The advent of the metaverse has steered the entire 2022 cryptocurrency market trend in a new direction. The very fact that Facebook has been renamed Meta speaks volumes about the potential that Mark Zuckerberg sees in the future of the metaverse.
If the metaverse is new to you, then this video is for you. But then, are you interested in making money in the metaverse? Watch this video till the end because today we are going to show you how to make 100x flipping Metaverse crypto coins.
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Let's get started!
While Mark Zuckerberg was quick to act and capitalize on the nascent industry, it's not too late for you to do the same. Well, how do you do that? Do you also have to make your company a metaverse? You can certainly do that, but you can also invest smartly in metaverse coins. Why wait until someone like Elon Musk comes out of nowhere and announces his interest in the metaverse before you finally consider investing in it? You'll end up having to pay a premium for what you could have bought at a very cheap price. That would be a disappointment, wouldn't it? To avoid any regrets, we've found 3 easy ways for you to earn a 100x return on investment on the metaverse. Let's get straight to the heart of the matter.
The first way is to market NFTs.
Metaverse entrepreneurs sell digital objects such as art, clothing and 3D models in virtual worlds such as Decentraland and The Sandbox. If you are not familiar, NFTs are digital assets that are "mounted" on the blockchain. This means that instead of being stored on your computer or a company's server, an NFT artwork lives on the blockchain and is stored in a person's private wallet address.
Some users have produced entire lines of NFT clothing for sale in Decentraland, and bigger brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Balenciaga and Ralph Lauren are also reportedly releasing their wearable collections. So why not you too?
The second way is to create your digital models.
If you are good at 3D modelling and want to create metaverse structures, you may be able to design and sell your creations to other players.
Land in the metaverse is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity. As of January 2022, the cheapest land in Decentraland costs around $16,000. Prime spots and locations can run into the millions. Just like in real life, owning land in the metaverse is considered a valuable asset. Owning land offers the opportunity to organize events, promote projects and show your creativity.
Decentraland and The Sandbox offer builders that allow players to create simple structures. So, it is possible for you to independently design a 3D model and deploy it on a plot of land.
Then the third way is to create video content or a stream.
Decentraland and The Sandbox have some dedicated players who stream their experiences on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. Some have managed to monetize their content by presenting sponsors and creating videos for brands within the metaverse.
Decentraland is still emerging and considered a niche of interest, successful streamers in other popular games can earn between $3,000 and $5,000 per month through Twitch's affiliate programme. This amount may not be likely in the short term for metaverse experiences, but it demonstrates that it is possible to make a living as a streamer and content creator.
By broadcasting experiences in the metaverse, you can communicate with audiences curious about the metaverse and create a following within it.
Video content creation could also open up the possibility of independent video production for companies or brands looking to produce metaverse content.
Some pieces of the metaverse have a bright future. So, speculating on metaverse coins like $MANA, $SAND and $AXS could be very profitable for you and is the most popular method of making money from these new virtual environments.
Since the announcement of Facebook's metaverse in October 2021, metaverse coins such as $MANA (the Decentraland token) and $SAND (the Sandbox token) have seen a rise in price and popularity. While no one can say for sure if this trend will continue in the future, these coins could be a lucrative investment given the rush to claim land in the metaverse.
So, guys, which of these ways to make money in the metaverse are you interested in? You can apply the one that works for you. And if by the way you want to see other ways to make money in the metaverse feel free to leave us a comment and we will be happy to make a video for you about it.
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