Big updates on PulseChain. It could be closer than we think. Has Richard Heart announced the launch date for PulseChain? In this video, we'll take an in-depth look at the facts that show PulseChain will be launching soon. Watch this video till the end so you don't miss anything.
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Now, let's get started.
A lot is happening in the HEX ecosystem of Richard Heart projects like the fork of Ethereum, Pulsechain, and Uniswap exchange fork PulseX, nearing their launch.
The most anticipated thing in the PulseChain community is the announcement of its launch. People are eager to finally see the PulseChain mainnet. And so far, Richard Heart has kept the community busy with constant interviews and minor updates. He's always been a bit evasive when it comes to the launch of PulseChain. But now, more than ever, it seems that the moment everyone has been waiting for is just around the corner.
PulseChain will be launched soon. For now, the launch date is not known, but there are several signs that we are close to the launch. First, there's this tweet from HviidHEX. She shared a tweet from the documentary Highest of stakes. " On Sunday, November 13th, something special is launching that we’re incredibly excited to share. (No, it’s not PulseChain. We make movies, not blockchains.) Stay tuned on Twitter to learn more as we get closer to the big day.
We don't know exactly what it is, November 13 at the time of this recording is tomorrow. So, let's wait to find out what it is. Let's keep our eyes open. This may be the official date of the documentary release.
Richard Heart probably realized how the delay in launching PulseChain was creating doubt among investors. And to make up for it, he is finally going to release this documentary to show people the incredible life they will have after investing in PulseChain.
In fact, this documentary will be a film about Richard Heart, HEX, and investors who have made millions. The documentary would feature luxury cars, mansions, and larger-than-life wealth created by its investors.
The production aims to release the documentary on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. An OTT version could open the floodgates to new and early investors in HEX and drive up its price in a sustainable way.
Anyway, the documentary will be released before the launch of PulseChain and everything leads us to believe that it is soon especially since many other projects are waiting to be launched on the PulseChain blockchain. Besides, among the more than 135 projects that will be launched on PulseChain, one of our favorites is HPX. A marketplace for NFTs that is like an improved version of OpenSea. The most amazing thing about this project is the commission it pays to all HPX token holders for every transaction that happens on their platform. Actually, by the end of the PulseChain airdrop, more than 20.000.000 NFT will be available on the Hpx market. That's 100x more than the PRC-20 coins that can be traded on PulseX. Imagine then a commission of 2.22% per transaction, on the 20,000,000 NFT that will be available on HPX. This is really incredible. That's why you should do everything you can to own these HPX tokens to ensure huge profits. And with many use cases of this token, we estimate that it can make 10,000X. This project has a really incredible earning potential. So don't hesitate to check it out. The sacrifice phase is in progress at the moment and will end when PulseChain is launched. Be sure to check out their website for more details.  The link is in the description.
Now, the main thing that makes us believe that we are about to see PulseChain and PulseX online is this tweet from Richard Heart.
He says that teams A and B are competing to see who will go out first, while the second part of the tweet has a special surprise for the community. This is great news that helps bring back the much-needed excitement and optimism toward PulseChain.
It's clear that development is going well. PulseX is long overdue. And ready to be launched. And this will soon be the case for PulseChain. So, with PulseX out of the way, this means that developers only have to focus on PulseChain.
In our opinion, what makes PulseChain take longer is the Ethereum 2.0 merge.  Richard Heart wanted to see how it performs after the merger. By the way, earlier this year, Richard Heart made it clear that his developers are divided into two teams. Half of them work in the A-team and the other half in the B-team. Using such a strategy ensures that the final product is as solid as possible, as both teams strive to find solutions to bugs that ordinary developers can't find. After all, they can find weaknesses in the code, and if they don't work hard, the other team will exploit them. This is one of the best strategies to have, and Heart knows it. Unfortunately, like all good things in life, this strategy also takes time, which is obvious from the delays we've already seen.
Because even if they discover a single bug, it can set the team back a few weeks or even a month. No one knows if there is a defined set of things that both teams are working on or which team is winning. However, with Richard Heart's teams, it is clear that Team A and Team B have finally moved forward and are working on the final steps. And as soon as that is done, PulseChain will be up and running.
The tweet also assures that the entire development team is on track with PulseChain. After Heart announced that it would fork Ethereum 2.0. Right after the announcement, some community members thought that it might take a little longer because developers now have to start all over again because of the new fork.
At the moment, it is obvious that the devs don't have any extra work to do on PulseX, they can use this time to either improve PulseChain or complete it. In both cases, it is clear that the launch of PulseChain is close.
Now, to prepare for the launch of PulseChain, if your tokens are already on the Ethereum network and you own the private keys, just be patient! Wait for the PulseChain hard fork.
And, if your ERC20-based tokens are located on a centralized exchange you don’t own the private keys, so you will need to move your tokens into a hot or cold wallet that you own.
If you own a token that can be in ERC20 format but isn't currently
Some tokens can exist in multiple formats e.g., CRO can exist in 3 formats:
The Original (for, which is Ethereum-based, ERC20.
And the native Cro (for, which is Cosmos based.
It is usually possible to convert (or ‘bridge’) from one version of the token to another. So, you must do this and then ensure your tokens are in a hot or cold wallet that you own.
Now, what do you think? When do you think PulseChain will be launched? As always, don't forget to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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