An Initial DEX Offering, also known as an IDO, is a way for a budding crypto project to raise funds to continue its development before listing on the exchanges. Finding the best IDO cryptos can be a great way to get in early on projects with explosive growth potential. However, this is far easier said than done.
Separating promising projects from those with lofty goals and no real way of achieving them can be extremely time-consuming and difficult. But luckily, we’ve done the research and reviewed the top 5 best IDO crypto projects in order to make the selection process far easier. Throughout our crypto IDO list, we’ll be looking at what each project brings to the table and exploring the ins and outs of what makes the best IDO cryptocurrency.
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#1: GEMS
The first promising Crypto IDO in our opinion is going to be GEMS.
GEMS is an Esports aggregator that uses a unique online to offline model to bridge the gap between crypto-gamers and traditional Esports.  The token’s initial DEX offering is scheduled for July 21st where it’ll be sold for $0.005 on the Polkabridge platform.
With gaming already being a multi-billion-dollar industry and sharing a similar demographic as cryptocurrency, a platform partnering the two has potential. GEMS aims to blend gamefi with traditional Esports by creating an ecosystem in which Esports professionals will be able to operate much more independently. The platform will integrate elements from gamefi, SocialFi, and metaverse coins to allow players to earn more while having a better work-life balance.
GEMS aims to not only change the way Esports players earn a living but also the way they compete. GEMS has the CEO of Arena Esports Hotel Tracy Sheridan Tan on board which is likely to do wonders as the platform plans on opening 50 hotel touchpoints in the next three years. The goal of opening so many hotels in such a short time span is to allow teams to gather and compete in events without leaving the GEMS ecosystem. Considering how many middlemen currently take a cut in the organization of Esports events, this more complete approach could revolutionize the sector.
#2: EYWA
The next up is EYWA.
EYWA ($EYWA) is a new IDO crypto for 2022. It is a protocol designed to facilitate cross-chain interoperability, a big issue in the crypto space. The official date for the IDO is yet to be released but it'll be taking place on GAGARIN and will consist of 150,000 tokens for $0.20 each.
Interoperability is a major narrative within the crypto space. Currently, it’s impossible for a project created on one network to communicate with a project created on a different, non-compatible network. However, EYWA aims to solve this issue by acting as a middle layer between chains. There are a multitude of reasons why interoperability is crucial for the furtherment of the crypto industry, so if successful, EYWA could open a lot of doors for developers and users alike. Things like staking platforms and dApps could be revolutionized if full interoperability is achieved so it’s worth keeping an eye on EYWA.
There are already some established competitors that could make it difficult for EYWA to get a foothold in the sector. Quant ($QNT) for example, did over a 10x last year and focuses on solving the same interoperability issue as EYWA. However, if EYWA can outcompete the established players, it could become a mainstream name in the near future, making it one of the best IDO cryptos currently available.
#3: Cassava Network
Another promising crypto IDO is Cassava Network.
Cassava Network ($CSV) is an upcoming tokenized rewards platform that will initially release on the Solana network before rolling out support for other networks.
The project was primarily created to act as the crypto infrastructure for Africa and to connect the continent’s budding economy with global markets. Cassava comes with several interesting features that could definitely disrupt the crypto market. Aiming to create the next big rewards protocol, Cassava plans on providing creators with a brand-new way to monetize their content. Users will be able to create their own digital economies, reward creators for positive contributions, and protect their ideas all using the Cassava Network and CSV.
The Cassavas ecosystem is heavily reliant on partnerships. Platforms that choose to work with Cassava gain the ability to reward their users with CSV, incentivizing contributors, but that’s not all. Cassava is building a cross-promotional network that includes some of the largest names in African content (Scooper, BoomPlay, etc). Partners will be able to work with one another and use the CSV rewards system to grow larger and create a bustling digital economy.
The African economy is growing rapidly and with crypto already making waves within the continent, Cassava seems to be coming at precisely the right time to capitalize. The official IDO date is yet to be announced, but with Cassava being one of the best upcoming initial DEX offerings out there, it’s certainly one to watch.
#4: Skill Labs
Skill Labs is another project on our upcoming IDO list.
Skill Labs (SGK) is an analytic platform created to improve the cooperation between key stakeholders within the play-to-earn sector. With the P2E sector booming, Skill Labs is one of the best IDO crypto projects on the market. While the official IDO date hasn’t been announced, it will take place on TrustPad and 2,500,000 coins will be offered for $0.008.
The project aims to connect gamers and NFT investors in order to grow the Skill Labs ecosystem. The main draw to the platform is its analytical features. Users can track key metrics like ROI, payback time, and inflation from gamefi projects making it far easier to select a solid project. This is big. It means games won’t be able to hide behind flashy marketing and skewed statistics everything will be easily viewable making gamefi far more viable for the average person.
On top of simply providing analytics, Skill Labs also plans to offer yield farming optimization for its users by automatically lending to the best-performing games. With the gamefi sector growing rapidly, anything that can make it fairer on users is worth mentioning. While this might be the best crypto IDO for 2022, it’s up there and therefore is worth keeping track of to see how things progress.
#5: Aura Network
And the last one on our list is going to be Aura Network.
The Aura Network ($AURA) is a layer-1 blockchain based on the Cosmos ($ATOM) ecosystem. The project aims to accelerate global NFT adoption by creating an NFT-dedicated blockchain. The AURA initial DEX offering will be hosted on Impossible Finance and is taking place on the 25th of July, 10,000,000 tokens will be available for $0.065 each.
The Aura Network has already received investment in a previous seeding round from several prominent figures which include the likes of KuCoin labs and Kyber Ventures. The network will be designed with NFTs in mind. Meaning, that there will likely be a big focus on having a large enough throughput to facilitate the number of transactions linked with NFT projects as well as having a way to securely store, sell, mint, and buy NFT collections.
The Aura Network testnet is already live for developers and users to play around on and see what’s possible. The mainnet launch isn’t far away either with a release expected around late Q3 2022. The NFT industry has outpaced even the traditional cryptocurrency market in recent years so it’s a surprise we haven’t seen a blockchain dedicated to the new group of assets already. With layer-1 projects, it’s impossible to predict how things will go until the mainnet is rolled out but things are looking rather bright for the Aura Network.
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