POWERCITY is an ecosystem of projects designed to improve PulseChain, both for the community and developers. This is another interesting project that could potentially go 100x in a very short time. We've already made a video introducing this project and how it will make you exponentially rich. You know, the secret to making a maximum profit on a cryptocurrency is to own it before it is launched. What better way than to participate in its sacrifice phase? So, this video was made following the request of our subscribers who wanted to know how the sacrifice phase of POWERCITY will take place and especially how to participate? 
As usual, watch this video until the end to not miss the details of this sacrifice. 
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Let's get started!
Before we move on to the steps of the sacrifice, there are a few things you should know.
You are making a sacrifice to show how much you believe in a healthy, active and competitive product market - you believe in the right to free enterprise! The group of people who make sacrifices to demonstrate their commitment to this political statement should not expect to benefit from the efforts of others. You are not making a purchase. The world can see that you are part of a group of people who believe strongly in free markets, a group that appreciates anything that is done to promote or support free markets.
Suppose the world awards points for these sacrifices, think of them as a smile or points of appreciation. In this case, they are not intended to have a monetary value, to be represented as tokens in a portfolio, or to represent a promise of value.
If you choose to make sacrifices, you should not expect to benefit from the efforts of others.
To sacrifice your crypto-currency as a political statement, you must first give it away. When you give or sacrifice your crypto-currency, you no longer own it and do not expect to receive anything in return. You are not buying any tokens. The person who assumes ownership and management of your crypto-currency, wherever it falls, does not work for you and has no responsibility.
Sacrifices can be credited with sacrifice points if they are made in the designated wallet. These points are worthless. Someone may choose to make WATT tokens from the CORE POWERCITY in the future based on the amount of points awarded to an address.
The sacrifice will last 16 days, from March 7 to March 22, 2022. On the following day, day 17, the project will be launched.
During the 16 days of the sacrifice phase, recognised sacrifices can be awarded a decreasing number of sacrifice points according to the table of each US dollar sacrificed. On day 17 and during the launch of PulseChain, one sacrifice point will be awarded for each US dollar sacrificed.
The price at the time of the transaction, as recorded by the blockchain explorer, can be used to determine the USD value.
In honour of those who participated in previous sacrifice events that demonstrated great teamwork and collaboration (including the VC pools MCR/MTR and Legion), as well as those who help build and promote the PulseChain ecosystem, the sending addresses (i.e. your wallet) that participated in the sacrifices below will have a bonus applied to all sacrifice points allocated in this current sacrifice for belief in Free Enterprise.
15.25 per cent for PulseChain (representing the maximum number of years allowed for a HEX 5555 update). 15.25 per cent for PulseX; 12.5 per cent for Liquid Loans and 12.5 per cent for Internet Money.
Let's assume you sacrificed $1,250 on day one with a 2X bonus. And if you have already sacrificed to PulseX and Liquid Loans, the bonus will be 2,846.875 sacrifice points.
You can go to the official sacrifice site to do a simulation of how many points you will get with your sacrifice amount.
Now, which coins will be recognised by the Sacrifice?
At the beginning of the sacrifice, a post on POWERCITY.io will reveal the official list of supported currencies. Only the listed currencies and tokens will be accepted by the sacrifice. But we believe that AVAX, ETH, POLYGON, BNB, FANTOM will be on the list of accepted tokens.
When the community reaches critical milestones during the sacrifice phase, an increasing number of wallets can be randomly selected to increase their points. The winning wallets will be randomly selected from all participating wallets at the end of the sacrifice phase.
However, only wallets worth 5 USD or more will be eligible for the community benefits.
Now let's move on to the sacrifice phase.
Nothing could be simpler. Those who have been following us for a long time probably already know how to do it.
All you need is a Metamask wallet. We recently made a video to show you how to properly set up your Metamask wallet. If you don't know how, please watch this video. The link is in the description.
>> Now that your Metamask wallet is ready, you need to transfer the cryptocurrency you intend to sacrifice from an exchange (Binance or Coinbase or any other exchange) to your Metamask wallet.
>> Then, simply go to the official sacrifice website sacrificenow.io click on Sacrifice Now and proceed with the sacrifice. And that's it. Once this is done, you will only have to wait for the 16 days of sacrifice to receive your different bonuses.
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