Richard Heart, an investor and advisor in the crypto-currency industry and one of the biggest names in the field, posted an update on PulseX on Twitter this week, and it's huge. We're still in disbelief at how much this update will change things in the future of cryptocurrencies, but we'll talk about it in this video.
So, watch this video till the end and you'll see the new changes that will be applied. We remind you that these changes are quite positive, and will make you gain a lot as an investor.

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Let's get started!

We got the new story on PulseX. It is a Tweet from Richard Heart himself. Released recently, on the 8th of February 2022 explaining to us how PulseX works. And you know what, according to Richard Heart, PulseX is the cryptocurrency that will outperform all other cryptocurrencies in the world. And why is that? Let us explain.

So basically, he shows how he and his team figured out how to implement a staking feature where you just take your PulseX without any other coins. Then you put them in a pool. There's no permanent loss, which means you don't lose value or anything or have a very attractive return compared to those who were just holding the token. Indeed, you don't risk anything by doing this. So, you just literally put your coins into these smart contracts and the mere fact that you held PulseX tokens makes you earn more tokens for free. That's the basic principle of staking. Except that with PulseX, the return is higher. That's kind of what Richard Heart is building.

In a nutshell, you just take a few chips, you earn a high APY, its low risk, unlike other staking systems that offer tough conditions. And afterwards, it's complicated to get your money back.

But in fact, you are not going to make more than you need with PulseX. So, you can't auto-compose to buy PulseX with your incentive tokens, because if that worked, the band burn feature would be automatic too. So, what we'll probably see is a single pool where you can place your PulseX and you'll just see a steady stream of income flowing into your Wallet. We see that number growing. You know, that token, that money per block.

That's how much you earn. And when that token has a dollar value, you're going to see that value increase. It's free money. You don't risk anything. You can withdraw your money at any time. There's no delay, there's no delay. It's crazy and completely unimaginable, but the system is set up so that everybody wins. That's how it is, it's a genius who started it. Remember, this isn't Richard Heart's first project: and we all saw how successful his previous project was. Hex made over 10,000% in less than 18 months. So, we think PulseX will do the same and maybe even better. With its staking system that offers a way to get free money. But, that's just an extra. Because you know, you don't have to stake your coins, and you'll always be a winner because PulseX is a cryptocurrency that is destined to grow in value. What do you guys think?

These gains from staking are just more of what we already have. We're expecting all these great things from PulseX.
Another very interesting thing to know about PulseX is that there will never be more PulseX tokens in existence than on the first day of PulseChain's launch. So, this means that the number of tokens that will be released on the official launch day of PulseChain will remain constant. This is a very efficient way to increase its value. Indeed, the more people hold these tokens, the more the value will rise and at the same time, it will make your wallet swell.
All right, that means you'll never be diluted. If you sacrificed yourself, no one will ever get more than you by creating more supply. No one will have the extra supply without you being part of it. There is no inflation that you don't get immediately. You own a piece of the total percentage and no one can reduce your piece ever.

So, it's great. It's just great to maintain the value. You know that each individual is not going to lose value over time because there's more supply. That's never going to happen. If there's an increase in demand, well, supply hasn't increased, has it? So, the price will go up.

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