Do you want to know how PulseChain's sacrifice bonuses are distributed?
If you clicked on this video, it's because you want to know more about PulseChain. So, for those of you who are new to this project and have just discovered it through this video, you should know that we have made several videos about it (the presentation of the project, how to participate, how to make exponential gains with this project and others). So, we invite you to visit the channel to discover this series of videos that we have made on PulseChain just for you. Now, let's get down to business. Today's subject is whether PulseChain's bonus multiplier is fair?

Does PulseChain's system for distributing bonuses only favour whales, and not ordinary people? That's what we'll find out in today's video.

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Let's get started!

Before answering the question of the day, let us explain clearly how the process works.
Let's take the example cited by Richard Heart.

Okay, let's see, you are a human. When you buy a batch of something, would you rather get a better deal or a worse deal? Would you rather get a better reward or a worse reward when you lift the most weight? Would you rather get a better reward or a worse reward, or the same as everyone else?

What you need to understand is that you sacrifice one cent and someone else sacrifices 50 million dollars. Who do you think should be rewarded more? You who sacrificed one cent or the guy with 50 million dollars? The answer seems obvious. Indeed, the $50 million guys must get a higher reward because he risked the most. This is exactly what happens with PulseChain's bonus multiplier. Those who sacrifice a lot of money also take big risks. And to reward them, the system gives them an equivalent reward. A fair ratio.

This is the existing structure of the wholesale and retail trade. Wholesalers make about a 10% margin on the products they sell. Retailers make between 40% and 100% depending on the popularity of the product, and this is how all the products in the world are sold. And it may be less now, with the Internet reducing the margins of retailers. So online retailers probably have, you know, 15-20% margins overall.

So, as we've taken an example on known work metrics of how much people should be rewarded for volume, we're also going to analyze the difference between the Olympic awards between a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal. This is the principle of meritocracy. You don't have as much merit as those who have taken the biggest risks. You have less bonus. That is fair.
So, we think the sacrifice rewards of the PulseChain system are fair. Because a 2.5 multiplier is just an extra 1.5 bonus. Now, do you think the 100- or 50-million-dollar guy deserves his extra 1.5 coins? You already know the answer.
On the one hand, we have a Socialist system that rewards everyone equally no matter how much money they spend or how hard they work. And on the other hand, we have a system that rewards each member according to their efforts. It's up to you to see if the PulseChain bonus multiplier is fair. And by the way, you can tell us what you think in the comments.

You get the idea. So, the more you sacrifice in the sacrifice phase of PulseChain, the more you get a volume bonus of up to 2.5x.
Just like in the real world, the people who buy the most cars get the best deal. So, if you buy the most cars, you get the best deal from the manufacturer. If you buy the most TVs, you get the best deal from the manufacturer. If you sacrifice the most for a political statement, you should be rewarded more.
The biggest sacrificers consume more of the prime space. And receive more bonuses. And they push everyone else who sacrificed less far and further away. So, you understand that and you're subconscious because you know that having a prestigious place and getting more bonuses is better than being there but as a spectator.

And so, what you get is that if you overtake someone else, not only do you take all the big bonuses they've got, but you put them in a position where they get even less bonus because they consume less surface area.
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