by adding 10% price increase over market, 33% of profits goes to buy back and burn PLSP from PulseX, 33% of profit is paid out to PLSP holder .Airdrop in PLS, 33% of profits for monthly automated lottery for PLSP holders.
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We use all profits from the pots to pay back and pump the price of PLSP. Everyone who sacrifices for PLSP will get an instant 500% value increase per chain.
The Winners get a fee reduction of 1% per 1PLSP in wallet. It just keeps getting better! For every sacrifice referral that you bring in, you get to earn 20% more. Then if any of your friends use your referral link, they will get an extra 10%.
The accepted tokens are ETH, BNB, HEX, USDC, USDT, DAI, BUSD, WBTC, HDRN, MAXI, LINK, SHIB, MATIC, CRO, UNI, FTM, ZIL, CAKE, PLSD. These tokens have a proper liquidity on PulseX. This is to ensure that our users can take all coins they win at PulsePot and turn them into any value of their choice on PulseX.
How is the winner decided?
The contract combines the block-height, timestamp, and a randomly injected number (chainlink) to create randomness. For every 1 USD a user enters to the pot, the user gets 1 number. The more numbers a user has, the higher the chance is to own the random winning number.
Now just incase you have a PRC20 token but you didn't sacrifice for pulseChain, there is also something for you. The PulsePot Faucet makes it possible for all users to claim 1 PLS per address forever. Just input your address, and click “Claim” Maximum 500 claims per day.
Pulsepot will be launching on PulseChain mainnet shortly after mainnet. We need to stabilize the prices of PRC20 on PulseX before we can launch.
After mainnet launch, all pots will have 3 PLSP added into the pot as a bonus. Also 1 PLSP will be added per 15 USD total value in the pot. The winner will take home the bonus as an extra win on top of the crypto from the pot. This will go on until 100,000 PLSP is given out. It might be hard to get PLSP from this phase, as it would require you to send a significant amount of crypto into the pot to win it.
The PulsePot contract has a fixed 30$ minimum value hardcoded into the contract. PLSP is the only token with a minimum price. All other tokens follow PulseX market price every 5 min. If the market price of PLSP rises above 30$ the PulsePot contract will follow the price up.
The PulsePot also has a 10% feedback loop where at every 5 min, PulsePot prices updates from PulseX. If the price of PLSP is higher than 30$ it will get a 10% price increase. This creates a fixed arbitrage opportunity for players as long as the price is above 30$ on the market.
So how does the monthly lottery work ?
1% of the total value of all pots is reserved for a lottery function. PulsePot will run around 190 pots a day, and will accumulate a lot of value into a single payout. Every PLSP holder will have a chance to win this lottery. Holding 1 PLSP gives you 1 ticket in the lottery. Holding PLSP works as a passive lottery subscription.
When will you get profits from holding PLSP ?
1% of the total pot value is used to pay back to the PLSP holders. To make sure this value is of significant size we make the airdrop to PLSP holders every 6 months. Profit sharing is done in PLS token. Holding PLSP is like owning a part of the project. You get a proportional amount of the profit from the games.
How does the PLSP reduced fee work ?
PulsePot default service fee is 3% of total pot value. Holding PLSP gives you a reduced winners fee. In PulsePot only the winner pays the fee. If the winner holds PLSP in their wallet at the time of winning, the service fee is reduced. 100 PLSP or more, equals a 0% service fee. Holding 50 PLSP reduces the fee with 50% to 1.5%, and so on.
So what are you still waiting for? Head on to to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity.
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