What will PulseX be worth two years after launch? We believe PulseX will make at least 10,000X in less than two years. In this video, we explain why.
So, make sure you watch this video all the way through to find out our PulseX price predictions.
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Now, let's get started.
PulseX is a DEX such as Uniswap, Sundaeswap, and Pancakeswap are. The main point is that using PulseX is cheaper gas fees (pennies rather than hundreds of dollars).
PulseX allows you to trade tokens (PRC20s) on PulseChain for one another. One can substitute the original PLS token of PulseChain with the PLSX token of PulseX. As with Uniswap, this is an Ethereum-based version of the concept. Other chains’ currencies may be traded on PulseX through bridges. Every time someone uses PulseX to switch from one cryptocurrency to another, liquidity providers are paid. Users may connect their ERC20 tokens with complimentary PRC20 tokens to offer liquidity and generate fees. An important part of the plan is attracting ERC20 token holders to utilize their free PRC20 tokens to bridge into the PulseChain ecosystem and recoup some of their initial investment.
It's going to be really amazing and we all know it. Those who will benefit the most are those who participated in the sacrifice and those who will buy the tokens directly after they are listed. Actually, PulseX will grow from day one and multiply exponentially. We will see the PlsX token reaching very high levels within a year or two. One of the reasons we believe the price of the PlsX token will go up is the number of projects that will be launched on the PulseChain blockchain. And these tokens will be listed on PulseX. Just as most DEXs have a governance token, so will PulseX in the form of PLSX.
Currently, over 135 projects are waiting to be launched. There will be all kinds of projects like NFTs, Launchpads, crypto gaming, marketplaces, and many other types of projects. Speaking of the marketplaces that will be launched on PulseChain, one, in particular, caught our attention. This project has incredible earning potential, it is even estimated to be capable of doing 10,000X. It is HPX, a marketplace for NFT exchanges based on the PulseChain network. It's kind of like an enhanced version of OpenSea. There is something huge behind this project. That's why we are so optimistic. Actually, most people hate NFTs, but did you know that OpenSea has made more money from commissions than Uniswap? Most people don't know that "now you have the opportunity to earn royalties on the next OpenSea. Do you want to know how? Let's take the example of the dollar. Do you know why the dollar is so valuable today? The US dollar is so expensive now because it is used to buy and sell oil, and Hpx takes the same principle to make its currency worth it, it will be used as one of the 4 trading methods that will only benefit from a 0.222% commission fee. This is the lowest commission of all NFT marketplaces!
- The other 3 out of 4 coins are Hex PulseX & Pulsechain, once the trade is made, they will be committed to a 2.22% commission. And 100% of our earned commissions will be given to Hpx stakers,
- Due to PulseChain airdrop more than 20,000,000 NFT will be available on the Hpx market, 100x more than PRC-20 coins tradeable on PulseX. Imagine then a 2.22% commission per transaction, on the 20.000.000 NFT that will be available on HPX. That's really incredible. That's why you should do everything you can to own the HPX tokens to ensure huge profits. Don't hesitate to check out this project. The sacrifice phase is ongoing for now and will end when PulseChain is launched. Be sure to check out their website for more details.  The link is in the description.
Now let's get back to PulseX.
Users who were part of the initial PLSX sacrifice, will all be airdropped a varying amount of PLSX depending on how much a user sacrificed.
The sacrifice phase has been over for several months now, it will soon be a year. People are eager to see what PulseX will do at launch. The whole crypto community and especially those who missed the sacrifice phase are waiting for that so they can buy the tokens before the price explodes. But once the PLSX launches, users will be able to purchase PLSX tokens directly from the PulseX exchange.
If you missed the PulseChain sacrifice and the PulseX sacrifice and you want to have tokens now, you have to go to the Pulse faucet. You can claim 100 PLSX every 24 hours. Do it now. On the same day that PulseChain's main network launches, real-time and queued payments of PLSX from the faucet as well as bonuses will begin.
Now, when users swap from one coin to another on PulseX, liquidity providers earn fees as a reward. Users can bridge in their free ERC-20s and pair them with free PRC-20s in order to provide liquidity and earn fees, also backing their value.
To further encourage PulseX's success, another token will be created to further incentivize liquidity providers beyond the fees already being made. When they become liquidity providers, they will receive LP tokens that they can deposit into a yield farm. This token, yet to be named, will be deflationary, and a DAO will choose which trading pairs receive this incentive and at what rates. Only addresses with PLSX balances will be allowed to vote within the DAO.
Now, will PulseX increase by 100x or even 1000x in one or two years?
In our opinion, it is possible. In crypto, anything is possible. PulseX was developed by Richard Heart, the creator of Hex and Pulsechain. Looking at those projects, we can greatly estimate the upside potential PulseX contains. Hex's price did over 10000x since the day of its launch. Pulsechain and PulseX, are both expected to perform the same upon launch. Getting in early and purchasing PulseX on day 1 may be a strategy used by many to reap the potential gains following the release, as the real gains will most likely follow in the months after launch.
At the moment, PulseX has 1 billion dollars in sacrificed assets. The 1 billion dollars will be used to determine marketcap and run the exchange. A market cap of 1B will put PulseX in the top 100 cryptos upon launch. PulseX will have a burning mechanism utilizing all fees to purchase PulseX to burn. This burning mechanism will cause PulseX to increase in price as supply and demand work positively on the PulseX price.
Between past performances of Hex, the 1Billion dollars sacrificed, and the burning mechanism implemented into PulseX, this project has the potential to truly 100 or even 1000x in the future.
A very interesting factor to consider here is the past performance of other DEX. Indeed, Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap have performed incredibly well. And in our opinion, PulseX has the potential to outperform them all because it works in a different context and has different tokenomics. In addition, it has a much stronger community and benefits from the entire HEX community.
We believe PLSX can earn up to 250X in just three months. And you want to know why? Well, the total sacrifice is only $1 billion. Let's compare this value to lesser-known cryptos that still performed well and you'll understand why.
Of course, this is just our opinion and not an investment advice. So, this video is meant to enlighten you and you, on your end, will have to do your own research.
Now, do you think PulseX can make 1000X or 10,000X in two years? As always, share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.
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