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Wise ones will say, the earlier you get it the better, and today is just another explicit moment that we bring to you a new metaverse project, PAX.WORLD. If you are interested in knowing about Pax. world, and maybe you think it can be your next piece of pie, just make sure that you stick on this video till the end, and let’s begin…
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PAX.WORLD, in this video, we will be talking in detail about its potential, IDO details, and many more things that we feel might be relevant to you. First of all, let’s understand what PAX.WORLD is. PAX.WORLD is simply an open-source metaverse that not only addresses the shortcomings but is strategically designed to elevate the metaverse experience accurately for the widest possible user base.
PAX.WORLD has noted to us its high potentials not only 20X potential but 50X, 100x, and more and we think the graphics are better with this. Now, let’s head straight to the whitepaper today and see why PAX.WORLD could outperform SANDBOX as well as DECENTRALAND.
What do they have about communication in the digital world?  With PAX.WORLD, you can create personalized spaces or have the entire world. You can also explore, build, learn, trade, and communicate in ways not possible until now. Another stunning fact is their website- and we can note from their graphics which are far much better than even the DECENTRALAND and the SANDBOX.
As the world adapts to new forms of technology usage in innovation, the need for meaningful communication and expression, be it personal, professional, or in business spheres, PAX.WORLD continues to drive innovation…
And also brag about the web 3.0 infrastructure as they say they stand at the cusp of the next big shift where human communication becomes a much more personalized, interactive, and richer experience.
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According to Grayscale, their revenue from virtual gaming worlds currently stands around $180 billion, but could easily more than double by 2025 to reach $400 billion. With their limitless possibilities, their virtual world will take your digital experience to a whole new level with a lot of unparalleled experiences, talk about art galleries displaying and auctioning high-value NFTs, educational centers for an interactive learning experience, and gaming centers with a variety of experience for users.
The metaverse also comprises 3D virtual worlds and interconnected environments that can be joined by anyone in the world with powerful real-time communication tools. Such environments support personalized experiences where users can create, consume and enjoy rich content and even participate in a community-driven digital economy.
Now, let’s see something about tokenomics. The total token allocation for PAX.WORLD is 1000000000 in supply, and guys this ought to be your chance to get this native token as it is currently active. If you are looking to get your tokens for PAX, the platforms the IDO is happening are Gamezone and Metavpad.
PAX.WORLD is uniquely positioned to be an early-mover in the metaverse space and gains transactions before its competitors can catch up. 
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