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Now your first Altcoin, which we believe has the chance to take things to the next level is going to be KADENA.
Kadena is a hybrid blockchain, looking to connect the features of both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The main problem with Bitcoin (according to some people) is its inability to host Dapps, as well as its inability to be scaled. Meanwhile, Ethereum has high gas fees that are quickly pricing it out of the realm of affordability for most businesses. This is where Kadena comes in.
Kadena is a buildable blockchain like Ethereum, while also being a store of value like Bitcoin. It uses a proof of work system that is based on the same Byzantine Fault Tolerance as Bitcoin, but it can process many chains at once, allowing it to process 8000 transactions per second — much an improvement when compared to Bitcoin’s 7. Kadena claims to have the ability to process 100,000 transactions per second, but this has yet to be proven.
The blockchain also offers both private and public features, making it easy for the everyday individual to use it for transactions between friends, as well as for businesses to use it to expand their company offerings into the blockchain realm.
One of the reasons there is so much hype behind Kadena is that they have already partnered with some big names in the cryptocurrency world. They've already announced future collaborations with Celo, Cosmos, Ledger, and Polkadot to name a few, and they've got a platform in development for NFTs, which are all the rage.
The coin has performed very well over the past year. The project has a solid team behind it and has developed an array of impressive partnerships. Kadena certainly seems like the project that has all the answers, and it truly could be the blockchain of the future.
However, investing is a highly personal endeavor. Do your own research and try to keep up-to-date with any developments within the Kadena ecosystem that could boost its prospects.
Remember, investing can be risky, and it is important never to invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
#2: AAVE
Now your second Altcoin, which we believe has the chance to take things to the next level is going to be AAVE.
Based on its website, Aave serves as a “decentralized non-custodial market” where users enter as borrowers or depositors.
Depositors can earn passive income by lending their Aave crypto and other cryptocurrencies to borrowers. Borrowing can be overcollateralized or undercollateralized, and the borrowers pay interests that return to the depositors after some time.
Aave is a favorable lending platform for two reasons.
First, it is open-source, which means that no third party is needed.
Secondly, it has an organized pooling of funds while staying decentralized.
When the lending and borrowing happens, the Aave protocol distributes the funds throughout its users. Smart contracts allocate the funds and can be audited and verified by third-party auditors for security purposes – maintaining the platform’s decentralization.
The reason why we are so bullish when it comes to AAVE is that, As reported by Cointelegraph, a collaboration between Aave protocol and Pocket network, a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider, might launch more than 44,000 nodes in many blockchains to increase the power of Dapp.
On 7 July 2022, Aave announced a collateral-backed stablecoin proposal to AAVE DAO called GHO that is pegged to USD.
It would be backed by multiple crypto-currency assets. The next steps in this process would be to create the GHO token using the new and improved AAVE protocol API.
Despite the promising run of Aave in 2021, its price for 2022 is yet to break the 300 USD mark. So, is Aave a good investment?
Here are some Aave price predictions in 2022 that will help you make an investment decision:
First, Aave has plans to increase both users and scalability this year, with an impending release of its mobile wallet app.
Second, part of the reason for its struggle in 2022 is the launching of Aave Arc.
It is a permissioned DeFi liquidity pool for institutions – gearing away from the vision of Aave Defi, which is to maintain a “decentralized non-custodial market.” This provides institutions power to regular Defi space.
Lastly, most price forecasts regarding Aave show a conservative growth, yet good for holding due to a potential spike in the future.
And the last one? GALA GAMES.  GALA GAMES is the most promising crypto gems on our list. Gala Games (GALA) is a crypto gaming project that gained over 30,000% in 2021, making it one of the year's best performers. Its mission is to create blockchain games people actually want to play and it already has 14 games in development on its platform, though only one of them is currently playable. Like many cryptocurrencies, Gala has struggled this year and is currently down over 90% on its all-time high, according to CoinGecko data.
Now, should you buy Gala Games or not?
Let's start with some of the reasons for optimism about Gala. First, it has some strong games in development that may well break the mold when it comes to blockchain games. Up until now, the biggest issue for many blockchain games is that they are not as fun to play as ordinary ones. Gala wants to change this. In addition, Gala has an experienced management team and has worked hard to attract industry talent.
There are some big milestones in the pipeline too. The most notable is Gala's plans to move to its own blockchain. It currently runs on the Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems. Developing its own ecosystem will allow it to significantly reduce costs and improve transaction times.
Recently it also announced a partnership with the Epic Games Store. Epic is a major non-blockchain gaming company, and the deal means an upcoming Wild West game called GRIT will be one of the first Web3 games to be released on the Epic platform. That's why we think GALA GAMES has great potential.
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