When will PulseChain launch? What did Richard Heart say? And most importantly, what are hex whales saying about when PulseChain and PulseX will be launched? In today's video, we'll see what HEX whales think about the PulseChain launch. Rackham Rishel, a Hex whale, and billionaire, recently predicted when PulseChain will launch.  So, watch this video all the way through to find out what he thinks.
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Now, let's get started.
Before we tell you about the PulseChain launch updates, let's first explain what the project is all about. In case you don't know, recent years have seen a proliferation in so-called "Ethereum-killers" – blockchain ecosystems that seek to steal market share from the leading layer 1 solution founded by Vitalik Buterin. These challenger blockchains promise smart contract functionality, speed, scalability, greener consensus mechanisms, cheaper fees, and other benefits. But some are yet to deliver on these promises. And indeed, they all suffer from one fatal flaw: a lack of network effect.
Most blockchains launch empty, free of any projects running on top of them. Compare EOS to Ethereum. Ethereum has over 10,000 tokens built on top of it with over 175 million unique addresses. People use this chain a lot! But, when EOS launched, it had a tiny fraction of this activity and a minuscule proportion of the user base that Ethereum has. Such is the way with nearly every new blockchain out there. They promise the world, but no one will use them until developers build on top of them. And that takes time. And that's where PulseChain comes in. Positioning itself as an “Ethereum-helper” rather than an Ethereum-killer, PulseChain is truly a fork of Ethereum like no other. Not only is PulseChain going to be Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible, it actually copies the entire system state of the Ethereum blockchain. This means that it actually replicates all of the 10,000+ tokens on Ethereum, effectively forking every single project’s token distribution and “airdropping” (as it were) to all holders for free.
This audacious concept will see every holder of an ERC20 token or NFT receive one-for-one replicas of their tokens on the PulseChain. For example, if I own 100 Shiba tokens on Ethereum, I will receive 100 Shiba tokens on PulseChain when it launches! Likewise, if I have an NFT in my wallet, it will get copied over to Pulsechain (presenting an interesting challenge to the very idea of non-fungibility).
The only eligibility criterion is that I must keep the tokens in a wallet for which I have a private key, like MetaMask or, ideally, a hardware wallet like Ledger or Trezor. I will not get the “airdrop” if I keep my tokens or NFTs on an exchange or marketplace.
While Ethereum makes slow progress on its transition to a proof of stake consensus mechanism (from the current proof of work), PulseChain makes the change much quicker. PulseChain will go straight to market with proof of stake, a much faster, greener, and newer technology that promises lower fees due to the lower demand for compute power associated with proof of work.
Basically, this is how PulseChain will work. Now, let's get back to the question of the day.
What do the whales think about the launch of PulseChain, and what is Richard Heart planning to launch PulseChain? Many believe that Richard Heart will end up making more millionaires than any other project, which is of course a possibility. Therefore, users want these projects to be made public as soon as possible. And since Richard Heart himself has not revealed when this will happen, there is a lot of confusion and speculation about it right now in the market, as some people think that PulseChain is just not ready yet and that it might take a little longer than expected, while others think that Richard Heart is using this time to perfect PulseChain so that when it is launched, it will exceed expectations. In addition, there are rumors that Richard Heart wants the market to take an even bigger dive.
He wants to see more red. He's probably waiting for bitcoin to drop to $10,000. Of course, even if it's hard to imagine, it's still possible. After all, this is crypto and in crypto anything is possible. But this is just our opinion, many people think otherwise.
Actually, if this happens and bitcoin goes down to $10,000, it will probably be the best time to launch PulseChain, while others reject everything that has been discussed and talked about in the market by simply placing their trust in Richard Heart.
But despite these delays, Richard Heart has made sure to be intact with the community and ensure that their trust is not lost. This is also why we have these sacrifice checkers allowing those who have sacrificed to see the amount of their sacrifice accepted and in the system. Keep in mind that the sacrifice amount is one of the highest in the crypto space.
Now, what does Rackham Rishel think about the launch of PulseChain? Rackham Rishel is one of the original investors in Hex and PulseChain. He is one of the billionaires in the crypto space. He has reportedly invested $29 million in PulseChain.
Rackham Rishel has great confidence in PulseChain and Richard Heart. Richard Heart has demonstrated very well that he can be trusted with HEX. Hex has long been considered a scam, yet it has grown over 10,000 times in two years. It has done a lot of good for many investors. And Rackham Rishel is one of them. Rackham Rishel and his team are working in Saudi Arabia, where they are building a proprietary crypto exchange on the PulseChain blockchain for their local businesses and customers in the Twitter space, Rishel said he is also one of those who believe there is still work to be done for the final development of the Pulse currency, and Richard Heart wants to make sure it works perfectly once it goes live. Rackham Rishel said that it is unlikely that Richard Heart would want to see more red in the market and wait for it to recover because men like Richard Heart know very well how to survive in the market, even when it is low or high.
The ongoing crypto winter has nothing to do with PulseChain's delays. Additionally, Rackham Rishel explained how PulseChain can help speed up the adaptation of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, as moving them from one place to another will become extremely cheap once PulseChain launches, allowing investors, developers, and traders to experiment more than they can now.
Already boasting a Telegram community of 61,000 people, PulseChain's growing user base is a testament to how badly people need an escape from the nightmare of Ethereum transaction fees. Now, Ethereum is simply unusable for all but the largest of players. That imbalance runs totally counter to the idea of permissionless money for the people. By contrast, regular investors are suffering as hostages to the Ethereum fee structure, unable to make transactions except at 4 am on a Sunday when the gas cost is barely tolerable.
Finally, once launched, PulseChain will allow NFTs to become more popular than ever with low transaction fees. What do you think? Do you agree with the reasons why PulseChain's launch has been delayed?
Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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