Which crypto will make 100X in the next bull run?
In this video, we're going to share with you 4 Altcoins under $1 that we believe will make millionaires in the next bull run. These cryptocurrencies we're going to talk about today are somewhat comparable to penny stocks. Which means they are cheap to buy and can be extremely volatile, but most are coins with low transaction fees. With that said, cryptos under $1 have a lot of growth potential if you choose them wisely.  So, watch this video all the way through to find out our selection of the best cryptos under $1 and why you should definitely add them to your wallet.
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The first altcoin under $1 that we believe will make millionaires in the next bull run is Dash 2 Trade.
Dash 2 Trade is the overall best project that we came across when searching high and low for top cryptocurrencies under $1. In fact, the D2T token – which is the native digital asset of the Dash 2 Trade analytics terminal, can be purchased right now for just $0.05. This is because D2T tokens are currently being offered via a hugely popular presale campaign.
In just a few days since going live, the presale has already raised more than $3 million. The hard cap will likely be reached within the next few weeks. However, the presale increases in price as each batch of D2T tokens are sold, so early investors will get the most favorable entry point possible.
In terms of its use case, D2T tokens are required to access the full features available on the Dash 2 Trade terminal. Having had early access to its alpha launch, the Dash 2 Trade terminal offers an unprecedented range of tools, features, and data that cannot be found on ‘free’ analytics websites.
For example, the dashboard offers insight into social metrics. This means that it scans leading social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to assess which coins are trending and whether this represents a viable trading opportunity. On-chain analytics, such as whale movements and the so-called smart money, is also available on the terminal.
Dash 2 Trade also offers trading competitions with winners collecting a tranche of D2T tokens. Moreover, the terminal provides cutting-edge trading signals to its subscribers. Each signal highlights the coin, whether traders should go long or short, and the best entry price. Signals also come with risk management orders across both stop-losses and take-profits.
Crucially, as noted early, D2T tokens have an actual use case and thus – there is every chance that this project represents the overall best cryptos under $1. What’s more, Dash 2 Trade is giving away $150k worth of D2T tokens to one lucky winner.
Entry to the giveaway requires a minimum of $150 in D2T tokens. Additionally, free entries can be obtained by completing various tasks, such as following and retweeting Dash 2 Trade on social media.
The second altcoin under $1 that we believe will make millionaires in the next bull run is Chiliz.
Chiliz is an entertainment and sports-oriented cryptocurrency project that’s one of the best cryptos to watch. Its digital token was launched in 2018. Socios is a fan engagement platform that works in partnership with some of the world’s biggest sports teams. Chiliz is the official cryptocurrency of the Socios platform, as well as the proprietary exchange.
As a result, fans may buy tokens and voting rights from their favorite teams on Socios. Fans who buy these governance tokens can influence the sports teams they follow. A team may, for example, allow holders of fan tokens to vote on the design of the shirts they wear.
This kind of blockchain-based sports fan engagement makes Chiliz one of the most promising cryptocurrencies on the scene. The market capitalization of this cryptocurrency at the time of this recording is over $1.4 billion. The price per Chiliz token reached an all-time high of $0.89 in March 2021.
However, owing to significant price volatility that impacted the whole crypto market, the price fell below $0.40. By November 2021, the price had risen to roughly $0.50, but had then fallen down to $0.25 by the end of the year. At this time Chiliz sells for between $0.21 and $0.25 on the open market, making it a good investment for people looking for the best crypto under $1.
Chiliz is expected to gain more partnerships with various sports entities. As such, some price predictions indicate Chiliz could reach as much as $7 per token by 2025. Again, never take speculation as a given when investing in cryptocurrencies.
Next up on this analysis of the best cryptos under $1 is Calvaria. By investing in this exciting play-to-earn gaming platform, a presale token price of just $0.01 can be obtained. Just like the Dash 2 Trade presales, the price of the token – RAI, increases as each batch is sold. As a result, $0.01 is the very best price that early investors can obtain.
RAI, which is an ERC-20 token, is the in-game currency of the Calvaria ecosystem. It is used to buy and sell in-game assets and NFTs via a functional marketplace. RAI is also the in-game crypto asset that players can earn simply for playing the Calvaria game.
The game itself is based on a fantasy battle card game. Players will have their NFT-backed cards that can be entered into battle. Some battle cards are better and rarer than others, which means that they have a better chance of defeating other players.
Moreover, battle cards can be sold to other players directly on the Calvaria platform. Ultimately, the play-to-earn gaming space continues to grow year-on-year, not least because it offers a fairer and more transparent ecosystem for players, not to mention the opportunity to win rewards.
As such, Calvaria certainly makes our list of the best cryptocurrency under $1. Finally, consider joining the Calvaria Telegram group to engage with existing and potential investors of the project.
Ren was launched in 2017 by IT and cryptocurrency professionals. It is an open protocol Ethereum token that allows any cryptocurrency token to be transferred across blockchains, creating transaction freedom for users. This enables developers to integrate tokens created on other blockchains into their applications.
Additionally, developers won’t need wrapped tokens that represent a coin from another blockchain. The team’s goal is to allow normal people all around the world to make secure, speedy, and private payments. Ren’s key distinguishing characteristic from other digital currencies is the Ryo Currency Algorithm, a powerful encryption software.
Moreover, as a guarantee of good behavior, network participants pay the token as a refundable bond. Ren has gone through several changes and integrations since its launch in 2017.
As such, this token appears to be a good investment option for anyone looking for the most promising cryptocurrency to buy in 2022. With a market cap of just $141 million at the time of this recording, there is plenty of upside potential on the table. In recent months,  Ren has been fluctuating between $0.25 and $1.
However, some market analysts foresee a price of $1.46 by 2025, which would mean potential gains of over 200% for investors looking to buy Ren today.
Now, do you think these crypto can make you rich? As usual, share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.
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