Have you always dreamed of being rich? Have you always dreamed of owning your own business, but the idea of going it alone scares you? Do you have an idea for a great product or service, but don't know how to go about making it happen? There is good news! This New Project will help you gain wealth while doing good in the NFT field in general.
So as usual, watch this video to the end to find out everything you need to know about Project Europa.
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Let's get started!
So, what is the Europa Project?
Well, think of Project Europa as a new planet.
Like any new territory, you need a passport to get in and those are our NFTs. Once you're in, you can start investing in collectors that will slowly accumulate ORBITs for you.
Project Europa is special: the longer you stay on this project the more ORBIT your collectors accumulate!
Passive income meets interactivity. That's what Project Europa is all about.
With identifying NFTs. These NFTs can provide attractive boosts for people who aim to get the best return on investment with Project Europa.
We all know what NFTs are, but for the sake of completeness, we will describe them briefly.
We will talk about them briefly.
Non-fungible tokens are unique pieces of code that can be used for many things, and you've probably seen one or two as a profile picture on Twitter or Discord.
Well, with the Europa project, the use of NFTs will be taken a step further.
Possession of an NFT registers you as a citizen of the Orbit network and is the prerequisite for access to the protocol.
In addition to allowing access to the protocol, NFTs come with a series of benefits such as increasing your rewards, getting discounts on protocol activities, getting cooldown discounts, etc.
Project Europa offers you the unique opportunity to customize your own NFT so that it works exactly the way you want it to. ID NFTs start at a very affordable price, but if you want more boosts, you'll have to pay a bit more.
You can also trade NFTs with other people, maybe to get different perks, or just to get an edge or maybe you just want a cool-looking astronaut. So NFTs will play a key role in the Europa ecosystem.
Project Europa aims to take the best parts of previous projects and combine them into something better.
In the same vein of gamification, each user will have a level based on their activities in the protocol collector: creating, merging, buying, and using NFTs will all count towards the user's level.
 We believe that those who feel most involved in the project deserve to have a say in its future direction
The most experienced will have the most influence on the treasury's investment in other decentralized assets. The protocol will also reward experienced users with various benefits and bonuses at different levels. It should be noted that the project has already been launched. And you can buy your tokens.
In its current form, the Europa project will adopt parts of the current DaaS model.
This means buying the token, building a collector, and getting lifetime revenue from it.
This is where the story begins to change.
First, instead of having people build collectors, accumulate tokens, and then throw them away, creating massive selling pressure in the process, the project has a dynamic cooling mechanism for the creation of collectors. The cooling mitigates the selling pressure by ensuring that no user can accumulate a massive number of collectors at once.
In addition, the auto-compose feature will reward users who auto-compose over the long term by significantly reducing the payback time. Upcoming mini-games offer users another opportunity to spend and earn their tokens within the protocol.
By interacting with the protocol, Project Europa users will gain experience and levels. Interacting with the protocol can mean creating and merging collectors, hitting NFTs, playing mini-games, etc.
As a user's level increases, they gain more advantages in the ecosystem. The level of the user also plays an important role in deciding the direction of the treasure's investments, drawing on the many self-organizing projects (DAOs) that exist.
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With all this and the strength of a growing community, we believe this project is in its infancy and promises a better future.
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