What's up guys, today we are going to share with you some projects built on PulseChain. At the time of this recording, 120 projects are waiting to be launched on PulseChain. So, in this video, we're going to cover the top 4 of those projects.
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#1: Love.io
The very first project that will be built on PulseChain will be Love.io.
We have talked about it in many videos on this channel. We are still talking about it today because we really think this project has huge potential. 
LOVE has 3-second block times on PulseChain and has very low transaction fees. Sitting on PulseChain means that the token is environmentally friendly.
LOVE tokens can be exchanged in private messages on different social media like Instagram, Facebook, and platforms like YouTube and many others. It can be earned or spent by sending it to an address or by using MobilePay which connects Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners to fiat. LOVE can be staked or saved in the wallet.
A built-in Automated Market Maker (AMM) Swap functionality ensures that LOVE can be exchanged for any fiat currency. An important aspect of LOVE is that there’s no need to have a bank account to receive the token. The user is then able to spend LOVE wherever it’s accepted or by converting it to any cryptocurrency or fiat currency in the Lovefy wallet.
There are so many use cases for Love. Currently, the sacrifice phase is underway, and will only end when the PulseChain Mainnet goes live. So now is a good time to get the Love token before anyone else. If you've been in the crypto space for a while, you probably know that the best way to make your wallet explode exponentially is to get into a project before anyone else.
#2: Liquid Loans
And the next project built on PulseChain will be Liquid Loans.
Liquid Loans is a decentralized 0% interest-free borrowing and yield-bearing protocol launching on PulseChain. There are two tokens issued by the Liquid Loans protocol: USDL and LOAN. Because Liquid Loans is immutable, governance-free, has no admin keys, and zero repayment schedule, it has emerged as an attractive protocol on the up-and-coming PulseChain blockchain.
The shining use case for Liquid Loans is that it gives the PLS holder the option to extract value from their PLS without having to sell it. There is no repayment schedule nor is there any interest ever charged on the loan. A small one-time fee is charged, which is used to distribute a portion of that fee back to the LOAN token holder. The borrower locks PLS into their “Vault” at a minimum collateral ratio of 110% to mint USDL, a fully backed stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar that’s maintained by an algorithmic monetary policy. USDL holders can earn LOAN tokens by depositing their USDL into the stability pool.
Users of the Liquid Loans protocol can earn PLS by having LOAN staked in the stability pool. PLS is issued to the stakers when the protocol experiences either a loan or redemption and originates from the Borrowing Fee and Redemption Fee accordingly.
And the next one is going to be PulseLN.
the supply is still unknown and the sacrifice phase is still ongoing. Sacrifice ends with the PulseChain launch. PLN token is deflationary. PLN is the founders’ token airdropped to those who sacrificed. The founder distribution is not decided until the sacrifice phase ends.
PulseLN brings to PulseChain lightning network functionality and simplest fiat on- and off-ramp. PulseLN uses BTC as an intermediate token between a bank and PulseChain. This means that the adoption of PulseChain is easier and faster not only between fiat users but also between people who already own bitcoin.
Users who sacrifice for the freedom to swap get the PLN token and their address may be included in the founder's list of addresses. PLN may get airdropped to some additional PulseChain addresses. PLN accrues all swap fees from transactions passing through the PulseLN. These fees are used to buy up PLN from PLN/PLS on the PulseX exchange just to get them burned regularly. This mechanism constantly reduces the total supply of PLN, increasing its scarcity. This deflationary aspect may cause buy pressure and a potential increase in value from the underlying PLS backing.
PulseLN is a solution for those bitcoin users who want to have direct access to another layer 1 blockchain. PulseX trading pairs like BTC/PLS and BTC/PLN allow bitcoin users to use bitcoin to yield farming and to liquidity pools.
The onramp to PulseChain is through lightning network enabled wallets and apps like Cash app, Strike, exchanges like Bitfinex, Kraken, or through gift cards like BitRefill, Bitcart, and many others. These apps and services are already connected to the user's bank account or credit card. The only thing the user needs to do is to buy BTC with fiat and send it to PulseLN where it gets converted to PLS or PLN. Everything takes on average 10 seconds.
Lightning routing capacity is increasing every day, and transfer fees cost a few pennies.
#4: Internet Money
And the last one is going to be Internet Money.
Internet Money is an ecosystem consisting of three different tokens and a wallet. The three tokens are Internet Money (IM), Internet Money Dividend (IMD), and Certificate of Internet Money Dividend (CIMD). *Note that the CIMD token is theoretically only temporary and is intended to be used to claim real IMD upon its release on PulseChain. IM and IMD do not directly function together, but they do complement each other.
The Internet Money (IM) token is currently live on BNB Chain and will also launch on PulseChain mainnet via a 1:1 airdrop to all BNB IM holders. IM's counterpart, Internet Money Dividend (IMD), is currently in beta, and production release will occur sometime after PulseChain's mainnet launch. The CIMD can be used to sell a portion or all of your IMD sacrifice position before IMD's release on PulseChain.
Internet Money’s stated mission is to onboard non-crypto users into the cryptocurrency space. Internet Money’s ease-of-use will help to ensure a simplified onboarding experience for the new crypto investor and will “seed” each new wallet created with a small “starter kit” of both PLS and IM on PulseChain, helping to onboard additional users onto the blockchain.
As we have just said, holders of the IM token on BNB Chain will receive a 1:1 airdrop of IM on PulseChain and a 2:1 ratio of IM will be burned at PulseChain’s launch. For example, for every 1 IM token on BNB, 2 IM tokens will be burned on PLS from the Vault Wallet (a smart contract that holds accumulated fees earmarked for burning, determined by community quarterly vote).
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